+10 Badass Kengan Ashura Quotes

Kengan Ashura Quotes from the following characters:

  • Kiryu Setsuna
  • Tokita Ohma
  • Nogi Hideki
  • Nishihonji Akira
  • Hanafusa Hajime
  • Imai Cosmo
  • Tokita Niko
  • Kaneda Suekichi
  • Lihito
  • Akoya Seishu

Awesome Kengan Ashura Quotes :

Kiryu Setsuna Quotes

Kiryu Setsuna - Kengan Ashura quotes

Groveling on the ground suits the weak.

~ Kiryu Setsuna


Kengan Ashura -Kiryu Setsuna  quotes

Did you know? There are two kinds of people: those who deserve to be happy and those who don’t. I am one of the latter.

~ Kiryu Setsuna



Tokita Ohma Quotes

Tokita Ohma quotes

I can’t stand those fools who act like they’re the strongest of all.

~ Tokita Ohma


Tokita Ohma quote

You kill somebody to live.

~ Tokita Ohma


kengan ashura - Tokita Ohma quotes

I will only lose when hell freezes over.

~ Tokita Ohma



Nogi Hideki Quotes

Nogi Hideki quotes

Remember this, boy. I’m in a different class than you.

~Nogi Hideki



Nishihonji Akira Quotes

Nishihonji Akira Kengan Ashura quotes

A man with faith is… Strong!

~Nishihonji Akira



Hanafusa Hajime Quotes

Hanafusa Hajime quotes

Martial arts are no more than a means to an end for me. And the end is to dissect your body!

~ Hanafusa Hajime



Imai Cosmo Quotes

Imai Cosmo kengan ashura quotes

I hate losing more than anything.

~ Imai Cosmo



Tokita Niko Quotes

Tokita Niko quotes

You struggle, strive, hurt, and receive help. All of that piles up and makes you strong,

~ Tokita Niko



Kaneda Suekichi Quotes

Kaneda Suekichi Quotes - Kengan Ashura

What’s wrong with the weak aiming to be the strong?

~ Kaneda Suekichi



Lihito Quotes

Lihito quotes

I’ll never lose to anyone anymore. I’ll never let anyone take me lightly!

~ Lihito



Akoya Seishu Quotes

Akoya Seishu quotes

Luck? That word is only needed by weak people. My victory is obvious.

~ Akoya Seishu


That’s it! These were some of the best quotes from the anime Kengan Ashura!! 

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