20+ Best Orange Haired Anime Girls With HQ Images

Girls in anime usually tend to catch our eyes through their colourful hair. They are a part of their identity and they sure do leave a lasting impression on us. When we try to remember them, we usually do so by the colour of their hair.

Orange is one such colour that we have seen in many iconic anime girls. So today let’s go through some of the best orange haired anime girls of all time. We’ve also included some of the most beautiful, high quality images for each of the characters! So feel free to use them as wallpapers on your phone if you found your waifu on this list (^ <)

Anime Girls With Orange Colored Long Hair

Itori (Tokyo Ghoul)

Itori - orange haired anime waifu

Starting off the list with our orange-haired waifu from Tokyou Ghoul, Itori. She has always been a mysterious character in the anime. Aside from working as an informant in the underworld, she was also a part of the Clowns organisation. Her peachy orange hair was a part of her identity and she always dressed stylishly.

Her fun and playful personality helped a lot in her work as an informant. She had the ability to play anyone like a toy and extract the required information. She was first introduced to us in the Helter Skelter Bar where she gave a very vital piece of information to Kaneki.

Chiyo Sakura (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun)

Chiyo Sakura - orange haired anime waifu

Those who are familiar with Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun, know Chiyo Sakura quite well. She is after all one of the main characters in the story who attends the same high school as Nozaki. Her orange hair and purple eyes, combined with her short stature make her look extremely cute.

She had genuine feelings for Nozaki but she fluffed her confession to him. After that she found herself as a fan and then finally an assistant to Nozaki. She has a wild imagination and her thoughts are easily influenced by others.

Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

You can almost say that Orange is the official colour of the Bleach anime itself. Starting from the protagonist to some other important side characters, all had orange coloured hair. Rangiku Matsumoto was one of them who also acted as the lieutenant of the 10th division.

She was an attractive lady who knew how to use her appeal and get the required work done. Alcohol is her go to thing and she could shelve aside any important work if it meant she could enjoy a nice time drinking.

Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Asuka is a teenage girl of 14 years of age who is affiliated with Nerv. She comes from a mixed heritage and is the pilot of Unit-02 of Evangelion. She has always been a genius since her childhood and had been undergoing training to command the Evangelion unit since a long time ago.

Asuka takes a lot of pride in being a pilot of the Eva unit. But her one negative quality is that she is too arrogant and tends to look down on others whom she deems weak. Her red plugsuit has kind of become a part of her identity along with her long orange hair.

Itsuka Kendo (My Hero Academia)

Itsuka Kendo (My Hero Academia) - anime girl with orange hair

Itsuka Kendo was one of the main characters from Class 1-B in My Hero Academia. 1-B had always been in the shadows of class 1-A but Itsuka had managed to shine through her leadership, powers and beauty. Apart from being a spirited girl she also keeps her class in check by being their representative.

Her Quirk is called Big Fist that makes her hands enlarge to huge proportions, allowing her to crush her enemies between them. It also provides her enhanced strength to strike the opposition with brute force.

Nakiri Erina (Food Wars)



Nakiri Erina is one of the main female characters in Food Wars and is one of the top rated orange haired waifus. She belongs to the prestigious Nakiri family known to be the best in cooking. Erina possesses the alias of ‘God’s Tongue’ owing to her palate that is the best in the world. She is far and above everyone else in the class and had also been an occupant of a seat in the Elite Ten Council.

Erina always strives to be the best in everything since she belongs to a patrician background and has always been around high quality things all her life. This is also a reason she can come across as haughty to some people which hasn’t helped her in the case of friends.

Shirley Fenette (Code Geass)

Shirley Fenette - Code Geass

Shirley Fenette was a cute 17 year old female student, studying at Ashford Academy in Code Geass. She had long orange hair that made her appear very beautiful. In one word, Shirley was a perfect student.

Not only did she have excellent grades but she was also a part of the Student Council and was actively involved in the club activities. She also had a big crush on one of the main characters of the story, Lelouch and used to get jealous whenever he got close to other girls.

