The Complete List of Tokyo Revengers Gangs

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series about motorcycle gangs written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Since March 2017, Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine has begun serialising it.

This series follows the life of Takemichi Hanagaki, a loser in his mid-twenties. He is saddened to learn that his childhood friend Hinata Tachibana has been killed in an incident. Hinata was the only girl who ever showed any interest in him.

After that, an unknown person pushed in front of an approaching train, in an attempt to kill him. However, Takemichi awakens 12 years in the past right after that incident. In the body of his adolescent self, with all of his memories and knowledge of the future intact. 

Takemichi now joins the Tokyo Manji Gang in an attempt to change the future in order to save Hinata’s life.

Tokyo Revengers has proven to be a popular manga series, becoming the third best-selling manga series of 2021 and the 69th best-selling manga of all time.

This series is known for its Tokyo Manji gang, but there are many more powerful and notorious groups that elevate it to new heights.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these notorious gangs in Tokyo Revengers that cause havoc, in alphabetical order.

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Black Dragon 

Black Dragon - tokyo revengers gangs list

For generations, the Black Dragon motorcycle gang has ruled the country. Black Dragon first appeared in the Tokyo Revengers manga in Chapter 79. Shinichiro Sano is the founder and leader of this infamous group. 

Black Dragon has 11 generations, with the 11th being the last. Izana Kurokawa, Shion Madarame, Taiju Shiba, and Takemichi Hanagaki are the generational leaders of this gang from the 8th to the 11th generation.

A generational leader is in charge of each generation. The rest of the members are divided into several units and squads.

This group has a distinct structure and a systematic succession process. The generational leader is chosen by either his predecessor or the members of the preceding generation.

Bonten Gang

Bonten - tokyo revengers gangs list

Bonten is Japan’s most feared and largest criminal organization. Chapter 194 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series was the first time this gang came out. It was led by Manjiro Sano.

They dabbled in all sorts of illegal activities, including gambling, fraud, prostitution, kidnapping, and murder. They are cruel and intolerant of traitors and informants.

Haruchiyo Sanjo and Kakucho are the numbers 2 and 3 of the gang who are in command of advisors.

Kanji Mochizuki, Hajime Kokonoi, Ran Haitani, and Rindo Haitani are the Bonten’s top executives with authority and power.

Brahman Gang

Brahman - tokyo revengers gangs list

Senju Kawaragi, one of the three motorcycle gang dieties in Tokyo Revengers, leads the Brahmans. They are a powerful group that works from the shadows. Brahman will make their first appearance in Chapter 208 of the series.

Senju Kawaragi is the founder and leader of Brahman, whose main objective is to take down Mikey. However, during the battle between three gods, Senju and Mikey join forces to defeat the other god named South.

Takeomi Akashi, Senju’s older brother, helped her in establishing Brahman. He put together a group of his first-generation Black Dragon friends and gave them the reins of the group.

Brahman’s top executives are Keizo Arashi and Wakasa Imaushi.

Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members

Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members

Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members, also known as ICBM, is one of the biker gangs from Ikebukuro district. The ICBM first appeared in Chapter 51 of the Valhalla Arc of Tokyo Revengers.

Hansen is the gang’s leader and his subordinates respect him so much. He is a tall man with a muscular build. ICBM is an infamous and powerful group in Tokyo. 

However, other delinquents respect Hansen for his honest judgement. This is the reason why ICBM was there in “bloody haloween” to spectate the battle between Toman and Valhalla.



Jugem is a gang led by Kanji Mochizuki before he works as one of Tenjiku’s Four Heavenly Kings.

Kanji Mochizuki is one of the Tokyo Revengers’ most powerful and hunky characters. This group first appeared in the manga series’ Chapter 127.

They are in charge of the Kawasaki region and fights with the Twin Devils a lot until their disagreement is solved.

Kanto Manji Gang 

Kanto Manji Gang - Tokyo Revengers

The Kanto Manji gang is a criminal organisation that engages in a variety of unlawful activities. This fearsome force will make their first appearance in Chapter 207 of this series.

Mikey formed this gang after the disbandment of the Toman, which is distinct from Toman’s legacy. However, this group has no ambition and has engaged in a lot of indiscriminate violence. 

After the Battle of the Three Deities, this gang began to expand its number and eventually became Japan’s most powerful gang.

The gang’s top members are Haruchiyo Sanzu and Hajime Kokonoi, who are involved in the majority of the illegal projects.

Max Maniacs

Max Maniacs

The Max Maniacs are one of Tokyo’s largest biker gangs, first appearing in Chapter 160 of the manga. This group has complete authority over Roppongi and is unafraid of other delinquent bands.

For unknown reasons, Max Maniac’s leader and vice leader fought against the Haitani brothers.

In the fight, Ran Haitani knocked out Max Maniac’s leader in one hit, and Rindo Haitani knocked out their vice leader. The Haitani brothers defeated and disbanded Max Maniacs.



