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Bleach Squads – “The Gotei 13” – All You Need To Know

Bleach is one of the so-called “Big Three,” which includes Naruto and One Piece. Since its release, the anime has been appreciated by the fans.

The Naruto anime covered the whole manga series and ended on a good note, and the One Piece adventure is still going on without any break!

Despite being on par with the other two, for some reason, the Bleach anime went on this long break that seemed to last forever.

But now in 2022, we got the breaking news and the trailer for the final arc, “Thousand Years of Blood War”. It is being covered by Studio Pierrot and will be released in October.

The Bleach Squad looks amazing in the new age of animation style. We can’t wait for the anime to be released so we can see more of it.

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The manga had reached its end a decade ago, but there was a hiatus by the animation studio in creating the final season and putting an end to the story of Kurosaki Ichigo.

Bleach is written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. He is one of the biggest mangakas of all time and has a lot of respect in the manga community.

Bleach has one of the most versatile designed characters of all time. While creating Bleach, Tite Kubo has created his own style of art. The hairstyles, costumes, faces, etc., are things that can’t be seen in today’s anime.

In this world, there are normal humans and Shinigami, whose job it is to kill and free souls wandering the earth.

There is a place called Soul Society, from where the bleach squads operate. So come, let’s learn some more facts about the Gotei 13 Squads, also known as the 13 Divisions Imperial Guards.

The History of the Gotei 13

History of the Gotei 13

The Gotei 13 is the main organization that was assembled to protect the Soul Society.

When a Shinigami completes the training at the “Shino Academy,” they try to join the organization.

The story of the Bleach squads is one of the most interesting ever, and you can find most of the information in the Bleach Souls Books.

The organization was founded by the grand master, “Genryusai Yamamoto.” He was always the head of the squad.

As shown in the image above, the first members of the organization were the deadliest and had no mercy for their enemies. They were feared by everyone and played a huge role in ending the Quincys.

Even the current Head Master, “Shunsui Kyoraku,” says that this version of the Gotei 13 squad was the strongest ever! It had strong members like Yachiru Unohana, Genryusai Yamamoto, and other unnamed members who were ridiculously strong.

Ywach, the Quincy God and also the leader of the Sternritters, said that the Gotei 13 were just known as the protectors for the sake of it, but they were ruthless mobsters who ended lives without mercy.

The leader, Yamamoto, was the most dangerous of the lot and never flinched, even when he had to kill a subordinate who betrayed the Soul Society.

However, after defeating the Quincy’s, the Soul Reapers began to live in peace and had something to protect: the soul society.

What is the purpose of the Gotei 13?

purpose of the Gotei 13

The most important duty of the Gotei 13 is to protect the Seireitei.

They are allotted into groups where a captain handles their warriors and assigns them work.

Every squad is given a district in the Rukongai to defend, and they have to look after their particular area.

All the captains have a different set of rules for their squads. The normal Shinigami members are also given work where they have to enter the human world.

Most of the time, it is to defeat a hollow that has been feeding on human souls.

The Captains are not allowed to enter other squad areas without permission, and if caught doing that, this may cause a fight between the squads or even be renounced in front of the Head Captain.

Also, the other team’s shinigami can not be punished or locked by the other squad’s captain.

The Gotei 13, as the name says, is divided into 13 divisions.

The captain of the squad has to keep in mind the rules of the Central 46 before taking any decisions that could affect the Soul Society.

The Captains have the strongest Bankai releases in the series. They all have unique but extravagant powers hidden within their swords.

The New Thousand Years of Blood War Arc will be a roller coaster as it will show us the real Bankai of Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, It will unveal the Mysterious Urahara Kisuke’s Bankai.

Let’s not forget about Captain Toshiro’s real Bankai, which transforms him into a full-grown adult! He becomes ultra cool in his Bankai mode.

And then we have Unohana’s Bankai, which could kill the whole Gotei 13!!

Finally, the new head captain Shunsui Kyoraku’s Bankai, which is a broken technique and the power it holds is unimaginable!

Bleach Squad Captain’s Meeting

bleach Captain’s Meeting

Whenever Genryusai Yamamoto wants to announce something related to the Soul Society or if there is an attack taking place on the Seireitei, then the whole Gotei 13 is asked to assemble in the main hall of the first division headquarters.

All the captains have to stand respectfully in two parallel lines facing each other. They make votes on how to handle the problems they are facing.

When It’s a serious situation as Yama ji isn’t someone who likes to be funny, but of course there is Shunsui, who is in his most chill form even during these important meetings.

