10+ Most Powerful Villains In Fairy Tail, Ranked

Villains always play a major role in anime, and it is the same in the case of Fairy Tail as well. So, in this article, we will be taking a look at some of the strongest villains from the Fairy Tail anime series.

This list does not cover any characters from the manga, so it might not help you rank the powers of future villains when the anime’s sequel gets released.

However, for now, here are all the strongest antagonistic characters until Fairy Tail final season.

Strongest Antagonists In Fairy Tail, Ranked

  1. Acnologia
  2. Zeref
  3. Irene
  4. Augustus
  5. Mard Geer Tartaros
  6. Larcade Dragneel
  7. Kyoka
  8. Keyes
  9. Future Rogue
  10. Hades
  11. Master Zero
  12. Jellal

1. Acnologia

Acnologia - strongest villains in fairy tail

Acnologia is without a doubt the strongest villain in fairy tail of all time. Every Fairy Tail fan would agree that the author did Acnologia dirty when Natsu and other dragon slayers defeated him.

He was built up to be far more powerful than what he was in his final fight against the dragon slayers.

Regardless, Acnologia is the embodiment of power and hatred. He hated dragons so much that he single handedly wiped out the dragon race from the planet.

He could have destroyed the planet entirely if he had wanted, but he took his time dealing with the dragon slayers, which led to his demise.

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2. Zeref

zeref full power

Zeref is hands-down the strongest human wizard in all of Fairy Tail. He is a character who has been wavering between being a good guy and being a bad guy.

Unfortunately, he chose to play the villain and plotted to destroy the world to travel back in time.

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At first, Zeref was just an immortal guy who craved death. However, since nobody could grant him death, he kept suffering, which broke his mind.

He let his dark side win and started killing people in order to attain his goal.

However, his goal itself is noble though. He wanted to travel back in time, stop himself from dabbling in forbidden magic that had killed thousands. He also planned to kill Acnologia before he became powerful.

However, his means of doing that were not humane, so he’s going down on the list of antagonists.

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3. Irene

Irene Belserion

The third most powerful villain from the Fairy Tail anime is none other than Erza Scarlet’s mother. She was also the creator of Dragon Slayer magic. Unfortunately, due to a side effect of overusing the dragon slayer magic, she turned into a dragon herself.

Irene was originally a human queen who was very kind to both humans and dragons. She was one of the very few who tried to stop humans from attacking dragons.

Her kindness, however, was repaid with years of torture by her own people. Even her husband started hating her as Irene slowly started transforming into a dragon.

She was pregnant with Erza at that time, and she waited 400 years to finally give birth to her. Sadly, the years of torture and self-loathing had broken her mind, and she fell to the dark side.

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4. Augustus

Augustus Fairy Tail Villain

Next on the list of the strongest Fairy Tail antagonists is Augustus. He is not evil per se, but his loyalty to Zeref made him do evil things.

Even then, he showed kindness to some of his enemies, but ultimately he was just another broken man who decided to be loyal to Zeref as he saved him.

Augustus was the second-strongest human wizard, second only to Zeref. He was too powerful for anyone to handle, and he would’ve won his final fight if he were not a good person.

At the end, he kills himself in order to cancel a powerful spell that he was casting to kill everything in a very large area. He made this decision after seeing his mother, who had no idea that Augustus was her son.

5. Mard Geer Tartaros

Mard Geer Tartaros

Mard Geer was the leader of the Tartaros guild, a guild for demons. He was the primary Villain in the Tartaros arc of Fairy Tail.

He is the strongest of Zeref’s Book of demons, second only to E.N.D.

Mard Geer was one of the demons that Zeref had created in order to kill himself. However, he was not powerful enough to pull that off.

So, Mard Geer decided to awaken E.N.D so that Zeref could achieve his longtime dream. For this purpose, he organized a nation-wide catastrophe, but he was stopped by the Fairy Tail guild and others.

But if the dragons hadn’t interfered with his plans, he would have realized his plan and defeated the Fairy Tail guild while doing so.