Moebius is a Shinjuku motorbike gang that first appeared in the 14th chapter of Tokyo Revengers. It was created two years before the Tokyo Manji Gang and was well-known for its nasty reputation throughout the city.

The eighth generation, led by Nobutaka Osanai, is the most defined generation of Moebius. However, during the Battle of 8/3, Toman crushed Moebius in which Mikey took down Osanai with a single blow.

After losing this battle, Tetta Kisaki became the ninth leader of the Moebius group. However, Shuji Hanma is the acting leader who issues orders in place of Kisaki. Hanma is Moebius’s most dangerous member. He enjoys fighting because it excites him.

Rokuhara Tandai

Rokuhara Tandai

Rokuhara Tandai is one of the most powerful gangs in Tokyo’s criminal underworld. Above all, the leader of this gang is one of the three gods of biker gangs. This gang had control over the Minato region through their fearsome activities. This gang will debut in Chapter 208 of the manga. 

Former juvenile detention centre inmate South Terano founded this motorcycle gang after being released from the centre. The Haitani brothers, Kanji Mochizuki, and Shion Madarame all contributed to the formation of this gang. However, Mikey defeated South in the fight between the three gods.



Tenjiku is Yokohama’s largest gang, with a huge number of delinquent guys. This group first appeared in the manga for this series in Chapter 124. This is one of the most fearsome gangs in Tokyo Revengers, and has several violent and somewhat crazy members.

Izana Kurokawa is the founder and leader, and he intends to take over Toman and get revenge on Mikey. He treats his subordinates as if they are disposable tools and rules over them as if he were a dictator.

Izana formed this gang with the help of Kisaki Tetta and the S-62 generation. The Vicious Generation is another name for the S-62 Generation. It was an exclusive group of six 1987-born teenagers. They are well-known for their violent behavior. 

The four Heavenly Kings– Kakucho, Ran Haitani, Kanji Mochizuki, and Shion Madarame are members of this gang.

The uniform of this gang varies between members with different ranks. Higher ranks wear a longer coat, while lower ranks wear a simple jacket.

Tokyo Manji Gang

toman - tokyo revengers gangs list

The most well-known and strongest gang in Tokyo Revengers is the Tokyo Manji Gang. It is abbreviated as “Toman,” which is a biker gang from Shibuya, Tokyo. This group first appeared in the first chapter of the series’ manga. 

This group’s headquarters was Musashi Shrine, where they held meetings. Mikey is the leader of Toman, whose goal is to establish a new golden era for Tokyo’s delinquents.

Toman is led by Leader Mikey and Vice-Leader Draken, along with the captains of their divisions. Touman was divided into six divisions, each with at least 20 men. The captains of Toman are Takemichi Hanagaki, Takashi Mitsuya, Tetta Kisaki, Nahoya Kawata, Yasuhiro Muto, and Shuji Hanma.

After two years of Toman’s disbandment, Takemichi Hanagaki rebuilt it as part of the second generation movement. His main goal is to get rid of the Kanto Manji Gang and get back Mikey.

Toman defeated many powerful and notorious gangs and declared victory over them. 

Twin Devils gang

Twin Devils gang

The twin Kawata brothers, Nahoya and Souya founded the Twin Devils gang which is an unfamous group in Meguro. They first appeared in the manga in Chapter 127.

Nahoya Kawata, popularly known as Smiley, is a protective big brother who never wants his younger brother to cry. Souya Kawata is the little brother who is normally an average fighter. However, when he cries, he enters a state called “the Crying Blue Ogre” in which he becomes several times stronger and goes on a rampage!

Their members are always engaged in fights with the Jugem members until the twin brothers are defeated by Kanji Mochizuki in a one-on-one fight.


Valhalla - tokyo revengers gangs list

Kisaki Tetta is the master mind behind Valhalla’s formation. It was a leaderless gang with Kisaki acting as a boss from the shadows. Valhalla first appeared in the Tokyo Revengers manga at chapter 41. This gang’s headquarters was Valhalla’s Arcade, where they conducted meetings. 

Valhalla is also popular under the name “The Headless Angel”. In order to make Mickey Valhalla’s leader and make Toman a powerful criminal organization, Tetta Kisaki came up with this gang, which he called “Valhalla.”

In addition, this gang has Shuji Hanma’s former Moebius members and other anti-Toman forces with Kazutora as their leader. 

I hope you liked this article and learned about all the Tokyo Revengers’ Gangs. Stay tuned for more amazing content.

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[…] Recommended >> The Complete List of Tokyo Revengers Gangs […]


[…] Recommended >> The Complete List of Tokyo Revengers Gangs […]


[…] Recommended >> The Complete List of Tokyo Revengers Gangs […]


[…] Really useful >> The Complete List of Tokyo Revengers Gangs […]

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