A Ranking of the 15+ Strongest One Piece Villains

One Piece has some of the most memorable villains in popular fiction. From diabolical scientists to nefarious warlords, this list dives into the depths of what it means to be a true villain in the world of One Piece. Ranked by strength, find out who stands out from the rest as the deadliest nemeses amongst them.

Before we jump into the listing, it should be noted that the characters are ranked based on my personal opinion of their strength. This is not an official ranking, so feel free to comment down your opinion on it as well.

16 Most Powerful Antagonists In One Piece, Ranked

  1. Blackbeard
  2. Kaido
  3. Akainu
  4. Big Mom
  5. Katakuri
  6. Enel
  7. Magellan
  8. Doflamingo
  9. Moria
  10. Caesar Clown
  11. Hody Jones
  12. Crocodile
  13. Rob Lucci
  14. Buggy the Clown
  15. Orochi
  16. Arlong

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16. Arlong

arlong - one piece villains

Arlong the Saw is a powerful fishman who threatened the island of Cocoyashi several years ago. He was a ruthless, ambitious pirate captain who was evil to the core.

He managed to establish himself as the sole ruler of the island and extorted the villagers. Arlong’s power was impressive, and he used it to abuse innocent people like Nami.

Ultimately his reign came to an end at the hands of Luffy who defeated him in an epic battle.

15. Orochi

Orochi - one piece villains

As the leader of the land of Wano, Orochi is one of the politically powerful characters in One Piece.

Although he is weak in combat compared to other villains, his overwhelming authority and political prowess make up for it. He rules over Wano Country with an iron fist, proving to be an incredibly formidable opponent even to Straw hats.

Despite being largely overlooked as a threat due to his reliance on others, Orochi’s leadership skills and ambition combine with Kaido’s forces pushed him above the rest as one of the strongest antagonists in One Piece.

14. Buggy the Clown

Buggy the Clown

Once a member of Gol D. Roger’s Pirate crew, Buggy the Clown has become one of the greatest pirate captains in history.

He is known for his incredible ability to divide his body into separate parts. He uses his powers to terrorize anyone who stands in his way.

Wielding a deadly knife, Buggy is incredibly powerful and skilled fighter that nobody should take lightly.

Although he has not appeared as much in recent arcs, Buggy remains one of the most dangerous villains in One Piece. He might just be a clown, but he is not someone to be underestimated. Because his luck is truly something else.

13. Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci, the most powerful member of Cipher Pol Number 9, was incredibly formidable.

He had extraordinary strength and training in six powered styles and mastered the Rokushiki technique.

Rob Lucci displayed shocking speed and agility with the Soru and Tekkai techniques. His Kenbunshoku Haki gave him perfect perception and timing. His mastery of fighting earned him respect from both allies and enemies alike.

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12. Crocodile

Crocodile - one piece villains

Formerly known as Mr. 0, Crocodile was the third strongest Warlord of the Sea, behind only Whitebeard and Kaido. He is a notoriously calculating, cunning and ruthless criminal.

He is as brilliant in battle as he is in Plotting, making him one of Luffy’s toughest adversaries during his journey through the Grand Line. In fact, Crocodile had to be defeated twice by Luffy before finally giving up his evil ways and falling out of grace with the World Government.

11. Hody Jones

Hody Jones

Hody Jones was the captain of the Fish-man Pirates and an enemy of both the Shichibukai and the Straw Hats.

He heavily relied on aggression and military might, evident with his command over a large number of fish-men. He was driven by fanatical racialism, believing himself to be above all other races (including other fish-men).

Despite falling short in battle against Luffy, he is a clever and resourceful commander who could have easily posed a greater threat if not for his foolish pride.

10. Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown - one piece villains

Caesar Clown is one of the key characters in the One Piece universe as a villain. He created the SMILE fruits, which have repeatedly caused agony to a lot of people.

He had ties with Doflamingo, and worked for Kaido indirectly.

Caesar is a genius scientist who would do anything to create what he wants, no matter how evil the means.

His devil fruit ability is also nasty, making him able to poison the air and be invulnerable to normal physical attacks.

However, after Luffy defeated him, he showed his good side as a scientist. He gave advice to Chopper to not care about the side effects of a drug on himself, when the lives of his friends are on the line.

9. Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria is a powerful pirate who was formerly one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He commands an entire crew of zombies. As a scientist, he has made several changes to his own body parts, making him very hard to kill.

Gecko Moria has the ability to manipulate shadows and create zombies. He has managed to survive numerous battles with acclaimed pirates such as Shanks and Whitebeard.

Gecko Moria battled Luffy on Thriller Bark and managed to give him a run for his money before eventually being defeated.

8. Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo - one piece villains

Donquixote Doflamingo is one of the most loved villains in One Piece. He has gained immense strength through his unique devil fruit that helps him manipulate strings. He is a former celestial dragon, who is now an enemy of the celestial dragons and the world government.

His power allows him to manipulate threads of strings. But as a person he manipulates emotions as well and let people dance in the palm of his hand.

He had a level of control few have achieved until Luffy arrived and put a dent in his plans.

Not to mention, he also commands the powerful group “Donquixote Pirates.” He can form an indestructible string cage with which to corner his enemies. He’s certainly a formidable opponent and difficult to defeat!

7. Magellan


Magellan became the warden of Impel Down after Mr. 1 was promoted to Head Jailer, wherein he often denied inmates appeals for pardons.

He is also a formidable fighter that carries tremendous strength and Haki mastery. He has an ability to emit poison from his body. The poison can quickly spread throughout areas and sicken or even kill enemies.

When pushed to the limits, he was able to endure intense battle damage and overpower Luffy in their battle.

6. Enel

Enel - one piece villains

Enel is one of the most powerful antagonists in all of One Piece. He held the highest title that any sky-based inhabitant could have – God.

He was informed and experienced with the powers of weather and lightning manipulation. His devil fruit ability could easily defeat several big names in the series.

Unfortunately, he had to fight against Luffy who is literally a rubber man who is immune to lightning.

A former ruler of Skypiea, he strikes fear into anyone who opposes him and puts an impressive fight against even Luffy himself. Truly a fierce villain!

5. Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri is one of the strongest antagonists in One Piece. He is a member of the Charlotte Family, one of the Four emperors of the sea.

He’s incredibly strong, being able to make up for Big Mom’s deficiencies during her raid on Totland.

His most impressive feat was definitely when he fought Luffy. It was an intense clash that almost ended with Luffy having no chance against him. Honestly speaking, Luffy did not actually have a chance. Katakuri gave him several chances on purpose which ultimately ended with Luffy growing stronger.

Katakuri even has Busoshoku Haki mastery, observation haki and a devil fruit ability which allows him to manipulate his body down to its atomic level, making him almost impervious to attacks!

4. Big Mom

Big-Mom - one piece villains

Charlotte Linlin, otherwise known as Big Mom is widely regarded as one of the strongest characters in One Piece. She is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates.

With immense power from both her Devil Fruit abilities along with size and brute strength, she has caused destruction and chaos across many locations.

She is also known for having strong bonds with her children and family. The top officials of her pirate group are her family members, making it much more difficult for anyone to stand against her.

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3. Akainu


Akainu is one of the Fleet Admirals of the Marine organization and is by far the strongest villain in One Piece affliated with the Government.

His ruthless and merciless attitude paired with his near monopoly on powerful magma abilities make him a formidable enemy. He forced Luffy to resort to extreme and desperate measures in order to save Ace. Sadly, Luffy failed to save Ace and could’ve even died at the hands of Akainu if not for the allied pirate members.

Akainu is also known for single-handedly defeating Ace, one of the biggest threats to the Marines.

2. Kaido

Kaido - one piece villains

Kaido, also known as the Beast of the Sea, is one of the strongest villains in all of One Piece.

As a Yonko, he sits on top of the entire underworld ruling over many fearsome pirates.

Boasting immense power, Kaido is notorious for being nearly indestructible and wields unimaginable strength through the use of his Devil Fruit abilities.

He has clashed with some of the series’ greatest heroes and has established himself as one of the most powerful villains in all of One Piece.

All said, I’m only ranking him number 2, because he fights fair and square. He has his own rules, and he does not do anything underhanded. After all, what he wants is to get defeated in the first place. He lacks the despration or motivation to achieve anything.

Compared to him, Blackbeard would use any dirty tricks to win. Therefore he is far more dangerous in my opinion, so I’m ranking him number 1.

1. Blackbeard

Blackbeard - one piece villains

Blackbeard, or Marshall D. Teach, is a long-time fan-favorite villain in One Piece. He was introduced as a chill guy, but he eventually showed his true colors. He is easily one of the coldest and merciless character in the anime.

Blackbeard has betrayed and backstabbed several people in order to become the strongest pirate he is now.

His immense strength and venomous personality make him the perfect One Piece antagonist.

Teach has acquired the powers of two formerly-strong Devil Fruits – one giving him the ability to create shockwaves and tremors, while the other grants him control over darkness.

With this, Blackbeard has become one of the most powerful characters in the series and a notorious threat to Luffy and his crew.

That’s it for this article. These are the top 16 powerful antagonists in One Piece, ranked according to their strength.

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