Yui Kiriyama (Kokoro Connect)

Yui Kiriyama (Kokoro Connect)

Yui Kiriyama is a part of the Student Cultural Society in Kokoro Connect. She is a typical girly girl who is also fond of adorable things. This is why if you go to her room you will find that it is full of dolls with cute voices.

But her cute side should not make you assume that she is weak in any sort of way. She has a black belt in karate and has won numerous awards in karate competitions since her childhood.

Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Asuna (Sword Art Online) - best orange haired anime girl

Asuna from Sword Art Online is a very popular orange haired anime waifu. She was a talented sword fighter in the game and her skills earned her the nickname of The Flash. Apart from that, she worked her way up the levels and earned herself the position of the sub-leader of the Knights of Blood.

Her appearance kept on changing throughout the games but she always remained an energetic person who liked to rush towards opponents. Her chemistry with Kirito is also one of the best in anime history.

Nami (One Piece)

Nami - anime waifu with orange hair

What’s more to tell about Nami from One Piece? She is one of the most iconic characters in the series and has come a long way since being a cat burglar. At first she was a liability to Luffy’s crew since she did not contribute much in terms of an attacking force.

But after the time skip, she developed a lot and is a vital member for the Future King of Pirate. The fact that Zeus returned to her also makes her a lot stronger. Nami helps keep the other members of the crew in check, otherwise we know what our straw hat pirates are capable of doing.

Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

Orihime Inoue - anime girl with orange hair

As I have mentioned before, we have a lot of orange haired anime waifu characters from Bleach and here we find another one. Orihime Inoue is a cute waifu from Karakura Town and is the wife of the main character of the story, Ichigo Kurosaki.

She has always been a friendly girl who often seems clueless. That’s a part of personality that makes her even sweeter. Her spiritual power is at a high level that can help her take on enemies larger her size and not feel overwhelmed by it. She was really the perfect partner to our Ichigo Kurosaki.

Anime Girls With Orange Colored Short Hair

Petra (Attack in Titan)

Petra (Attack in Titan)

Petra Ral will be remembered fondly by all Attack on Titan fans. Her moments in the anime were short lived but she still managed to make a lasting impression on us. She was a part of the Special Operations Squad that was thoroughly selected by Levi himself.

Owing to Petra’s beautiful features and her short orange hair, she was even shipped with Levi many times by the fans. She had a kind soul and was deeply devoted to her captain. It was a shame that she got taken out so quickly by the Female Titan. But that just went on to prove her dedication to the greater cause and her courage as a warrior.

Chiho Sasaki (The Devil Is A Part Timer)

Chiho Sasaki (The Devil Is A Part Timer)

Chiho Sasaki is a very cute and petite waifu in this series with her orange hair that she keeps tied by two ribbons. Her attractive appearance is naturally a source of jealousy for other girls who envy her deeply. She works in the same shop as our protagonist and has deep feelings for the devil himself.

She is also able to completely understand the language of Ente Isla that was originally not meant for her. The spell was meant to target people who were constantly thinking about our devil and since Chiho was knee deep in feelings for him, the spell redirected to her. Some time after, she also mastered the Idea Link spell so that she could alert someone in case she was in danger.

Yotsuba Nakano (Quintessential Quintuplets)

Yotsuba Nakano - anime girl with orange hair

Since this anime is about Quintuplets, one of the ways we could differentiate between the four girls was through the colours of their hair and Yotsuba was the one in possession of orange hair. Another one of her distinguished features is her green ribbons that she wears in the form of rabbit ears.

Out of all the sisters, she was the first one to recognise Futaro as their private teacher and did not create any unnecessary drama. She is mostly cheerful and friendly and is known to pay a lot of attention to others.

Rin Hoshizora (Love Live!)

Rin Hoshizora - anime girl with orange hair HQ image

Rin is a part of the idol group that aims to be the best and the most popular idol group in all of Japan.

