Top 20 Manga About Reincarnation You Must Read (No Anime Adaptations)

Isekai is a popular genre in the anime and manga community. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at a subcategory of isekai mangas– reincarnation manga.

The Otaku world is full of different types of amazing manga. Each comes with an interesting theme, which has the ability to slowly pull you into the world the mangaka has created.

The process of creating a manga isn’t an easy road, and the first big hurdle is coming up with an idea on which your story will be based.

Imagine the Pope passing away in this world and then being reincarnated in another world where he is a member of a Korean Boy Band. Interesting, isn’t it?

The concept of reincarnation is quite an amazing one, but only if done in the right way.

What is Reincarnation?

Now for those who have no idea about reincarnation, let me explain it to you in short. Reincarnation is a mysterious process whereby a person’s life continues after their death, as they are reborn in a parallel world or in a different time period.

The person has memories of their past life, and now they can use those past experiences to live this new life in a better way. Isn’t that amazing?

The reincarnation genre is slowly climbing up to the levels of Shonen and Shoujo. The otaku seem to love the concept of manga with reincarnation, and so it keeps growing.

We have a list of 20 manga on reincarnation for you, the ones who don’t have an anime adaptation yet. So, grab a drink and some chips and bear with us till the end.

List Of The Greatest Reincarnation Manga Without Anime Adaptation

  • Accidentally Summoned (Oops, Sorry)
  • Isekai Tensei Soudouki
  • Zense Coupling (Past Life Coupling)
  • Spirit Circle
  • The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady
  • Farming Life in Another World
  • Yakuza Reincarnation
  • Villainess Level 99: I Maybe the Hidden Boss but I’m not the Demon Lord
  • A Veterinarian in a Another World
  • Jigokuren: Love in Hell
  • The Wrong Way to use Healing Magic
  • Tsuyokute New Saga
  • Handyman Saitou in Another World
  • Am I Actually the Strongest
  • Loner Life in Another World
  • I Shall survive using Potions
  • The Death Mage who doesn’t wants a Fourth Time
  • Oshi no Ko
  • The Great Cleric
  • Re: Monster

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20. Accidentally Summoned (Oops, Sorry)

Accidentally Summoned (Oops, Sorry)

So, we humans think that we are imperfect beings and our creator god is someone who can never make mistakes, right?

Well, that’s a different case in this story where God himself accidentally kills a boy.

After this grave mistake by the creator, the kid is reborn into another world as royal noble family.

Sho, being a curious kid, sneaks into his father’s library and discovers that this world is full of magic and magicians.

He goes on to try out some magic spells, and is shocked that inside him he has tremendous magic potential.

Here, he can control and use all the elements of nature to his will. Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya Gomen), also known as Accidentally Summoned (Oops, Sorry), is one of the best manga about reincarnation.

19. Isekai Tensei Soudouki

Isekai Tensei Soudouki manga

All humans have a soul inside them, which is like the spirit power of the body, while the body is like a vessel to contain the soul and interact with reality.

Now what if one person has multiple souls? The protagonist, Bard Cornelius, is a son of the king of Mauricia, a kingdom which resides in a parallel world to the original.

The crazy fact about this story is that there are two other souls reincarnated into the body of Bard. So in total there are three souls inside his body.

Talk about multiple personality disorder. One of the souls reincarnated inside Bard’s body is a mysterious samurai named Oka Sanai.

The other one is Oka Masaharu, an otaku who is still in high school, and he has a thing for kawaii animal ears.

Also known as Muti Mind Mayhem, this is one of the best mangas about reincarnation because it doesn’t have a normal reincarnation story.

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18. Zense Coupling (Past Life Coupling)

Zense Coupling (Past Life Coupling)

This manga about reincarnation is a very soft romcom story, which is based on four couples who have been reincarnated.

This manga is a treat for Isekai fans who like love stories. This is a cute manga that delivers four love stories that take place in the same universe.

The main plot of the story is that these couples knew each other in their past lives in one way or the other.

