Solo Leveling Anime Release Date, Studio, Trailer And Cast

Today, we have some exciting anime news to share with all of the anime and manhwa fans around the world. Solo leveling is getting an anime adaptation and will be released next year (2024).

We all know that Solo Leveling is the most popular manhwa ever created, and it was the first to establish manhwa’s massive global popularity.

As fans of both manhwa and anime, we are all eagerly anticipating the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling.

At the anime convention, the industry panel for Crunchyroll said that Solo Leveling will be made into an anime series in 2024.

People went crazy after hearing this news and wanted to know everything about it, including the studio, director, music, and so on.

So don’t be concerned; you’ve arrived at the right place. This article contains all of the informative news about the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling.

We will discuss its release date, trailer, studio, producer, staff, cast, and characters in this article.

Here you can also find out the streaming platform where you can watch the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling with ease.

So without any delay, let’s discover all the informative news about the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling.

About Solo Leveling

what is solo leveling

Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel written by Chugong that was first serialized in the digital comics of Kakao in 2016.

It is also popularly known by its other translated name, Only I Level Up.

Following the success of this web novel, Solo Leveling will be adapted into a webtoon or manhwa.

Dubu, the CEO of Redice Studio, was chosen to be the series’ illustrator, illustrating the entire manhwa.

D & C Media published the Solo Leveling Manhwa, which consisted of five volumes released between 2018 and 2022

Solo Leveling quickly became the best and most popular manhwa of all time after the release of its very first volume.

Because of its excellent plot, incredible fighting sequences, and beautiful background, Solo Leveling Manhwa also set a new standard for other manhwa series.

It is also one of the first manhwa series that perfectly depicted the true beauty of manhwa.

That is why it was able to establish the enormous popularity of manhwa in all countries around the world.

The Release Date of the Anime Adaptation of Solo Leveling 

Best Manga like solo leveling

Crunchyroll’s Industry Panel announced an anime adaptation of Solo Leveling Manhwa on Sunday at the Anime Expo.

They also revealed the names of some of the Solo Leveling anime’s officials, such as its animation studio, producer, and trailer.

The Solo Leveling anime will be released in January 2024, and it will be broadcast on Crunchyroll

We hope that the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling receives as much praise and love from fans as the Solo Leveling Manhwa got.

After hearing this good news, all Solo Leveling fans are wondering how their favorite characters will look in the anime.

They can’t fully enjoy the fighting scenes in the Solo Leveling Manhwa, but they will enjoy incredible fighting scenes with great visuals in anime.

Plot Overview

solo leveling plot

Solo Leveling is an action and adventure series containing a lot of mysterious and magical creatures.

It takes place in a fictitious world where everything is going well until a massive gate appears in their world.

This gate acted as a portal between the human world and the mysterious world full of dungeons and monsters.

After that, Human life took a drastic turn for the worse ever since the gate was opened.

To combat these monstrous or magical beings, humans have gained extraordinary power and become hunters.

Sung Jin-Woo is a 21-year-old young man who is also the MC of the series.

He had also joined the hunter’s association to earn money, which he used to pay his mother’s high medical expenses

Despite being a weak and low-ranking hunter, he gave it his all to hunt down the monsters.

When he went on a mission as usual, a strange and unfortunate series of events occurred to him that got him almost killed.

This event transformed him into the world’s most powerful hunter, and he also gains an enormous number of superpowers.

Cast, Characters & Staff in Solo Leveling

Cast, Characters & Staff in Ore dake Level Up na Ken

1. Who Are The Voice Actors For Solo Leveling?

At the time of the announcement, officials did not reveal who would be the voice actors for the characters in the Solo Leveling anime.

However, we can expect them to reveal it as soon as the anime project progresses.

Which Studio Will Animate Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation?

As of today, it is confirmed that the studio that will be animating solo leveling is A-1 pictures.

A-1 Pictures is the studio that has animated several hit anime series like Sword Art Online, Your Lie In April, Fairy Tail, Kaguya sama love is war in addition to several other high rated anime.

Seeing their past work, we can be assured that the animation of solo leveling will not be butchered. So, we expect a satisfactory work from this accomplished studio.

Who Are The Other Staff Of The Anime Adaptation?

The sources reveal the series’ directors, scriptwriter, character designer, producer, studio, and music artist.

The official staff of the Solo Leveling anime are listed below.

StudioNotable Works
A-1 PicturesSword Art Online, Your Lie In April, Fairy Tail, Kaguya sama love is war
ProducerNotable Works
AniplexSpy x Family, Demon Slayer, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, FMAB
DirectorNotable Works
Nakashige ShunsukeMegami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun, Sword art online: Alicization
Script WriterNotable Works
Kimura NoboruKemono Jihen, Kyoukai Senki
Character DesignNotable Works
Tomoko SudouFragtime, Imawa no kuni no Alice
MusicNotable Works
Hiroyuki Sawano86, Attack on Titan

Solo Leveling Trailer 

Crunchyroll’s industry panel has announced the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling, along with its official trailer. The trailer also includes the names of Solo Leveling officials. The Solo Leveling trailer is quite impressive and visually appealing. We can tell how good the anime adaptation will be just by watching the trailer.

In the Solo Leveling trailer, you can see the main character of the series and also some powerful monstrous beings. The animation of the series also looks very glamorous and fine, which you will definitely like.

Where will you watch Solo Leveling Anime?

Crunchyroll is the one who announced the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling, so we’ll be watching it there. You will have no trouble watching this amazing series on Crunchyroll in 2024. So just wait until the end of 2023 to watch your favorite Solo Leveling anime in 2024.


I hope this article has answered all of your questions. So you now have all of the information about the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling, as well as the series’s official staff names. You can also get a sense of the series and how good it looks by watching the Solo Leveling trailer. So be ready for 2024 to watch your favorite Solo Leveling manhwa adapted into anime.

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  3. I must say, Solo Leveling is an entertaining read with a unique premise that sets it apart from other RPG/MMO-style manga. The character development is solid, and the protagonist’s journey from a weakling to a powerful force is quite engaging. Although the story has its moments, there are times when it can feel a bit repetitive. The art is undoubtedly impressive, and it adds to the overall appeal of the series. It’s definitely worth checking out for fans of action, fantasy, and adventure.

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