10+ Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail, Ranked According To Power

Fairy Tail is an anime centred around the concept of wizard guilds. There are several guilds in this anime, including legal ones, dark ones, and independent ones. In this article, we will be ranking the strongest guilds from Fairy Tail according to the collective power of the each guild.

What Are the Guilds in Fairy Tail?

Wizard Guilds in Fairy Tail refer to a group of wizards who stand under the same banner. Just like how pirates have groups, so do wizards, which is called a wizard guild.

Each guild will have a guild master who is usually the person who formed the guild or the person to whom the position was handed down from the previous guild master.

Like every other group, the magic guilds have their own insignia that is very important to them. This is also how they identify each other.

What’s unique about the guilds in Fairy Tail is that each member must wear the guild’s insignia somewhere on their body. This is proof of their membership in the said guild.

Types Of Guilds In Fairy Tail

Types Of Guilds In Fairy Tail

There are primarily three types of guilds in Fairy Tail. However, there are other guilds that do not fall get much attention in the show, so they are mentioned as “others” in this list.

Below is a list of all the types of guilds in Fairy Tail.

  • Legal Guilds – Legal Guilds, as the name suggests, are legal. These guilds have to obey the magic council and their rules.
  • Dark Guilds – Dark Guilds are guilds that are not officially recognized by the Magic Council. They are usually criminal organizations that have wizards that do bad deeds, such as assassinating people, looting villages, etc.
  • Independent Guilds – An Independent guild is a special case. They are not officially recognized, yet they are not considered a criminal organization. Meaning, they are still an illegal guild, but they are not pursued as criminals.
  • Other Guilds – Other than the wizard guild, there are several other guilds such as the hunter guild, the merchant guild, etc.

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List Of The Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail

11. Phantom Lord

phantom lord

The Phantom Lord is one of the first evil guilds to be introduced in the show. However, they were pretending to be good and were officially recognized as such.

This guild was started by the former master of the Blue Skull Dark, a dark guild which was destroyed by First generation Fairy Tail members.

The sole purpose of this guild was to destroy Fairy Tail.

In order to achieve their goal, they pulled a big stunt and tried to obliterate every member of the Fairy Tail guild. However, they failed miserably, and the guild was disbanded.

10. Blue Pegasus

Blue Pegasus

Blue Pegasus is a guild that is popular among the people of Fairy Tail. They do not have any mages with unbelievable powers like the other guilds, but they are definitely a skilled bunch.

The guild is centered around Ichia, who is without a doubt one of the weakest characters in Fairy Tail. However, his charisma draws in his comrades, which makes him a perfect leader.

Blue Pegasus are also on a very friendly term with the Fairy Tail guild. They are almost always together on critical missions.

9. Mermaid Heel

Mermaid Heel

Mermaid Heel is an all girls guild with some of the most beautiful female characters we’ve seen in the show. They only have a handful of members.

But, don’t let that make you think they are weak. Each member of the mermaid heel guild is a decent wizard. However, their leader, Kagura Mikazuchi, is an exceptional wizard, easily one of the strongest characters in the show.

Kagura has a history with Erza and Jelal, which plays a major role in the progression of the story.

8. Raven Tail

Raven Tail

Ravel Tail is a guild started by Makarov’s son, Ivan Dreyar. It was originally a dark guild with criminals in it, but was somehow approved as a legal guild right before the Grand Magic Games.

Ivan used this opportunity to crush Fairy Tail members in the match and publicly humiliate them. He used all sorts of unfair tactics without getting busted and put Fairy Tail through a lot of trouble.

However, Laxus, Ivan’s son and Fairy Tail’s core member, stopped his father and single handedly crushed the entire Ravel Tail guild and exposed their scam.

7. Oración Seis

Oración-Seis - Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail

Oracion Seis is a dark guild with interesting members. They tried to resurrect an ancient magic weapon called “Nirvana” that would swap good and evil, which would make the world predominantly evil.

The person spearheading this group was Master Zero, a person with a split personality. When Zero awakens, he becomes a complete savage who doesn’t even care about his own guild members. All he craves is destruction.

The whole Nirvana incident was resolved without any casualties thanks to Natsu’s defeating Master Zero and Jelal’s assistance.

After the timeskip, they formed the reborn oracion seis with some new additions to the guild.

Later, every member of the guild was sent into prison by the Magic Council.

6. Lamia Scale

Lamia-Scale - Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail

Lamia Scale is yet another popular guild with some of the strongest characters in Fairy Tail.

It is the home of Jura, one of the top ten wizard saints, and Lyon, who is Grey’s rival. Apart from these two, there are a whole bunch of capable wizards in this guild, making it one of the strongest guilds in Fairy Tail.

5. Grimoire Heart

Grimoire Heart - Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail

Grimoire Heart is one of the most powerful dark guilds in Fairy Tail. The master of this guild, Hades, was none other than the second master of Fairy Tail.

He was one of the founding members of the Fairy Tail guild, but after witnessing the loss of his closest friends and his encounter with Zeref, he fell into darkness.

His goal was to get close to Zeref and the singular source of all magic.

Later on, during the Tartaros incident, it was said that there was no other human being as powerful as Hades, showing his capabilities as a wizard.

Hades met his end after seeing Zeref in flesh and getting absorbed by a demon.

4. Crime Sorcière

Crime Sorcière - Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail

Crime Sorciere is the only independent guild and is easily one of the strongest guilds in Fairy Tail.

Jelal is the master of this guild, and he created it for former criminals to atone for their sins by doing good deeds.

This guild consists of members from the post-timeskip period, including the former members of Oracion Seis and two members from Grimoire Heart.

While their number is low, each individual member of this guild is extremely powerful as a wizard, and they have experience to boot.

3. Sabertooth

Sabertooth - Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail

Sabertooth was introduced as the strongest guild in Fairy Tail’s final season because it had two dragon slayers in it.

It was very similar to Fairy Tail in terms of having powerful wizards. The leader of Sabertooth, however, was a mad man obsessed with strength.

If a member loses even once, they will be humiliated and kicked out of the guild. At one point, this tyranny became too much for the white dragon slayer, Sting, to handle, and he slayed the guild master and became the new master.

The new goal of the Sabertooth Guild is to become a fun guild just like Fairy Tail, and eventually surpass them and become the greatest wizard guild there is.

2. Tartaros

Tartaros - Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail

The second strongest guild in Fairy Tail is the dark guild Tartaros. This guild’s main members were all demons from Zeref’s book.

Each of the demon was capable of destroying cities by themselves. The battle against Tartaros was also probably one of the most difficult battles Fairy Tail has ever faced.

Tartaros dealt severe damage to Fairy Tail and almost wiped them out.

Due to their plan, the world was almost destroyed, but thanks to the interference of the Dragons, everybody was saved.

1. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail guild

Without any doubt, Fairy Tail is the number one, strongest guild in all of the Fairy Tail anime and manga series.

It has about 100 powerful wizards who are as close as family, with the strongest of bonds. Each member has a great sense of comradery and an unyielding spirit.

Time and time again, they have overcome obstacles that would have otherwise destroyed the world.

While they may cause trouble for the city, they are also the greatest protectors any kingdom could ask for.

It is also home to four dragon slayers, which is the highest number of dragon slayers in a single guild.

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That’s it for this post! These were the top 10 strongest guilds in Fairy Tail.

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