She is a giant ball of energy. You know how some people are very energetic but not annoying; that’s Rin right there. Rin radiates a wonderful aura, and you can’t help but smile when you see her. She maintains a positive attitude and works hard, so she is similar to Honoka but better.  She’s also a tomboy, and I adore tomboys! I even made a whole list of tomboys!! She is one of the few anime girls with short hair.

I love it when she does her little cat face; it’s so fucking cute that it makes me melt sometimes! Sure, she isn’t the most attractive person in the world, but she has a lovely personality to cover that up!

Yui Yuigahama (Oregairu)

Yui Yuigahama (Oregairu)-min

Yui Yuigahama was a part of the Service Club in Sobu High School. Interestingly, she was the very first member of the club too and later decided to join as its member. They were a trio in the club and she had always been kind of a third wheel between the other two members.

She also developed romantic feelings for the main character only to get friendzoned by him later. Overall, she had a very cheerful personality and always tried to keep a smile on her face. If you ask me, she’s handsdown one of the best orange haired waifus of all time!

Koala (One Piece)

Koala (One Piece)

Koala is another short haired anime waifu, who’s a former slave and is a current member of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece. She works directly with Dragon and Sabo, meaning the Revolutionary Army considers her as a very valuable asset. Koala was briefly associated with the Sun Pirates when they rescued her from her hellish living conditions.

She is also very proficient in fish man karate and has defeated tough enemies using her special technique. She is so skilled at this technique that she can also teach it to anyone with ease.

Anime Loli With Orange Hair

These characters are children with age less than or equal to 12.

Sora Takenouchi (Digimon)

Sora Takenouchi (Digimon) - orange haired anime girl

Only real anime OGs will remember our orange haired friend, Sora Takenouchi from the very first season of Digimon. She is cute anime loli, and is clearly a tomboy in the series, which may well be due to her father mostly missing from her life. Biyomon is her accompanying Digimon partner and they have had a lot of adventures together.

Sora loves to play soccer and is the best friend of Tai Kamiya. She is also the only one who can reason properly in the DigiDestined group. Biyomon has come to her rescue on numerous occasions including the time when her mother wanted her to quit soccer.

Misty (Pokemon)


Misty is one of the OG orange haired girls in anime. She will always have a special place in the hearts of every Pokemon fan since she was the first companion of Ash. The water type trainer who hates bug type Pokemon has grown a lot throughout the course of the story.

She was just an immature kid when she first met Ash but when we saw her in the other regions she seemed like a grown up. She also simultaneously helped in the character development of our protagonist who learned a lot from her.

Hakase (Nichijou)

Hakase - Nichijou

Hakase is one of the main characters in Nichijou. She might be a little girl, but she’s a prodigy when it comes to science. She can build anything and everything she imagines. This is evident from how she has built a human-like robot with human emotions. However, our orange haired loli is extremely childish and causes more trouble than good with her inventions. But hey, that’s how children are supposed to be, so that’s the normal part about her!

Enju Aihara (Black Bullet)

Enju Black Bullet

Enju is the female lead of the anime Black Bullet. She is one of the loli characters in the anime who has a orange hair. She always hangs out with the MC and is in love with him even though he is older than her by a good margin. In Black Bullet, there are children who possesses superhuman strength and Enju is one of them. However, the society she lives in hates her kind as they believe they are “cursed children.”

Emma (The Promised Neverland)

emma - promised neverland

The Promised Neverland is one of best suspense filled anime and the main character itself is an orange haired anime girl. She was an orphan living in the Grace Field House and was considered as one of its three premium goods. Emma had always been the most kind and caring out of all the children in the house.

This is why she was hell bent on discovering the mystery surrounding their place of residence. She did not want any of her siblings to get harmed. She also had her identification number imprinted on one side of her neck.

These were some of the best anime girls with orange hair and their HQ images! Hope you liked what you read (^^)

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