It’s a very character-centric story with less attention on side characters. Second chances to complete your love story are always beautiful.

Zense Coupling delivers this wholesome story amazingly with its beautiful art.

17. Spirit Circle

Spirit Circle - best manga about reincarnation

Fuuta Okeya is a high school student who looks like a normal kid but has the paranormal ability to see spirits and ghosts with his naked eyes.

One of the striking things about Fuuta is his birthmark, which he hates and completely covers with a bandage.

A girl named Kouko transfers to Fuutas’s class. She happens to have a mark on her forehead.

The abnormal thing is that Kouko has a tall ghost accompanying her to the class.

They become friends eventually, and then, as he trusts her, Fuuta reveals his birthmark.

This shocks Kouko, and she tells him that he is her enemy from the past life, and the mark is where she has cursed him in the past life.

Kouko suddenly attacks a very confused Fuuta with a mysterious object.

This manga with reincarnation has the power to pull you into its story and keep you hooked.

16. The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

The story starts in another world, where a young girl named Anisphia is a princess who belongs to a royal family.

One day, Princess Anisphia regains the memory of her past life, which inspires and motivates her to live her life the way she wants.

The world is full of magic, and despite being a royal, Anisphia still can’t use magic.

The inability to control and use magic has tarnished the reputation of her family, but despite the shortcomings, Princess Anisphia has learnt to research it.

She embarks on a journey with Euphyllia, who is the daughter of a duke. They start learning more about magicology, which changes their lives completely.

This manga with reincarnation holds control of its story, and the art is a cherry on the cake. You can also read the light novels if you love to just read.

15. Farming Life in Another World

Farming Life in Another World

This manga about reincarnation starts with the death of a Middle Aged Office Worker named Hiraku, when he dies because of the serious disease and happens to meet the God himself.

This leads to God asking him if he wants to be reincarnated into a new world and that he can choose to be born the way he wants.

This makes Hiraku excited, and he asks God to reincarnate him as a farmer in this new world.

God agrees and sends him to this fantasy world of his choice. This is a laidback manga where Hiraku then continues to live his new life, ploughing, cutting, chopping, and planting vegetables on his farm.

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14. Yakuza Reincarnation

Yakuza Reincarnation manga

Japan is the only country where a Yakuza operates and we all know just how badass and cool Yakuza are. This story is about an old yakuza member, Ryu, who was very famous during his time in the underworld.

Being a Yakuza is cool but equally dangerous, as one day, a rival gang attacks Ryu’s yakuza gang. Ryu dies in this gang war.

After losing his life, Ryu wakes up in a fantasy world inside the body of this world’s princess.

The Ancient Prophecy spoke of a powerful woman who would save their world, and Ryu happens to reincarnate into her body.

Despite being out of place, Ryu still has to save this alternate world he was reincarnated into.

This manga about reincarnation and Yakuza is one of the best mangas out there and will soon get an anime adaptation.

13. Villainess Level 99: I Maybe the Hidden Boss but I’m not the Demon Lord

Villainess Level 99 I Maybe the Hidden Boss but I’m not the Demon Lord

There is an RPG game taking place in the Varschein Kingdom, where people with dark hair are seen as abnormal beings.

Eumiella is a count’s daughter. The kingdom’s people hate her because of her dark hair.

She is the second lead in the manga. Soon, Eumiella starts regaining her past life’s memories when she was just five years old.

This keeps happening till she is an adult and she discovers everything about her past life where she resided in Japan.

She starts practicing her rare dark magic skills, and when she enrolls in the kingdom’s magic academy, everyone is shaken up when they see her perfect magic score.

Eumiella soon becomes unbeatable in brawls and magic battles. She starts to attract plenty of attention from the kingdom towards her.

The OG female character of the story starts thinking that Eumiella is a Demon Lord. If you need a good manga with reincarnation, you should check this one out!

