Piccolo Forms: All Transformations Of The Formidable Z Warrior

Piccolo is one of the earliest introduced characters in Dragon Ball Franchise. In this article, we will be taking a look at a list of all forms and transformations of Piccolo!

Piccolo is a well-known supporting character in the history of anime. He first appeared in the Dragon Ball series as the main villain, but he later became the main supporting character in the Dragon Ball Z series.

He played as the main protagonist for the first time in the most recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

Piccolo is a calm and sensible person who enjoyed solidation for meditation.

He shares a good teacher-student relationship with Gohan and Pan. He also cares a lot about Gohan and is always ready to sacrifice himself for him.

His analytical mind and tactical skills enable him to easily defeat multiple opponents at once.

Piccolo always comes up with a great plan to take down the enemies, no matter how strong they are. He also shows us a lot of forms and transformations throughout the franchise, just like the Saiyans.

However, his transformations are quite different from theirs because he belongs to the Nemekian race.

Many fans desperately wanted to know about all the forms and transformations of Piccolo. So don’t worry, here you’ll learn about all of them as well as many interesting facts about them.

So without any further delay, let’s dive into the list of all the forms and transformations of Piccolo.

Note: The Power Levels are what Piccolo had during the first transformation. It does not cover his power growth as the series progressed. For example, the power level of base piccolo at the start and base piccolo now are massively different.

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9. Piccolo Daimao (Father of Piccolo Jr.)

Piccolo Daimao (King Piccolo)

Power Level: 220 (old age), 260 (prime)

Piccolo Daimao was an evil-natured Namekian who wanted to conquer the Earth by destroying the peaceful lives of earthlings.

He is also referred to as King Piccolo by his army of demon spawns. He made his debut in the King Piccolo Saga as the main antagonist.

Later in the series, his true identity is revealed to be that he and Kami belonged to a single entity.

Piccolo Daimao has a goblin-like appearance with pointed ears and sharp fangs. He is a ruthless and power-hungry individual who will go to any length to achieve his goals.

After being released by Pilaf from the Evil Containment Wave, Piccolo decided to kill all martial artists who knew about this method.

He believed himself to be the most superior being on Earth until he met Goku.

Piccolo Daimao is also very intelligent and skilled at strategy, just like his son, Piccolo.

Just after fulfilling his wish to become young again, he killed Shenron so that no one would ever use dragon balls.

After becoming young, his power level increases to the greatest extent that no one can withstand him.

However, he was killed by Goku in their most deadly battle because Goku unlocked his potential by drinking Ultra Divine Water.

8. Piccolo Jr. (Piccolo himself)

Piccolo Jr.

Power Level: 20 (as a kid), 292 (during 23rd Tournament Saga)

Piccolo Jr. is another name for Piccolo, who first appears as an antagonist but later becomes one of the Z fighters.

He is born as a reincarnation of King Piccolo Daimao with all his memories and techniques.

He made his debut in the Piccolo Jr. Saga of the Dragon Ball series as a main antagonist.

Piccolo Jr. is one of the most powerful enemies of Goku, who comes to take revenge on his previous life, Piccolo Daimao.

He first participated in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in order to kill Goku. In the battle against him, he severely injured Goku but was unable to defeat him despite his best efforts.

Piccolo Jr. tends to keep to himself, rarely socializes, and prefers to meditate in a lonely place.

He is a very intelligent person with excellent tactical abilities and an analytical mind. He is also an expert at devising a way to defeat his opponents by finding their weaknesses.

Later in the series, he became one of the Z fighters and defeated many enemies alongside him.

He is also acknowledged as one of the most brilliant fighters in the galaxy by many formidable enemies.

7. Agile Style (Piccolo’s Potent Boosting Ability)

Agile Style

Power Level: 390 (during 23rd Tournament Saga)

The Agile Style is simply regarded as a major boost to Piccolo’s power rather than his forms and transformations.

He completed all of his painful training while wearing a heavy-weighted turban and a cape over his clothes.

He would remove them whenever he needed a quick boost in his physical strength and speed.

As a result, Piccolo gains an enormous amount of power and great speed due to not being burdened by the extra weight.

After removing the heavy weight, his fighting style became more agile, which is why he named this ability “Agile Style.”

He excellently used this ability in the fight against powerful opponents to give them surprising and powerful attacks. 

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6. Great Namekian (Piccolo’s giant form)

Great Namekian

Power Level: 390 (This form does not increase power level. It just makes the muscles stronger and physical attacks more impactful.)

The Great Namekian form is the most widely used form of the Namekians.

Piccolo is one of the few Nemekians who belong to the demon clan and is capable of using this form.

He transforms into this form by using his regenerative ability and altering his body volume.

