15+ Strongest Dragons In Fairy Tail, Ranked According To Power

There are dozens of dragons in the Fairy Tail anime and manga series. In this article we will be ranking the strongest dragons according to their powers as shown in the anime and manga.

Dragons were considered to be mythical creatures, as most of them were killed hundreds of years ago.

However, the truth is that there were several surviving dragons aside from Acnologia.

Besides that, Future Rougue also unleashed quite a few dragons by making them time travel to the current period. However, they were all returned to their original timelines at the end.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of the strongest dragons in Fairy Tail.

The Fairy Tail Series’ Most Powerful Dragons

  • Zirconis
  • Motherglare
  • Atlas Flame
  • Weisslogia
  • Skiadrum
  • Metalicana
  • Grandeeney
  • Irene Belserion
  • Igneel
  • Mercphobia
  • Elefseria
  • Selene
  • Dogramag
  • Ignia
  • Aldoron
  • Acnologia

16. Zirconis


Zirconis is one of the dragons that came to Magnolia because of Future Rogue’s plan. While most other dragons were completely in control of Rogue, Zirconis was one of the few who seemed to have his own will.

As a dragon, he was pretty quirky, preferring to talk over fight. Zirconis completely looks down on humans and treats them only as food. However, he has an interesting character, making him one of the lovable dragons in Fairy Tail.

Unfortunately, though, he was an enemy to humanity and the dragon slayers; Wendy and Laxus, had to deal with him.

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15. Motherglare


Motherglare was one of the first dragons to be introduced in Fairy Tail. During the incident with Future Rogue, a horde of dragons were unleashed on Magnolia.

Among them, Motherglare was the strongest of the bunch and served as the future Rouge’s steed.

This dragon was strong enough to hold its own against Atlas Flame’s attacks. In addition to strong defense and offensive abilities, Motherglare is also able to create hundreds of eggs containing her dragon offspring that are leathal even to wizards using “Egg magic”.

14. Atlas Flame – The Eternal Flame Dragon

Atlas flame

Atlas Flame is one of the most devoted followers of Igneel, the fire dragon. As such, he was very welcoming towards Natsu Dragneel, who is an adoptive son of Igneel.

However, at first he was one of the enemy dragons under Rouge’s command. But soon after sparring with Natsu and knowing his identity, Atlas Flame switched sides without any hesitation.

Later on in the fairy tail series, we get to see his spirit and his immortal flames in the giant’s village.

13. Weisslogia – The White Dragon


Weisslogia is one of the oldest dragons in Fairy Tail. He is the foster father of Sting. He taught young Sting the Dragon slaying magic.

As a white dragon, he commanded light magic and had immense power regardless of his old age.

During the Tartaros incident, Weisslogia was one of the dragons that helped destroy all the thousand “faces” that threatened the world.

12. Skiadrum – The Shadow Dragon


Rogue was mentored by Skiadrum, the shadow dragon. He was also the foster father of the dragon slayer.

He is a pitch-dark dragon who is covered in shadow from head to toe.

Skiadrum, along with the other dragons, came to aid humanity when the Tartaros guild almost succeeded in destoying all of magic from the world.

We don’t get to know much about him as he passes away soon after that.

11. Metalicana – The Metal Dragon


Metalicana, as the name suggests, is a metal dragon in Fairy Tail. He is the father of Gajeel and is the mentor who taught him Iron Dragon Slayer Magic.

He is one of the dragons that helped Fairy Tail during the Tartaros arc by destroying the “Faces.”

Metalicana is pretty silent throughout the series. The only thing he says is pesky remarks about Gajeel’s face.

10. Grandeeney – The Sky Dragon


Grandeeney is one of the most graceful dragons in Fairy Tail. She is the mother of Wendy and is responsible for teaching her child the Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.

She first appeared in flesh during the Tartaros arc, along with the rest of the dragons. During that incident, we were shown how fast Grandeeney could move, even though she was on her last leg.

As a sky dragon, Grandeeney specializes in healing magic and air magic.

9. Irene Belserion – The Queen of Dragons


Irene is one of the human dragon slayers who turned into an actual dragon. She was also the founder of dragon slayer magic.

