All Forms Of Frieza: 15+ Powerful Frieza’s Transformations

Hey there! Welcome to AnimeEverything.Online! In today’s article, we will be taking a look at a list of all forms of Frieza. It will include both canon forms from the anime and manga, as well as, the ones from official Dragon Ball games.

Frieza is the most recurring villain in the Dragon Ball franchise and one of the most popular villains in anime history. He is the Emperor of Universe 7 and thought he was the strongest warrior in the universe until he met Goku. If he was not in the series, Dragon Ball would not have achieved the level of popularity that it does today.

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise, gave Frieza’s character excellent character development, despite the fact that he is one of the villains. As a result, Frieza received the same amount of love and popularity from fans worldwide as its main characters. Throughout the franchise, he employs a variety of powerful forms and transformations to combat the series’ main character, Goku.

In this article, we included all of his forms and transformations, from Frieza’s 1st form to his most recent Black Frieza form. We also included all of his powerful forms, which he only shows in the Dragon Ball manga and video games. He achieved some of his forms through training, while others he attained with the assistance of others. Here, you’ll also learn some interesting facts about these forms, such as how he obtained them and who he used them against.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of all the forms of Frieza.

List of all forms of Frieza in Anime and Manga of Dragon Ball (In Order)

In this section we will be taking a look at all the canon forms of Frieza that has been introduced in the dragon ball anime and manga.

1. Frieza 1st Form

Frieza 1st Form

Frieza 1st Form Power Level: 530,000

In his first form, Frieza made his first debut in the Namekian saga alongside his army. In this form. He has a childlike appearance and a short stature, as well as two horns and a spike-end tail. His entire body is pink in color, with some purple sections on his head and shoulders.

Using his 1st form, Frieza easily defeated Nail, a powerful Namekian warrior, and the other three Namekians. In the fight against Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin, he also demonstrates the true power of his 1st form. In this fight, he overpowered them and put up a good fight for all of them despite having a one-to-three disadvantage against them.

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2. Frieza 2nd Form 

Frieza 2nd Form

Frieza 2nd Form Power Level: 1,060,000

When his multiple powerful opponents on the Namekian planet become too much for him, Frieza transforms into his 2nd form. In this form, his entire body grows taller and bulkier than in his first form. While attaining his 2nd form, he gained more detailed facial features and his armour vanished.

Frieza defeated Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin with ease until Piccolo appeared in his new fusion form. He struggles against Piccolo, who is fused with nails and gains incredible power. As a result, he finally transformed into his 2nd form and gave it everything he had to defeat him.

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3. Frieza 3rd Form

Frieza 3rd Form

Frieza 3rd Form Power Level: 1,590,000

This form is one of his most brutal forms, in which his facial features completely change and his skull elongates dramatically. He dislikes transforming into this form because it is the ugliest form he has ever achieved. This form looks very similar to the true form of his brother, Cooler, who appeared in some Dragon Ball films.

Frieza used his 3rd form to quickly defeat Piccolo after he couldn’t handle him in his 2nd form. His 3rd form is powerful enough to easily kill Piccolo alongside Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan. However, he transforms into the final form to kill them because he wants to kill them brutally.

4. Frieza Final Form (100%)

Frieza Final Form (100 percent)

Frieza Final Form Power Level: 120,000,000

Frieza’s final form is his true form, allowing him to fully use his limitless strength. Frieza was born in this form, although he only utilises it rarely due to his lack of proper control over it. In his final form, he had a lizard-like appearance, and the color of his entire body changed from pink to pure white. He also has pink portions around various regions of his body.

Frieza had only used a limited amount of power in his final form prior to his encounter with Goku. He used 100% of his final form for the first time to defeat Goku’s Super Saiyan. In this fight, he is able to face up to Super Saiyan’s immense power and gives it his all to defeat him. However, he is completely defeated by him and almost killed by him.

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5. Mecha Frieza

Mecha Frieza

Mecha Frieza Power Level: 135,000,000

This is not a Frieza form, but rather his original form in the Future Trunks saga. After being defeated by Goku’s Super Saiyan, his father, King Cold, rebuilt him with some cybernetic parts. He returns to Earth with his father and army shortly after recovering from all of his injuries to exact his revenge on Goku.

Frieza’s Mecha form is far more powerful than any of his previous forms, and it is powerful enough to beat Goku’s Super Saiyan. He also created several new and powerful moves, such as Supernova, which is significantly more powerful than his previous primary moves. Despite his new Mecha form’s immense strength, he was ripped into bits alongside his father, King Cold, by future trunks.

6. Frieza Final Form (Tournament Of Power Saga)

Frieza Final Form (Tournament Of Power Saga)

Frieza Final Form Power Level: 60 Trillion

This form in the Tournament of Power saga looks very similar to his final form in the Frieza saga, in which he fought against Goku’s Super Saiyan. However, through his training, he was able to boost its strength to the next level and use it to the utmost level this time. He also shows a small portion of his final form’s power to Goku before entering into the Tournament of Power.

Frieza faced and defeated several formidable opponents in his final form during the Tournament of Power, including Cleopatra, Napapa, and Roselle. He also caught Lavender and Basil off guard and eliminated them from the arena of the tournament. In his final form, his most well-known fight is against Frost, a formidable member of Universe 6.

7. Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza Power Level: 10 Quintillion

This is one of the most well-known and potent forms of Frieza. He first appears in this form during a fight with Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F” Movie.It is the ultimate form of Frieza, which he obtained after months of endless training. He arrived on Earth after unlocking his ultimate golden form to kill Goku brutally. In this form, he looks the same as in his final form, but his skin turns golden.

