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10+ Strongest Pro Heroes in MHA, Ranked

The Hero Association is filled with some of the strongest pro heroes who are blessed with a wide range of powerful quirks. Each of the heroes is ranked according to their power level and the number of cases they have solved.

After All Might, My Hero Academia’s strongest pro-hero, retired, several other heroes debuted in the series, but none reached his level. On the other hand, some heroes are incredibly powerful and defeat several powerful villains through their willpower and powerful quirks.

Since All Might’s retirement and the debut of new pro heroes, fans are eager to know who the strongest pro heroes currently in MHA are. So don’t worry, we will provide you with a fantastic list of the top 10+ strongest pro heroes in MHA.

Note: This list is limited to the Japanese pro heroes. So we will not be including famous pros from other countries like Star And Stripe.

You can also learn about their peculiarities and why they are so powerful here. So let’s get straight to this fantastic list.

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List of the top 12 Strongest Japanese Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia

In this section, we will rank the strongest pro heroes according to their abilities and feats performed. Their hero number also plays a role in the ranking, but it is not the primary criteria.

So you might notice that some low numbered pro hero ranked ahead of a higher numbered pro hero. This is because they probably have more power or simply because the other hero didn’t have enough screentime yet.

So without further ado, here are the top 12 strongest MHA pro heroes:

  • Endeavor, the Flame Hero
  • Hawks, the Wing Hero
  • Best Jeanist, the Fiber Hero
  • Edgeshot, the Ninja Hero
  • Mirko, the Rabbit Hero
  • Crust, the Shield Hero
  • Ryukyu, the Dragon Hero
  • Kamui Woods, the Wood Hero
  • Wash, the Laundry Hero
  • Yoroi Musha, the Equipped Hero
  • Gang Orca, Killer Whale Hero
  • Shishido, the Lion Hero

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12/12. Shishido, the Lion Hero


Shishido is the Lion Hero and is currently the Number 13 Pro Hero in the MHA. He gets very limited screen time in the series, but his personality and unique look are enough to grab your attention. He possesses a lion quirk that gives him the abilities of a lion, such as sharp claws, superhuman strength, and durability.

Shishido not only gets the attacking skills of a lion but also gets his heightened senses and keen intelligence. As a result, he deserves to rank on our list of the strongest pro heroes.

11/12. Gang Orca, the Killer Whale Hero

Gang Orca - strongest pro heroes in mha ranked

Gang Orca is the killer whale hero and one of the strongest pro heroes in MHA. He is regarded as the most powerful pro-hero in water bodies, and no villain can stand up to him. His Orcinus quirks provide him all the powerful abilities of the Killer Whale, and he can paralyze his opponents through supersonic waves.

Gang Orca can also use his quirk on land, but only in water does he show his utmost strength. Furthermore, he is strong enough to defeat an average Nomus in one-on-one fights.

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10/12. Yoroi Musha, the Equipped Hero

Yoroi Musha

Yoroi Musha is an elderly pro hero who is ranked number 9 in the Japanese hero society.

He is a stern and self disciplined person who is talks very little, but very clearly.

He played a role in the Paranormal Liberation War, but since the war ended in a huge failure for the pro heroes, people started hating on the pros.

Because of this Yoroi Musha and several other pros quit heroing, claiming that he became a hero only for fame and respect. Since there was no respect for pros anymore, he quit.

9/12. Wash, the Laundry Hero


Wash is one of the most unique looking Japanese pro hero who is ranked number 8 on the Hero billbord chart.

Despite his appearance, his ability is super useful. This was displayed during the attack on Paranormal Liberation Front, when he saved several lives from Tomura Shigaraki’s decay quirk.

Overall, despite his appearance, he is one of the most useful and potent ally who excels at support and escort.

8/12. Kamui Woods, the Wood Hero

Kamui Woods - strongest pro heroes in mha ranked

Kamui Woods is not as strong as other top-ranked pro heroes, but his dedication makes him so powerful. He always emerged as the greatest support for his fellow members in fighting powerful villains.

His quirk, Arbor, is quite a unique quirk that is used both offensively and defensively very well. Furthermore, he can easily capture any powerful villains by using his ultimate move, Chained Prison, which excludes villains who use fire.

