20+ Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters

Tokyo Revengers has a huge cast of unique characters who make the anime so great. In this article, we will be looking at a list of the most popular Tokyo Revengers characters that are loved (or hated) by fans.

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular modern anime series, alongside Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Even though it is just a single season, he has already created a huge fan base, which is very difficult to achieve.

One of the primary reasons for its huge success is its diverse range of excellent characters.

Each of its characters has an attractive and stylish look, which fans appreciate the most. They not only look attractive but also possess incredible fighting skills and bring us some of the greatest fighting sequences.

Most of them are super popular among fans in a positive way, while some of the are being hated upon, yet they’re still popular.

In this article, you will find all the major characters and details about them. We also included characters from the manga series who have great popularity among the manga readers. 

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read the Tokyo Revengers manga series yet, then think before reading this article. This article contains some minor spoilers from its manga series, which you do not want to spoil.

21. Atsushi Sendo

Atsushi Sendo -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Atsushi Sendo, also known as Akkun, is one of the closest friends of Takemitchy. He is a fashionable boy who loves styling hair and wants to open his own hair salon.

He is not physically strong, but he is the leader of his small group, which consists of Takemitchy, Takuya, Kazushi, and Makoto.

Akkun greatly cared about his friends and was willing to kill anyone to save them. He was deeply repentant at the time of his death for his evil actions against his friends, which were ordered by Kisaki.

Despite having minor roles in the series, he deserves to be on this list due to his fans’ popularity.

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20. Wakasa Imaushi

Wakasa Imaushi -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Wakasa Imaushi is the major character in Tokyo Revengers and works for several powerful gangs. He held a very high position in the Black Dragon Gang and the Brahman Gang.

Wakasa is a very stylish guy and always looks inactive and clumsy.

Aside from his clumsy behavior, he is an excellent fighter and possesses incredible fighting skills. Even though he knows he lacks the skills to defeat South Terano, he still tries to beat him.

19. Kakucho

Kakucho - strongest tokyo revengers character list

Kakucho is definitely one of the most popular characters in the Tokyo Revengers manga series.

However, he has yet to appear in an anime series, which is why he ranks so low on this list.

Throughout the series, he joined several powerful gangs, such as the Kanto Manji Gang, Tenjiku, Bonten, and Rokuhara Tendai.

Kakucho always gets the top or second highest position in every gang he joins. He shares a brotherly bond with Izana Kurokawa and is ready to sacrifice himself for him.

As a consequence, he always stands with Izana in every difficult situation, such as the fight between TOMAN and Tenjiku.

18. Yasuhiro Muto

Yasuhiro Muto

Yasuhiro Muto first appeared as the captain of the 5th division of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Later in the series, he became one of the executive members of Tenjiku Arc under the leadership of Kurokawa.

He has a very gigantic body structure and also possesses incredible physical strength. 

Muto looks very hard to approach, but he is a nice guy and always ready to help his fellow gang members.

Aside from his frightening size and superior strength, he is quite a calm and gentle person.

In the manga series, he demonstrates the full extent of his power during the fight against Takemitchy and Seishu Inui.

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17. Naoto Tachibana

Naoto Tachibana -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Naoto Tachibana is the significant character of the series and the one who is responsible for Takemitchy’s time traveling.

In the future, he plans to work as a crime detective and monitor all of the illegal activities of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

While in the past, he was still a young boy studying in school.

Naoto is more mature than his age, which is why he immediately believes in Takemitchy’s words about the future.

Even though he is the youngest character in Tokyo Revengers, he shows some excellent deduction skills and sharp instincts.

Which is why he predicted all the possibilities and told Takemitchy what to do in the past to change the future.

16. Nahoya Kawata (Smiley)

Nahoya Kawata -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Nahoya Kawata plays a major role in the series and is the captain of the 4th division of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Due to always being seen with a bright smile, he is mostly called by his nickname, Smiley.

Nagoya has great regard for his fellow gang members, especially Mikey. However, his main priority is the safety of his brother, Souya, over Toman or anything else.

He is also one of the most skilled fighters and has defeated several powerful opponents, such as Kakuchou.

His manga fans are the only reason for his popularity, as he does not have much screen time in the anime series.

15. Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Takashi Mitsuya is an important member of the Tokyo Manji gang and is the captain of the 2nd division.