A fun fact is that after the Blood War Arc, Shunsui Kyoraku becomes the Head Captain of the Gotei 13. He earned the position because of his contributions to the Quincy War.

How a Gotei 13 Squad Captain is selected In Bleach?

How a Gotei 13 Captain is selected

To protect the Soul Society from all coming evil, the captains are the first people who need to be strong.

If they aren’t, then the protection of their squads and other people isn’t promised, but if they have unimaginable abilities, then the Seireitei is safe and sound and no problems can cause harm to them.

To be the captain of the Gotei 13, one has to be ridiculously strong and a person whom the whole squad can depend on.

As of now, we know three ways one can become a captain of the Bleach Squads. If you have these qualities, you can try.

The Bankai Test

The Bankai test is the most common one, where a candidate who wishes to become a captain displays their bankai.

This is performed in the presence of the Head Captain, and at least 4 captains have to be present to watch this candidate perform his skills.

This is the most common way to become a captain of the bleach squad.


A challenger can fight the captain in front of 200 shinigami.

If the captain is defeated, which most of the time ends in death, then the new captain is the winner by default.

Some captains don’t like to indulge in such activities and prefer to ignore them, but Zaraki Kenpachi is someone who went through this process and actually killed the predecessor in a fight to become the Captain.

This one is a rare case, that only the 11th division has pulled off, where the candidate battles the captain.

Captains Recommendation

If at least 6 captains recommends a candidate and wins approval of 3 of the other captains, then he can become a captain of the bleach squads.

This is one of the easiest ways to become a captain, but it only happens in rare cases where there are prodigies like Toshiro and Gin.

Captains Of The 13 Bleach Squads, And Their Lieutenants

DivisionCaptain NameLieutenant Name
1st divisionShunsui KyōrakuNanao Ise & Genshirō Okikiba
2nd divisionSuì-FēngMarechiyo Ōmaeda
3rd divisionRōjūrō ŌtoribashiIzuru Kira
4th divisionIsane KotetsuKiyone Kotetsu
5th divisionShinji HirakoMomo Hinamori
6th divisionByakuya KuchikiRenji Abarai
7th divisionTetsuzaemon IbaAtau Rindō
8th divisionLisa YadomaruYuyu Yayahara
9th divisionKensei MugurumaShūhei Hisagi & Mashiro Kuna
10th divisionTōshirō HitsugayaRangiku Matsumoto
11th divisionKenpachi ZarakiIkkaku Madarame
12th divisionMayuri KurotsuchiAkon
13th divisionJūshirō Ukitake (former),
Rukia Kuchiki (current)
Kaien Shiba (former),
Sentarō Kotsubaki (current)

What is the job of a lieutenant In A Bleach Squad?

bleach lieutenant

A Lieutenant works as a vice-captain, also known as a substitute captain, who is the second seated officer in their division.

The Lieutenant is a respect worthy figure in the squad who has the power to order around his subordinates, when he wants, of course.

It depends on the relationship the lieutenant and the captain have.

Captains are only out in daylight when there is a big havoc going on which needs their attention.

Otherwise, they are always in their headquarters focusing on their training. The Lieutenant takes care of all important activities. They have to handle the squad and take care of the operations.

The Lieutenants only know how to activate their Shikhai, but there are exceptions like Kenpachi’s division, where his Lieutenant Ikkaku can activate his bankai!

In case a captain is sick, departed, or dead during a battle, the lieutenant has to take over the squad and become the substitute captain as they are the second strongest in the group.

Insignia & Uniforms Of Bleach Squads

Bleach Squad Insignia

Each of the Gotei 13 squads has a symbol or insignia that corresponds to their squad identity. When these powerful captains and lieutenants’ power limit is lifted, these symbol marks are displayed on their bodies.

Each of the symbols has a deep meaning about the morals and values of their squad.

The captains wear a white shitagi known as the “shihakusho,” which translates to the garment of the dead souls, while the rest of the Shinigamis wear the standard black uniform.

Inside, they wear the same black uniform similar to their squad members. The Lieutenants wear an armband which filters them out of the normal squad members and gives them a good look.

The White Haori is Yama Ji’s specially creation, and he was furious when he found out that Zaraki and Byakuya lost their uniforms during the Hueco Mundo arc, and Shunsui literally doesn’t remember where he kept them the last time.

Some of the Captain’s customs make their Haoris like Sui Feng, Retsu Unohana, Byakuya, Mayuri, Rukia, etc., and Shunsui, who has a pink-colored Haori with flowers on it.

We hope you liked these interesting facts about the Gotei 13, and if you wish to know more about the upcoming Thousand Years of Blood War Arc, then click here.

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