Top 5 Most Popular Characters Who Are Not Main Protagonists

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Over the years, as anime became more popular, so also did the fanbase of some characters. Characters that stand out,  that stole the hearts of fans, and who the fans can’t get enough of. 

 The characters on this list are some of the most popular anime characters. However, this list will not include any main anime protagonist. It will only comprise side characters who the fans have come to love regardless of how much screen time they get. Those who fight alongside and inspire the protagonist to do their best. Here’s the list of the most popular anime characters who are not main protagonists.


top 5 popular side characters

 Fifth on the list of most popular anime characters who are not main protagonists is Yami, the captain of the black Bulls squad in the Black Clover anime and

 arguably one of the strongest characters in the entire anime. 

 Yami is well known for always popping. Yes, you read that right, one of the reasons Yami is popular is because of 💩. Apart from that, the fans love Yami because the way he mentors his squad pushes them to surpass their limits.

 In the weekly shonen jump popularity polls, Yami ranked second place amongst other Black Clover characters. In Viz, he ranked first place in two black clover polls.

 4.Gojo Satoru

Top 5 Most Popular Characters Who Are Not Main Protagonists

 As of writing this article, the jujutsu kaisen anime is just in its first season, but one thing is clear, everybody loves Gojo. 

 Gojo is the fun-loving childish teacher who is overpowered. We have yet to see a fight in the anime series where gojo breaks a sweat, as we have seen so far removal of blindfold equals game over.

 These are the qualities of Gojo to become such a popular character in a short time. Who doesn’t love the overpowered mentor who is also fun and childish? 


Top 5 Most Popular Characters Who Are Not Main Protagonists

 Todoroki is one of the top students in UA’S class 1-A both in power and academics. He has the perfect formula for popularity i.e has a sad backstory, he’s rich, he has a cold father, he has an awesome quirk, and most of all he’s handsome. 

 Todoroki is a good friend to his classmates and he is one of the strongest in Class 1-A even without using his fire powers. He also has powers we all wanted as kids, whoever taught of having laser in their belly button

 Second on the list of most popular anime characters who are not main protagonists. 


best anime side character

 Over the years in the Naruto anime, Sasuke has always been a standout character for the fans. Whenever any discussion came up about the Naruto anime the name Sasuke would always be involved.

 Some fans might even argue that Sasuke is the most popular character in the anime series

 Fans love Sasuke mostly because of how his character developed, his journey, how he grew from just wanting to avenge his family’s death.

 Overall, Sasuke feels like a more relatable character in real life due to his flaws and more life-like emotions and reactions.


anime side characters who are more popular than the main character

 Top on the list of most popular anime characters is Levi

 Levi is the most popular and loved character on Attack On Titan. Most fans would argue that Levi is stronger than Eren and I can see where they’re coming from, after all the Ackermans were made to have the power of a Titan in human form.

 Since Levi’s first appearance in the attack on Titan anime his fan base has grown bigger and bigger spawning one of the most loyal fan base for a character who is not the main protagonist.

 Fans of Attack on Titan Love Levi due to his badass character, the way he stands out in the series, his crazy actions, and to top it off his awesome fighting skills, which have produced arguably some of the best fighting scenes in the entire anime world. If Levi was ever to die in the series, it’ll be one of the biggest upsets in the anime world

 This concludes our of top 5 most popular and famous anime characters who are not main protagonists

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