12. A Veterinarian in a Another World

A Veterinarian in a Another World

A veterinarian named Shingo Kazami is reincarnated into a fantasy world filled with magic, potions, monsters, and weirdly beautiful animals.

The Prince of this alternate world says that he summoned Shingo to help his people fight diseases and save the animals.

Being a mere vet, Shingo gets flustered and worries about how he is going to solve this problem.

He tries to become a hero for this new world and starts developing medicine and does his best to help save this new world.

This manga about reincarnation is not something you expect most of the time. But it’s a wholesome story if you are into animals and magic.

11. Jigokuren: Love in Hell

Jigokuren Love in Hell - reincarnation manga

Imagine how scary it would be if you died one day and woke up in Hell. This is exactly what happened to our protagonist.

Rintaro Senkawa is a middle-aged man who has a drinking problem, which eventually leads to his death one night.

When Rintaro wakes up in Hell, he meets a cute and sexy guide named Koyori. She is a guide who is a devil from Hell.

Koyori asks Rintaro to take his sins from his past life seriously or he will be punished by the devils of hell.

There is a bit of ecchi sprinkled in this story, and if you need a manga with reincarnation but with some twists and turns, then this is perfect for you.

10. The Wrong Way to use Healing Magic

The Wrong Way to use Healing Magic

Usato, the hero of this manga, is reincarnated into this new world by accident, into this world filled with fantasy and magical beings where he feels clueless.

Slowly, as time passes, Usato finds out that he is capable of producing healing magic. This type of magic is very rare in this fantasy world.

The use of healing magic is to heal people and other beings back to their original form.

Usato is forced to join the rescue team, where he is trained with the other members. He keeps learning the wrong way to use healing magic.

This manga is filled with comedy, fights, and some wholesome moments.

9. Tsuyokute New Saga

Tsuyokute New Saga - best manga about reincarnation

A world invaded by demons, where our hero destroys them one by one with his comrades.

Kyle Lenard, our MC, kills the Demon Lord and brings eternal peace to the land. But the aftermath of the battle isn’t good as Kyle’s comrades are dead and he is the only survivor left.

Slowly, he loses his consciousness and is reincarnated back in time to a period where he can start planning the battle in a better way.

Kyle meets his friends and explains his situation to them. He then goes on to create a masterplan to defeat the demons without losing his comrades.

A Man back reincarnated back to the past from the future, now that’s an amazing concept for manga with reincarnations.

8. Handyman Saitou in Another World

Handyman Saitou in Another World

Saitou is our ordinary handyman who has no value in the real world, but he is reincarnated in this parallel world where his skills are important to people.

In the past, from where Saitou transferred, he didn’t earn respect from people because of his profession, but here he slowly starts to understand how it feels when a person is needed and valued by people.

The Handyman Saitou is getting an anime adaptation, which was announced recently. Before that, make sure you enjoy this wholesome manga.

7. Am I Actually the Strongest

Am I Actually the Strongest - best manga about reincarnation

This story is based in a magical world where people use magic and use it to battle and earn a livelihood.

Hurt is reincarnated into this new world as a child of the prince of the kingdom. Being born into a royal family, Hurt was expected to have a powerful magic level since he was born.

But when they discovered he had very low magic inside him, he was left alone crying in a forest.

The people had no idea that the reason they couldn’t measure his magical powers was because they were off the radar.

He was bestowed with enormous magical power which was 10,000 times more powerful than the normal magician.

If you have been looking for a magical manga with reincarnation, then “Am I Actually the Strongest” should be in your top 10.

6. Loner Life in Another World

Loner Life in Another World

Haruka, a high school student who spends most of his time alone in his own company, is one day reincarnated into a new magical world with all of his classmates.

Now a magical god appears in front of them and asks them to choose the magical skills they need to survive in this world.

Haruka ignores this part and is later left with little to nothing to choose from, as he thought he would choose a skill later.

He goes on the adventure alone, just like he survived in his real world.

Later, he finds out that his classmates are in danger and decides to save them without using the cheat magic.

