35+ Ugly Anime Characters Of All Time

Welcome to our intriguing compilation of the “35+ Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time.” In the vast anime world, we encounter a diverse range of characters, from charming to bizarre.

This collection showcases peculiar and unattractive characters with unique traits that leave lasting impressions. Join us on this peculiar journey through the world of anime’s less appealing side.

From villains to protagonists, meet characters with odd facial features and unconventional designs. Prepare to discover the peculiar, the bizarre, and the unforgettable in this captivating list of anime’s ugliest characters.

Note that this list is ranked in random order.

15+ Ugliest Female Anime Characters Of All Time

Melody (Hunter x Hunter)


Melody is one of the kindest and sweetest anime girls out there. But it is undeniable that she is also one of the ugliest looking female anime characters of all time.

Despite being fairly young, she has an unfortunate appearance with a bald head and protruding teeth. Due to the curse of the Sonata of Darkness, she lost her female charm.

Many fans and even characters from Hunter x Hunter think she is a middle-aged dude, only to be shocked to hear that she is a 20 year old girl.

Rem (Death Note)

Rem (Death Note) - ugliest anime female character

It is not fair to judge a shinigami according to human beauty standards. For starters, Rem is not even the same race as us humans. However, since she has a humanoid shape, it is impossible not to judge her by her looks.

At first, when the character was introduced, many fans assumed that it was a man. But it turns out that she is a female who is possibly one of the ugliest characters in the entire anime series.

Alvida – Pre Timeskip (One Piece)

Alvida (Pre Timeskip)

One Piece is the hope for hordes of ugly characters. Anyone and everyone other than the main characters is ugly looking. The same goes for a minor villain from the initial arc, Alvida.

However, this is only before timeskip. After timeskip Alvida becomes one of the most beautiful girls in One Piece thanks to her devil fruit ability.

Big Mom (One Piece)

Big-Mom - ugliest anime female character

Big Mom needs no introduction on the list of the ugliest female anime characters of all time. She was ugly as a child, became a hot teenager, and then became ugly once again in old age.

While most fans would still smash Big Mom’s teenage version, I think we can all agree that her middle aged and old age appearances are far from appealing.

Shinobu (One Piece)


Since we are talking about Ugly one piece characters, we might as well add Shinobu, whom I’m sure every male audience member will want to run away from.

Shinobu was a hot ninja girl 20 years ago, but time can be cruel. Especially if you are a girl in the One Piece anime. Shinobu lost all her female charms and became a sore sight for the eyes.

But she still believes that she has what it takes to bring men to their knees, which is even more repulsive.

Lola (One Piece)

lola - ugliest anime girl

Lola is one of Big Mom’s daughters, and I think we can agree that her appearance does justice to her lineage. While she is a kind woman, Lola is not good looking when it comes to appearance. The same goes for her sister, Chiffon.

Her face is bizarrely shaped, with oddly proportioned eyes and mouth. When you look at her, the last thing you would think is that she is just 24 years old. Because no matter how you look at her, she looks 50+ years old.

Kokoro (One Piece)


Like I mentioned before, all one piece girls age badly. But Kokoro is a different breed and the least appealing thing in all of fiction. She went from a beautiful mermaid to… well, you can see it in the above image yourself. Her appearance was so bad that Sanji wanted to erase his memories of her.

While I mean no offense, if I ever saw her in real life, I’m going to run the hell away from her. From her creepy smile to her oversized body, everything about her is ugly.

Catarina (One Piece)

Catarina - ugliest anime female character

Catarina Devon is a One Piece female character that doesn’t look like a female. As a matter of fact, she barely even looks human. While her body is in prime shape, her face is just off putting.

I know there are a lot of people who like tall and strong women, but even they’d feel gay after looking at Catarina’s manly looking face.

Witch of the Waste (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Witch of the Waste

“Howl’s Moving Castle” is a 2004 animated fantasy film based on Diana Wynne Jones’ novel. It stars Lauren Bacall, Jean Simmons, and Christian Bal. Josh Hutcherson has a small role too.

The film, which Toshio Suzuki produced and Toho distributed, has a Japanese voice cast and delights with snarky humor and silly character designs.

The antagonist, the Witch of the Waste, is determined to kill Howl, but Sophie proves her excellent witch skills and takes the lead in solving the prince’s murder mystery.

I simply dislike looking at her. Not for fat shaming, but her second chin resembles a fluffy scarf, making her appearance uncomfortable. When she breaks down, her chin multiplies, her face sweats, and wrinkles show up.

Bertha (Darker than Black)

Bertha - ugliest anime female character

I don’t know why evil old hags in anime look ugly af, but Bertha is in a league of her own. While she is a minor character with no significance, her appearance is one that will haunt you in your dreams.

What’s even worse is that she wears makeup as if it is helping her hide her distasteful appearance. I mean, why even bother at this point? If you’re going to look bad either way, why not take the easy route?

Elizabeth (Magi)


Elizabeth is a character designed to traumatize men. No, seriously. She has literally traumatized one of the main characters, Alibaba. Why? She works in a pleasure house. The last thing a person would bring to a pleasure house would be her.