However, during her period, nobody knew the side effects of practicing dragon slayer magic. Dragon slayers turned into actual dragons and were slaughtered by the kingdom as they despised dragons.

Irene was a royal queen who led the fight against evil dragons. However, as soon as she turned into a dragon, her people turned against her and imprisoned her, even though she was pregnant at that time.

She had to endure several hardships for four hundred years before she eventually became Zeref’s subordinate.

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8. Igneel – The Fire King Dragon


Igneel is the father of Natsu, the MC of Fairy Tail. He is one of the dragons that supported humans and saw them as people and not food.

He was a fearsome fire dragon who was stronger than most other dragons in Fairy Tail.

However, he was killed by Acnologia, which was probably only because he was weak after losing his powers while he was dormant inside Natsu. Besides, according to him, he was long dead and his remnant powers were what gave him physical form.

We don’t know the true power of the Fire King, but he was revered by dragons, meaning he was one of the strongest dragons there was.

7. Mercphobia – Water Dragon God

Mercphobia - powerful dragons in fairy tail

Mercphobia is the water dragon god whose strength is on par with Acnologia. Like most other dragon gods, he is also capable of taking a human form.

However, after Fairy Tail sealed her powers away, she was stuck in the human form forever.

6. Elefseria – Magia Dragon God

Elefseria - strongest dragons in fairy tail

Elefseria is a human-turned-dragon who opened the first ever wizard guild called “Magia Dragon.”

He is capable of using all of magic and the world’s knowledge, earning him the title “Magia Dragon God.”

Elefseria is also the only dragon in Fairy Tail who does not have a heart, literally. In a fierce battle with an earth dragon, his heart was destroyed. But thanks to being a dragon, he is able to function without it.

5. Selene – Moon Dragon God

Selene - strongest dragons in fairy tail

Selene is the moon dragon god who is fabled to be as strong as Acnologia. She is normally seen in her human form.

She became the guild master of the wizard guild Diabolos after killing its previous guild master, who was a dragon slayer.

4. Dogramag – Earth Dragon God

Dogramag - strongest dragons in fairy tail

Dogramag was the sixth dragon god who was slain by Elefseria. However, it was later revealed that he was not killed.

He was just pretending to die and stole Elefseria’s heart, which he was planning to use to revive himself later on.

Dogramag conspired with Ignia in order to recreate the age of the dragons once again.

3. Ignia – Fire Dragon God

Ignia - strongest dragons in fairy tail

Ignia, the fire dragon god, is none other than the son of Igneel, the fire dragon king. He is a part of the 100-year quest arc, which has yet to be released as an anime.

Like all the other Dragon Gods, he was one of the dragons that escaped from Acnologia’s dragon slaughter.

However, he claims that he has become as strong as, or even stronger than, Acnologia since hundreds of years have passed since then. That said, there is no proof that his strength has actually surpassed Acnologia.

Not to mention, Acnologia also gained power over the years. Not to mention the huge power up after eating the time rift, which is an impossible level for other dragons to reach on their own.

2. Aldoron – Earth Dragon God

Aldoron - strongest dragons in fairy tail

Aldoron is the Wood Dragon God who wields earth magic. He is by far the biggest dragon we have ever seen in Fairy Tail.

Huge doesn’t paint the correct picture, so here’s a better explanation of his size. Aldoron carries five entire cities on his back!

He is also the only dragon who has fought Acnologia head on and came out alive. However, his powers were greatly diminished after that.

1. Acnologia – King Of All Dragons

Acnologia - dragons in fairy tail

Acnologia was the name of an old dragon who taught dragon slayer magic to a very kind human.

After a series of events, the humans fell into darkness and slayed all dragons. He eventually became a dragon himself and claimed the name of Acnologia—the name he despised with all his heart.

He also became the self-proclaimed king of all dragons after slaying all the dragons.

His main objective is to destroy all dragons and dragon slayers alike.

Acnologia is without a doubt the strongest being in all of Fairy Tail. Even though he might have been defeated, we all knew his power was underplayed by the author of the manga.

In truth, after eating the time rift, he should have become invincible as he had gained the powers of time itself.

He is also able to nullify all magic by eating it and gaining power from it.

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