In his great Namekian form, his entire body expands to enormous proportions, and he gains an incredible enhancement in his overall strength.

Despite being huge in size, he doesn’t lose his overall movement efficiency. He became more durable and stronger after transforming into this state, and all of his physical attacks became much more powerful.

In the Dragon Ball series, Piccolo first transforms into the Great Namekian during the final match of the 23rd World Tournament.

He used this form in the fight against Goku in order to give him a brutal death.

However, he is unable to defeat him because he cannot maintain this form for an extended period of time.

5. Makyan Gigantification (The Most Gigantic form of Piccolo)

Makyan Gigantification (The Most Gigantic form of Piccolo)

Power Level: 600 (approx.)

Makyan Gigantification is one of the most popular forms of Piccolo in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

This transformation is largely used by the Makyans who are humanoids with pointed ears and fangs and live in Makyo Star.

However, Piccolo is the only character who is able to use this transformation despite not being a native of Makyo Star.

In Makyan Gigantification form, Piccolo’s size increases to a greater level, which also rapidly increases his battle power.

Despite transforming into a huge giant form, he doesn’t lose his great speed. He excellently used this form in the fight against Garlic Jr., who also transformed into the same Makyan Gigantification form.

He easily overpowered him in this fight because he did not lose speed, whereas Garlic Jr. did.

4. Demonic Transformation (Demon Form of Piccolo)

Demonic Transformation (Demon Form of Piccolo)

Power Level: 890

The Demonic Transformation is one of the few transformations that Piccolo doesn’t attain on his own. He acquires this form after being infected by the Black Water Mist in Dragon Ball Z’s Garlic Jr. Saga.

It is an evil mist that transforms anyone into a demonic being and makes them a member of the Demon Clan.

However, Piccolo didn’t have any effect on him because he was a Namekian who was already immune to all types of mist.

He has complete control over his demonic transformation and uses it to his own advantage.

He also gets a rapid boost in his power and skills while using this form. Piccolo brilliantly used the power of this form to defeat the demon clansmans of Garlic Jr.

3. Super Namekian (Fusion of Piccolo with Kami and Nail)

Super Namekian (Fusion with Kami and Nail)

Power Level: 1,200,000 (with Nail), 330,000,000 (With Kami)

The Super Namekian is one of the most powerful transformations of Piccolo ever achieved.

He achieved this form by fusing with Nail, a warrior type Namekian, and Kami, the creator of dragon balls.

This fusion is entirely different from Gogeta’s and cannot be reversed.

By attaining this form, Piccolo gains hundreds of times the power of a regular Namekian.

This form is extremely difficult for any ordinary Namekian to achieve and can only be attained by the most powerful Namekians.

Piccolo gains enormous power and unlocks all of his abilities after achieving this form.

In his Super Namekian form, Piccolo also gained all of Nail and Kami’s knowledge, fighting techniques, and skills.

His aura changes to blue and white and has greatly increased to a high level.

During the Android Saga, he first used this form against Android 17, a formidable foe. Even though Android has limitless stamina, he puts up a good fight against him.

2. Potential Unleashed (Piccolo’s only form, which he obtains with the help of Shenron)

Potential Unleashed - Piccolo form

Power Level: 40 Quadrillion (approx)

Piccolo gets his Potential Unleashed form in the most recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

He achieved this form by wishing on Shenron to unlock his potential and bestow great powers on him.

As a result, he can maximize his potential power while also pushing it higher than usual.

In its Potential Unleashed form, Piccolo’s skin became smoother and lighter, and his body turned yellow-green in color.

He first used this form in the fight against Gamma 2 when he came to save Pan from them.

Despite using his new powerful forms, he doesn’t have a chance against him. In this most difficult battle, he loses completely to Gamma 2 because of how powerful he is.

Orange Piccolo

Power Level: 2 Sextillion (approx) 

Orange Piccolo is the first proper transformation of Piccolo in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

It is the evolved version of Piccolo’s Potential Unleashed and refers to his most powerful form ever.

He got this legendary form as a bonus power from Shenron when he asked him to help him reach his full potential.

This Orange Piccolo transformation is completely different from the series’ other transformations because Piccolo is Namekian rather than Saiyan.

That is why, despite changing his hair colour like Saiyans, he becomes bulkier and orange in colour.

He also enhanced the power of this form to a greater level by combining it with his other forms, like Makyan Gigantification.

Orange Piccolo form, has power level similar to that of Goku and Vegeta’s current form. In the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Piccolo shows the peak of his latest Orange Piccolo form in the fight against Cell Max.

In this deadliest fight, he gave his all out by providing a huge amount of damage to him.

He also greatly helped Gohan in defeating the most powerful villain, Cell Max. If he didn’t help him, it is nearly impossible for Gohan to defeat him on his own.

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