She is big, muscular, and has the face of an ugly man. Definitely not “pleasure house” material.

Catherine (Gintama)

Catherine (Gintama) - ugliest anime female character

When talking about characters designed to be ugly, let’s focus on the ugliest cat girl of all time. Catherine is a cat burglar who is honestly one of the most bad looking cat girls in the world.

Especially because cat girls in anime are usually cute and adorable, Catherine deals a huge blow to weebs. She destroys the dreams of downbad weebs by just existing.

Phryne Jamil (Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?)

Phryne Jamil (Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?)

There’s this recurring pattern in anime where the ugliest female character thinks she is the most beautiful thing. This is delusion at its finest, but their ego definitely makes them uglier.

Phryne is a character who works in a pleasure house despite her bad looking appearance. However, she has a big ego and tries to dominate every other girl who is actually beautiful.

Ikumi Itou (Shiki)

Ikumi Itou (Shiki) - ugliest anime female character

In the anime series “Shiki,” Ikumi Itou is a compelling character from the quiet village of Sotoba.

Initially cheerful and friendly, she works as a nurse at the local clinic. But as mysterious deaths haunt the village, Ikumi’s character transforms.

She becomes involved in the investigations, displaying relentless determination to uncover the truth behind the epidemic.

Ikumi’s unwavering courage and resilience make her stand out amidst the horrifying events in Sotoba.

Despite the growing darkness, she remains a beacon of hope, inspiring others to stand against sinister forces.

Suika without glasses (Dr. Stone)

Suika without glasses (Dr. Stone)

Suika is without a doubt one of the cutest characters in all of Dr. Stone. But she is also the ugliest when her face turns into that of an old woman when she loses her glasses.

I know that the author did that for comedic purposes, but Suika’s looks definitely deserve a spot on this list regardless of how sweet her personality is.

Nendou’s Mom (The Disasterous Life Of Saiki K.)

Nendou’s Mom (The Disasterous Life Of Saiki K.) - ugliest anime girl

Nendou is an ugly looking muscular guy with a double chin. Now, Nendou’s mom is basically Nendou with a bit of makeup. I guess you can imagine why I’d list her on this list.

Nendou’s mom is literally nightmare fuel, and I don’t think anyone would identify her gender correctly if they had not watched the show.

20 Ugliest Anime Male Characters Of All Time

Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Gluttony, in a way, is kind of cute, but he’s a complete monster. He’s a bald character with a huge tongue who has an infinite appetite. He eats anything, including humans, which is fearsome.

He is one of the villains in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood who is somewhat overpowered. Sadly, though, he lacks the brains to use his powers to their fullest potential.

Ryuk (Death Note)

ryuk - ugliest anime male character

Ryuk is a shinigami from Death Note who is supposed to look scary. But instead, he just looks creepy and ugly. Seeing this apple-eating freak floating around is one of the creepiest things you could see.

However, he is not a human, so I guess it is not fair to add him to this list. After all, by human standards, most non-human things fall under the ugly spectrum.

Masao Murasako (Shiki)

Masao Murasako (Shiki)

When I first started reading this manga, I was astounded by the character’s appearance, which combined “ugly” and “rotten” traits.

He embodies a devilish persona, reflecting both his rotten feelings and actions. Hateful from within, he celebrates others’ deaths.

Based on “Vampire Hunters,” a Japanese horror manga, the story follows townspeople hunting the risen dead, including the comatose Shiki.

The vampires burn in the sun, and the underlying theme of survival makes the manga intriguing.

Marechiyo Omaeda (Bleach)

Marechiyo Omaeda (Bleach) - ugliest anime male character

Marechiyo Omaeda, from the anime Bleach, has black hair and eyes, a large mouth, and appears arrogant and dull.

He’s also lazy, often eating fried rice crackers, which leads to Captain Soifon scolding him for dropping crumbs in her hair.

As the vice-captain of the second squad, Omaeda is arrogant and gluttonous, yet loyal and obedient to his captain.

Buppa (Tokyo Tribe 2)

Buppa (Tokyo Tribe)

The main villain in Tokyo Tribe 2 and the live-action film is the obese crime lord, Buppa.

Portrayed by Daisuke Gori (the voice of Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z), Riki Takeuchi played Buppa in the live-action version.

Buppa possesses unique abilities, including shape-shifting and superpowers like heightened smell, powerful bow attacks, and levitation.

Bonolenov Ndongo (Hunter x Hunter)

Bonolenov Ndongo - ugliest anime male character

When a character covers their body from head to toe, they’re either hot or ugly. Our friend Bonolenov from Hunter x Hunter is the latter.

He’s hairless, missing teeth, skin, and bones, and built like a flute with parts of his body missing.

Not to mention, his eyes are also terrifying. Bonolenov is the kind of man who will terrorize people just with his nasty appearance.

Carnage Kabuto (One Punch Man)

Carnage Kabuto

In One Punch Man, oddball villains with interesting aesthetics appear. The final boss of season 1 resembles a Yu-Gi-Oh card.

Kabuto looks like a giant, steroid-injected cockroach but gets cool points when in carnage mode.