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7/12. Ryukyu, the Dragon Hero

Ryukyu - strongest pro heroes in mha ranked

Ryukyu is the Dragon Hero and is blessed with powerful dragon quirks. Through her quirk, she can transform into a huge dragon-like species and acquire sharp jaws and claws along with a pair of wings. Furthermore, she also has an incredible amount of strength and durability, which make her so powerful.

Even though she ranked lower than Kamui Woods, she is stronger than him. In every battle against villains, including Humarise and Shigiraki’s group, she always shows her utmost strength and powers.

6/12. Crust, the Shield Hero


Crust is the sixth strongest pro-hero in MHA and is a very emotional and lovable man. Despite having a defensive quirk, he excels at using it as an offensive weapon against villains. His quirk provides him an undestroyable shield against several powerful attacks from villains.

Crust demonstrates his greatest strength during his fight against Chubs, one of the strongest high-end nomus. However, he sacrificed himself to save Eraser head’s life while fighting Tomura Shigaraki alongside the Paranormal Liberation Front army.

5/12. Mirko, the Rabbit Hero

Mirko - strongest pro heroes in mha ranked

Mirko is currently not only the most popular pro hero but also one of the series’ most popular characters. Even though she debuted recently in My Hero Academia season 6 and got enormous love from fans.

Mirko is blessed with the rabbit quirk, a powerful quirk that gives her superhuman leg strength. She already demonstrates her credible strength by defeating multiple Nomus with ease at a time. As a result, she is undeniably one of the strongest pro heroes in MHA.

4/12. Edgeshot, the Ninja Hero

Edgeshot - strongest pro heroes in mha ranked

Edgeshot is another highly ranked pro hero in MHA who is well known for his incredible strategies and plans. Due to being raised as a ninja, he extensively used ninjutsu techniques and possessed superhuman speed and body movements. Furthermore, his Foldabody quirk is a very powerful quirk that seems to be only made for him.

This quirk allows him to extend her body parts to a distance and use them as a sword or sharp weapon against opponents. Aside from his incredible techniques, he is capable of deducing his opponents’ next move through his keen intelligence and analytical mind.

3/12. Best Jeanist, the Fiber Hero

Best Jeanist - strongest pro heroes in mha ranked

Best Jeanist is the most dedicated and disciplined pro hero in MHA. His real name is Tsunagu Hakamada, and his superhero name is Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist. In his fight against them, he handled their multiple powerful members, including Gigantomachia, one of the strongest villains in MHA.

Jeanist possesses a powerful quirk fiber that allows him to manipulate all types of threads present in his surroundings. Furthermore, he has a high amount of durability and excellent control over his quirks. Aside from his powerful abilities, he is effective at counseling youths due to his highly impactful speech and decent personality.

2/12. Hawks, the Wing Hero

Hawks - strongest pro heroes in mha ranked

Hawks is not only one of the strongest Pro heroes, but also the series’ coolest hero. His superhero name is Hawks, and his real name is Keigo Takami. No matter how difficult the situation was, his fancy outfit and a pair of yellow sunglasses helped him always appear stress-free. Furthermore, he also has a very charming personality and a highly calculative mind.

Hawks is the ideal combination of power and mind, which is why he reached such a high position at such a young age. Aside from his keen intelligence, he is blessed with a special quirk: fierce wings that greatly help him to help multiple people at a time.

1/12. Endeavor, the Flame Hero

Endeavor - strongest pro heroes in mha ranked

Endeavor currently holds the first position on the Hero Billboard Chart JP and is the strongest pro-hero. His real name is Enji Todorki, and his hero name is Flame Hero: Endeavor. He is the only one who continues to strive to reach All might’s level despite knowing it is impossible. However, he is the most powerful and successful pro-hero, having solved the most cases.

His indomitable will, several years of experience, and powerful quirk make him such a powerful and great hero. In his fight against Hood, one of the strongest Nomus, he shows his greatest extent of power and skill by defeating him.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 12 strongest Japanese pro heroes in MHA, ranked according to their abilities and feats.

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