6. Larcade Dragneel

Larcade Dragneel - Fairy Tail villains ranked

Larcade is the self-proclaimed son of Zeref. After all, Zeref had created Larcade with his magic. However, Zeref despises being called “Father” because, as far as he is concerned, Larcade was a failed experiment.

Zeref was trying to resurrect his dead brother Natsu, and Larcade was just a side result of that experiment.

Nonetheless, Larcade was no pushover. He is excellent at white and black magic, enabling him to almost win against any human opponent. Even Zeref was slightly affected by his magic, showing just how powerful he is.

He is capable of increasing people’s need for lust, sleep, and other emotions that are categorized as the “seven deadly sins” to overload them with pleasure to the point they collapse and die.

7. Kyoka

Kyoka Fairy Tail Villain

Kyoka is the second strongest demon from the Tartaros guild and was one of the secondary antagonists in the Fairy Tail final season.

She is also one of the most evil villains in all of Fairy Tail.

Kyoka is a cruel and twisted demon who has caused Erza unimaginable physical pain. She took great pleasure in torturing Erza during the Tartaros arc.

Kyoka took all of Erza’s senses and multiplied her pain reception so much that even the presence of air could feel like a deep cut in the body. This just shows how evil she was.

However, Erza still defeated her through sheer willpower and faith in herself and her friends.

8. Keyes

Keyes - villains in fairy tail

Keyes is another one of the strongest villains from the Tartaros guild. He could’ve single handedly wiped out all of the Fairy Tail guild at one point, but he didn’t do it because of his overconfidence.

He had the ability to literally poison the air with magic barrier particles that are fatal to all wizards.

Keyes was also a necromancer and was titled “The Black Archbishop.” He was immune to all physical damage and most other magic.

However, he was defeated by Juvia because he gave her too much time to come up with a plan to destroy him.

9. Future Rogue

Future Rogue

Future Rogue is one of the most formidable villains in Fairy Tail and has the ability to control several dragons at once.

He time-traveled to kill Lucy Heartfilia, whom he claimed would be the reason for the doomed future he came from.

However, that was all a ploy to prevent Lucy from locking a gate that would serve as a portal for the dragons to invade the current timeline.

He successfully stalls enough time for the seven dragons to enter by acting as the savior of the future. But Lucy realizes Rogue’s plan and shuts the gate with the help of the celestial spirits.

Rogue then started commanding the seven dragons so that he could be the king of the new world after he destroyed Natsu and Acnologia. But, as we all could’ve figured, Natsu defeated him.

10. Hades

Hades - villains in fairy tail

Hades was one of the founding members of the Fairy Tail guild who later fell into darkness. When he was young, he learned the basics of magic from Zeref, along with the other founding members of Fairy Tail.

He was the number one human with an insane amount of mana and magic potential before he died. After being defeated by the combined effort of the Fairy Tail guild, Zeref confronts Hades and kills him.

This is ironic, as his lifelong dream was to get close to Zeref and the origin of magic. Later on, his spirit was used by one of the demons from Tartaros guild, at which point he gave a warning message for the Fairy Tail guild so that they could prepare for the demons.

11. Jellal

Jellal - villains in fairy tail

Jellal is one of the earliest villains to be introduced in Fairy Tail. He had ties with Erza as they were childhood friends.

He was originally a good guy who was manipulated into becoming evil. After Natsu and Erza brought some sense to Jellal, he realized what a grave mistake he had made.

Ever since, he has been trying to atone for his sins. Later, he formed a guild full of people like him who wanted to atone for what they’d done in the past.

With their help, he aimed to look into various evils that lurked in the world and stop them with all his might.

12. Master Zero

Master Zero

Master Zero is a small time villain in Fairy Tail compared to the rest of the characters on this list. However, at that point in the story, Master Zero was one of the most formidable opponents that Natsu had ever faced.

If not for the unexpected assistance from Jellal, Natsu would’ve been defeated and the world would’ve plunged into the path of destruction.

Master Zero is Brain’s split personality. He is very destructive and a bit of a psychopath.

Brain was the leader of the Oración Seis guild. He had sealed this personality with magic and made it so that it would be unleashed only when all of his guild members were defeated.

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