His base form is among the uglier characters, perhaps similar to the crab dude from episode 1.

Yoshinobu Kubota (Sakamoto Desu Ga?)

Yoshinobu Kubota - ugly anime boy

Yoshinobu’s appearance may not be my favorite, but everyone in the show pales compared to the all-powerful god Sakamoto.

Sakamoto’s attractiveness is undeniable; even Yoshinobu’s mom would probably love to go on a date with him.

Meanwhile, Yoshinobu himself is plain, no matter how you look at him. Well, at least he is not unsightly like the others on this list, so that’s something he could be proud of.

Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti (Re:Zero)

Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti

Petelgeuse’s appearance isn’t exactly charming. On the contrary, it is displeasing and omnious. His green bowl-cut and pale complexion are outdated, to say the least.

The bags under his eyes give a gruesome impression, and his habit of ripping out his skin is unsettling.

Taking care of your skin is important, but eating it is definitely a big no-no.

Ichiya (Fairy Tail)

Ichiya - ugly anime male character

Ichiya Vandalay from Fairy Tail is indeed an ugly anime character with a pig-like face and long orange hair.

Despite his self-proclaimed “awesome” powers, he is weak and foolish. Ironically, he believes he is attractive.

In contrast, Hibiki, his teammate, has a sexy appearance but is less intimidating. He’s awkward around women and cheesy.

Dodoria (Dragon Ball Z)


Dodoria is an ugly looking alien character from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Despite his appearance, he is quite powerful. He is one of the key members of the Frieza force that terrorized the Namekian planet.

This pink ball of terror is probably one of the most hideous-looking creatures in the entire series.

Pesci (JoJo Part 5)

Pesci - ugliest anime male character

The man lacks a jawline, making him look peculiar. Pesci is part of a killing unit with eccentric individuals (it’s JoJo, after all).

In contrast to Risotto and others with perfectly positioned joints, Pesci resembles an eggplant turned human.

Yet, in the world of JoJo, there’s probably a fan with his doujinshi and a poster on their wall.

Shigekiyo Yangu (JoJo Part 4)

Shigekiyo Yangu

Let me be honest: I really hate this guy’s appearance. He is tiny and has spiky bones in his head for some reason. Not to mention he’s always digging his nose, which is disgusting.

He resembles Dodoria but looks even worse because he’s not an alien. At least Dodoria handles himself like a cultured person, but Shigekiyo, nah, he has no manners.

His personality isn’t that great either. He is always crying, and his money-hungry attitude makes me want to look away.

Me-Mania (Perfect Blue)

Me-Mania (Perfect Blue) - ugly anime male character

Me-Mania, the secondary antagonist in the 1999 anime Mr. Perfect Blue, portrays an ugly reflection of modern obsession.

The character’s tragic backstory illustrates toxic entitlement that can grow like cancer.

Despite his shortcomings, the audience sympathizes with the main character throughout the film.

This creepy villain, who draws inspiration from a notorious child killer, has developed into a monstrous anime character.

His grotesque appearance and obsession with Joan of Arc add to his villainous persona.

Yuya (I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World)

Yuya (I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World)

Yuya is the main protagonist of the anime and is unattractive. Everyone around him treats him like trash because of that. The only person who loved him truly was his grandfather, who also passed away.

However, his grandpa left his house for Yuya, where he found a mysterious door that connected to another world. There, he gained special abilities, leveled up, and became one of the most handsome men in the series.

Amayo Jingoro (Basilisk)

Amayo Jingoro (Basilisk) - ugliest anime male character

The Amayo Jingoro Basilisk features unique characters with square faces and weird moustaches, lacking human beauty.

He resembles an ugly mutant when compared to a human. The plot centers on a feud between noble houses in Japan, where assassination attempts are made on the opposing house’s heir.

Orochimaru (One Piece)

Orochimaru - ugliest anime male character

If you’re thinking only female characters are ugly in one piece, think again. Because there are just as many unappealing male characters in the series.

Orochimaru is a fairly new character from the Wano arc of One Piece. He is a villainous character who is not only a coward but also a sly and traitorous man. This bald old man is the main reason for the entire country’s suffering.

This man is ugly both on the inside and outside.

Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)


Here’s the final ugly One Piece anime character on this list. Black Beard is potentially the main villain of the entire One Piece series, but at this point in time, he has only played a small role in the series. However, even that is good enough to see the threat he possesses.

Teach is a traitor who is responsible for the deaths of two of the most beloved characters in the series. He is a lowlife who steals everything he wants. To match his attitude, his looks are also terrible.

Hajime Sokotani (Platinum End)

Hajime Sokotani (Platinum End) - ugliest anime boy

Hajime is probably one of the most underrated and ugly anime characters of all time. Platinum End is an anime and manga created by the legendary author responsible for Death Note.

However, this manga fell short, and fans didn’t quite enjoy the plot as much as they enjoyed Death Note. Regardless, this man, Hajime, is one of the key characters in the series.

He is born ugly and has a deep hatred for his appearance and himself. However, after he gains godly powers, he changes his appearance and makes himself into a hot stud.

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