He is a good-hearted guy with a unique yet attractive look. He always remains positive, no matter how difficult the situation is, as he already showed in the battle between Toman and Vallhalla.

Mitsuya was also one of Mikey’s childhood friends and had a soft spot for his entire gang, especially the founding members.

Even though he is not as strong as Mikey or Draken, he is quite good at fighting. As he demonstrates in his most dangerous fights against strong opponents like Taiju Shiba and Kanji Mochizuki.

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14. Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Hinata Tachibana is the only non-fighter female character on this list, which shows how popular she is.

She is a beautiful young girl and the girlfriend of Takemitchy, the series’s main character. She has a charming and fun-loving personality and can’t see anyone in pain or depression.

Hinata always tells Takemitchy not to take on too much stress and also comforts him by saying that everything will be alright. She has a great sister-like bond with Emma, Mikey’s sister, and spends most of her time with her.

13. Ran Haitani

Ran Haitani - popular tokyo revengers characters

Ran Haitani is a popular character in the Tokyo Revengers who has not yet appeared properly in the anime series.

He is the older Haitani brother and also the strongest. Throughout the series, he, alongside his brother Rindo, joined several powerful gangs, such as the Kanto Manji Gang, Tenjiku, Bonten, and so on.

Due to his incredible fighting skills, Ran always got into high positions, no matter which gang he joined.

While fighting, he can use any type of weapon to defeat his opponents and does not believe in fair fights. He shows his greatest skills in the fight against powerful opponents such as Hakkai Shiba and Haruchiyo Sanzu.

12. Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba is the leader of the Black Dragon gang (10th generation).

Later in the series, he became the captain of the 6th division of the Tokyo Manji Gang (2nd generation) under the leadership of Takemitchy.

He is a tall, muscular guy like Yasuhiro Muto, but he is more attractive than him.

Taiju is very violent in his fighting and has no mercy for his opponents. His energetic personality and attractive looks make him so popular.

He is also quite powerful, which is why he is capable of fighting Mikey on his own. His role in the manga series is quite impressive, and he will surely get enormous popularity like Baji or Hanma after making his debut in the anime series.

11. South Terano

South Terano

South Terano is the leader of Rokuhara Tandai, one of the strongest gangs in Tokyo.

He is a very arrogant and cruel guy who has no regard for anyone. His rough upbringing and lack of moral value make him so cruel and merciless.

Terano is one of the strongest fighters in the series and has defeated several fearsome fighters such as Kakuchou, Senju Kawaragi, Wakasa Imaushi, and so on.

He not only defeated the series’ powerful characters but also put up a deadly fight against Mikey.

His fight against Mikey made him so popular among fans. When this battle gets animated, his popularity will surely get boosted, bringing him so high on this list.

10. Senju Kawaragi

Senju Kawaragi

Senju Kawaragi is the only female gang leader in the series, and she defeated several powerful opponents.

She is the leader of the Brahman gang, one of the strongest gangs. Later in the series, she joined the Tokyo Manji Gang (2nd Generation) and became the captain of the 5th division.

Senju is a beautiful young girl, but her looks are similar to the boy’s. She is a good-hearted individual and cares a lot about her friends.

She shows her greatest strength in the fight against South Terano. Even though she can’t defeat him, she shows her fearless personality by challenging him.

9. Shuji Hanma

Shuji Hanma

Shuji Hanma is the perfect delinquent character in Tokyo Revengers, whose personality is the same as that of a real delinquent.

He is the leader of some of the major gangs of Tokyo, such as Moebius and Valhalla, even though he acts temporarily.

His actions are completely unpredictable, and no one understands why he acts so violently. 

Hanma had no goal in his life, he just wanted to find some thrilling activities, such as gang wars.

As a consequence, he gave proper help to Kisaki Tetta to commit crimes in Tokyo city.

Due to his badass personality and attractive looks, he became one of the most popular characters in the series and created his own huge fan base.

8. Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu Matsuno -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Chifuyu Matsuno first appeared as a minor member of the gang, but later he played a major role in taking their gang to the top.

He is a handsome young guy and has a good heart like Takemitchy. Before meeting Baji, he was not as mentally or physically strong as he is now.

Chifuyu held a very special place for Baji in his heart and always wanted to be like him. After the death of Baji, his personality changed, and he became quite serious about the development of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Through watching his high rating on My Anime List, it is concluded that he is one of the most popular characters in Tokyo Revengers.

7. Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora Hanemiya -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Kazutora Hanemiya is the most hated and most stylish character in Tokyo Revengers.

He has a very attractive hairstyle and beautiful facial features that set him apart from the series’ other characters.

He was previously a decent person, much like his closest buddy Baji, until a horrible event occurred in his life.

In this event, he inadvertently murders Shinichiro Sano, Mikey’s elder brother, which leads him to the child detention center.

As a result, he feels Mikey is the sole cause of his terrible times and experiences.

Kazutora is also strong enough to take down multiple average members on his own.

He was one of the most significant members of the Tokyo Manji Gang until he joined Vallhalla to take revenge from Mikey.

6. Keisuke Baji

Tokyo revengers strongest characters ranked - Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji is the badass character in Tokyo Revengers, even though he gets less screen time. His long black hair and cold personality gave him a very distinct look.

He is one of the most important members of the Tokyo Manji gang, and he joins Valhalla to find the true culprit behind Pah Chin’s arrest.

Even though he spent time in a child prison center with his friend Kazutora, he is still a good-hearted person.

Baji is one of the few characters who enjoys fighting, especially against tougher opponents.

He also shows no sign of fear, even at the time of his death, with a bright smile on his face.

Even though he died too soon in the series, he succeeded in creating a huge fan base.

As a result, he lies too high on the list of the most popular characters in Tokyo Revengers.

5. Draken

Ken-Ryuguji - Tokyo revengers characters ranked

Draken is the vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the most respected person in the gang.

He is a very tall, handsome guy with long blonde hair that he styles in a beautiful way.

His personality is completely different from any of the gang’s members; he is more mature and kind than them.

Draken has excellent decision-making skills and always comes up with great ideas for the gang. He deeply cared about his love, Emma Sano, Mikey’s sister, and wanted to live a happy life with her.

Aside from his calmer mind, he is quite powerful and the second-strongest member of TOMAN. As a result, he is regarded as one of the most popular characters in the series.

4. Tetta Kisaki

Tetta Kisaki -  popular tokyo revengers characters

Tetta Kisaki is the primary villain of the series and is the mastermind of every evil act in it.

He has quite a short body stature, but there is no limit to his superior intelligence level and manipulation skills.

Kisaki is quite merciless and can go to any extent to achieve his evil goal. Even though he is not physically stronger than the series’ other characters, he managed to rise to the top position of the TOMAN gang.

He is the most intelligent character in Tokyo Revengers.

3. Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa is the adoptive sister of Mikey, one of the series’ main characters. He is an attractive young guy and has a completely opposite personality from his siblings. He spent most of his childhood alone and faced numerous problems.

As a result, he became cruel and merciless and believed the reason for all of this was his own family, especially Mikey.

Izana is mentally unstable and has no regard for anyone, not even his own fellow gang members. He just used them as tools, which were made only to take his gang, Tenjiku, to the top position.

He possesses incredible fighting skills, and his powers lie in the same position as Mikey’s.

His deadliest fight against Mikey made him so popular among fans.

Even though he has yet to appear in an anime series, he has already created his own huge fanbase and lies in the third position on this list.

2. Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki - popular tokyo revengers characters

Takemichi Hanagaki, also known as Takemitchy, is the main character of the series. He first appeared as the weakest character but gradually became one of the strongest.

He is an average-looking young teenager who is too weak and cowardly. However, he never takes back his steps when his friends or loved ones are in danger. 

After finding the mysterious power that takes him to his past, he decides to save his girlfriend, Hinata.

Despite knowing he lacked the strength to save her, he tried his best so that he might change the future.

His regular attempts and strong willpower make him the best character in Tokyo revengers.

1. Mikey

mikey - strongest character in Tokyo Revengers Ranked

Mikey is the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, the strongest gang in Tokyo. His full name is Manjiro Sano, and he always regards his gang members as his own family members.

He is a good-looking guy with a short body stature and long blonde hair. His true goal is to create the greatest era for all delinquents, which is why he created TOMAN.

Mikey acts very friendly and energetic around his friends or family. However, as the leader of the gang, his personality completely changed, and he became quiet and serious.

Due to his natural fighting style and powerful kick, he is notably regarded as the Invincible Mikey by other characters in the series.

As a consequence, he is known as the strongest character in Tokyo revengers.

Even though he is not the main character of the series, he has an enormous fan following across the world due to his unique personality and exceptional strength.

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