He turns into a completely different person as the story unfolds. This manga is a wholesome one.

5. I Shall survive using Potions

I Shall survive using Potions

A higher being who seemed to be cleaning up the space distortion kills our MC, Kaoru Nagase.

He is reincarnated into a younger girl’s body in a new world. The death of Kaoru was very sudden and she misses being at her real home, but now that she is into this New World she tries to figure out the ways to move on and live this new life.

Soon after Kaoru finds out that she can create potions of any kind with her gifted ability, she proceeds to use this skill as a way to survive and help people.

This is one of the most wholesome mangas about reincarnation. As the story goes on, you start feeling happy for Kaoru.

4. The Death Mage who doesn’t wants a Fourth Time

The Death Mage who doesn’t wants a Fourth Time

The lead character of the manga, Amamiya Hiroto, is the unluckiest person in the whole universe.

He has been reincarnated a total of three times, and all of them have ended tragically.

He lost his first life while saving a girl from his class during a school boat trip. After this, he meets the god of reincarnation, who gifts him a new life for his heroic deeds.

However, even in his second life, where he had this huge amount of magical power, it ends on a bad and cruel note.

He meets the God again and god informs him that he will be reincarnated again as it can’t be stopped.

Hiroto clearly didn’t want to live this third life. So, the God curses him before his birth in hopes that he may die early in his new life, he is then reborn as a half vampire and half dark elf. These beings are termed as “Dhampir.”

Now that Hiroto doesn’t want to have a fourth life, he continues to survive in this life with the things he received from his past two lives. Which was Magic of Death and Deadly Magical Powers.

3. Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko - best manga about reincarnation

This manga puts light on the real worlds of Japanese idols and how tragic their lives become after they become famous.

An idol’s manager usually controls them like a doll; they can’t seem to enjoy normal things.

There are many things they can’t do. One of them is having a relationship with another person, as this is considered a betrayal to the idol’s fans.

This crazy concept is the actual reality of J-Pop Idols and K-Pop Idols.

They are just mere dolls to these fan clubs.

The heroine of this story is Ai, who’s crazy fan stabs her because she was in a lovely relationship with someone.

The worst part is that when she was killed she was carrying twin babies. Soon both of the kids enter the story.

The male protagonist is a doctor who was reincarnated as his favorite idol’s child. He embarks on a journey to find out who killed his mother.

Meanwhile, the female MC wants to be an idol like her mother. This story will show you the sad life of idols.

If you were in search of a different manga about reincarnation, then this should be in your top 3.

2. The Great Cleric

The Great Cleric - best manga about reincarnation

In Japan, being a salary man is the most common profession. In this story, we have Luciel, our hero, who also works as a salary man.

One day, Luciel meets his death in unfortunate circumstances. Then, in the afterlife, he happens to meet the Goddess of the New World.

She showers some powerful abilities on Luciel before he enters the fantasy world called Galdardia.

In the second innings of his life, Luciel seems to be a very lucky person and decides to become a healer.

But the fact is that Galdardia is full of healers who are corrupt, bad, and the ones who differentiate against demi-humans.

This manga about reincarnation has a very strong concept, and we are sure you will love reading it.

1. Re: Monster

Re Monster - best manga about reincarnation

The manga “RE: Monster” tops our list because of the story and art it delivers.

It’s clearly the best manga about reincarnation out there, which has yet to get an anime adaptation.

The story starts when Tomokui Kanata, our protagonist, meets his unfortunate and cruel death.

Then he is reincarnated into a new world as Rou, who is a goblin of a weak race.

Rou still has clear memories from his past life. He is the only goblin who can gain power by eating, and he owns a mysterious tree.

Because he lost his life in the worst way, Rou wishes to have a peaceful life in this new world.

But the world he belongs to now is a place where it’s either you kill or be killed.

Will Rou survive this harsh world? Read Re: Monster to find out more about this story.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 20 manga series about reincarnation that has not recieved an anime adaptation yet. Hope you found something new to read!

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