Golden Frieza possesses enormous strength and is capable of killing both Goku and Vegeta at the same time, despite the fact that they both have a new godly form, Super Saiyan Blue. As a result, he decided to torture them till death, since he did not want them to die easily. It is true that his new form is more powerful than Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue, but Frieza has not fully mastered it and has left a huge flaw in it. As a result, he was unable to maintain this new form for long and was eventually killed by Goku.

8. True Golden Frieza

True Golden Frieza

True Golden Frieza Power Level: 100 Quintillion

This is the powerful version of the Golden Frieza form that he obtained after mastering his golden form entirely. He mastered this form after being killed by Goku in the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Movie through constant image training in Hell. He not only mastered it but also had complete control over it, allowing him to use its power to the maximum extent possible.

During the Tournament of Power, Frieza excellently used his true golden form to take out numerous formidable opponents. He also demonstrates the full extent of this form by putting up a good fight against the Pride troopers, the most powerful fighters in Universe 11. In this form, he overcame the Dyspo’s extraordinary speed and fought well against Top, who possessed the power of a God of Destruction.

9. Rage Golden Frieza 

Rage Golden Frieza

Rage Golden Frieza Power Level: 100 Quintillion

The Rage Golden Frieza is the most powerful version of the Golden Frieza form. He only attained this form when he felt really angry and was unable to control his emotions. In this form, his eyes were covered with blood and his entire body grew shinier. He also gained a significant rise in his overall power and skills.

During the Tournament of Power, Frieza unleashed his Rage golden form to fight Jiren. He charges him with deadly intent after being seriously hit by him and being ready to break the rules of the tournament. He also gives a quick glimpse of this form towards the end of his fight with Goku in the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Movie.

10. Golden Xeno Frieza (Fused Dark Dragon Ball)

Golden Xeno

Golden Xeno Frieza Power Level: 255 Quintillon

Xeno Frieza is an incarnation of Frieza in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse, an alternative universe. He made his debut in the Dark Empire Saga of the Dragon Ball Heroes manga. He has the same white lizard-like appearance as the original Frieza. In his alternate timeline, when he is fighting against Goku’s Super Saiyan on planet Namek, a dark dragon ball comes from space and fuses with him.

As a result, Xeno Frieza gained great power and defeated Goku’s Super Saiyan by only using 50% of his final form. However, when he is about to kill Goku, suddenly Xeno Goku and Xeno Trunks come from another timeline and save Goku. Despite having his best shot and expending 100% of his strength, he may not be able to overcome this deadly trio.

However, just like the original timeline, he has unlocked his golden forms and even fused with a dark dragon ball to increase his powers.

11. Black Frieza 

black Frieza

Black Frieza Power Level: 20 Septillon (approx)

This is the most recent and strongest form ever achieved by Frieza in the Dragon Ball franchise. He succeeded in unlocking this new incredible form, Black Frieza, after spending a decade in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber and conducting endless training in a room. In this form, he looks similar to his Golden Frieza form, except his skin turns black instead of golden.

Frieza not only unlocked this new form, Black Frieza, but also mastered it completely and does not have any flaws in it. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake he made in his previous Golden Frieza form after all. During the Granola the Survivor Saga, he first used his Black Frieza form to kill transform gas in a one-hit kill. He also claims that his new form surpasses Goku’s True Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego.

The forms in this section are non-canon as they have not been introduced in the dragon ball anime or manga. However, they are part of the official games of the dragon ball franchise.

1. Supervillain


Supervillain is one of Frieza’s forms that originally appeared in the popular Dragon Ball video game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. He obtains this formidable form by transferring some of his life essence to Towa, the originator of this form. In this form, his eyes change to a dark pink and his skin turns platinum. His whole body is surrounded by a huge amount of black and white aura, and the infinity sign of the Time Breakers can be seen on his forehead.

Frieza’s Supervillain form provides him with stronger armour as well as boosts his health and attack power. Despite losing most of his energy and stamina while attaining this form, he can battle Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue form. However, he has yet to reveal the true might of his supervillain form.

2. Villainous Mode

villanious mode

Frieza attained his Villainous Mode form after becoming enslaved to the dark magic of the Demon God Demigra. This form made its debut in a popular Dragon Ball video game known as the Dragon Ball Xenoverse, when Demigra revived Frieza, along with Majin Buu and Cell. During the finale of Xenoverse, Frieza, along with Cell and Majin Buu, fought against Goku and the Future Warriors, but they were completely defeated by them.

3. Fourth Transformation 

Fourth Transformation

The fourth transformation is the form of Frieza, which can only be achieved by the members of the Frieza Race. Frieza’s Fourth Transformation made its debut in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai 2, a popular Dragon Ball video game. He attained this form during his fight against his brother, but he never displayed it on TV. However, Cooler said that Frieza may also transform into the Fourth Transformation, though he did it only off-screen.

4. Majin Frieza

Majin Frieza

Majin Frieza is another form of Frieza that he gained after being possessed by Babidi’s magical spell. This form of Frieza first appeared in the popular Dragon Ball video game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2. In this form, he receives a Majin mark on his forehead, although it is white rather than black, as all Majins have. His physical strength and power continually develop, becoming considerably stronger than his original base form. Despite being a majin, he cannot compete with Goku and the other Z fighters and is defeated by them.

5. Full Armor Mecha Frieza (Cyborg Frieza)

Full Armor Mecha Frieza

Full Armor Mecha Frieza is the strongest version of Mecha Frieza and originally debuted in Super Dragon Ball Z, a classic 3D fighting video game. In this form, Frieza had a huge rocket launcher on one of his shoulders and was wearing a belt of explosives around his waist. This rocket launcher is extremely strong and can fire rockets, grenades, and mines. His tail is made up of tough armour and a keen sword, and has become stronger than before.

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