Top 10 Manga Like Solo Leveling With Similar Plot/Main Characters

Every manga and manhwa reader would know this title: Solo Leveling! Anybody who has read it would naturally crave for more manhwa/manga like Solo leveling, because it is THAT good!! Which is why I’m writing this article to qwell the thirst of my fellow manga readers (^^)

Solo Leveling has become increasingly popular among modern day Manga/Manhwa fans and the need for an Anime adaptation is growing still. This Action/Fantasy genre South Korean web novel series is written by Chugong, illustrated by Dubu from Redice Studio and published by D&C Media.

It follows the story of protagonist Sung Jin-Woo after the appearance of “gates” that connect the world of monsters to humans. A small percentage of humanity known as ‘hunters’ have acquired special powers to defend their own. However, Sung Jin-woo is a member of the lowest rank of hunters and is extremely weak. But after completing all the trials in a rare dungeon, he reawakens as a “player”. Now capable of seeing quests, stats, inventory, store, levels and the unique ability to grow exponentially stronger, he sets off to become the strongest hunter yet.

Best Manga like solo leveling

Below is a list of our Top Ten picks for manga like Solo Leveling! If you’re a big fan of the series and are thirsty for more, then feel free to check these titles out while you wait for Solo Leveling’s next update. You might just find another favorite among these gems.

10. ‘Solo Bug Player’

solo glitch player - manhwa/manga like solo leveling

Protagonist Shin-Tae Pong remained the number one player in the game Paradiso for a decade. He suddenly dies while playing and wakes up as Jared Eucalates, a fat, no-name corrupted noble from Paradiso. However, armed with abundant game knowledge, he uses it to save himself from the war to come. The “Great Nasu War” will definitely trample many lives, thus he sets off on a journey to avoid his doomed fate. He is determined to save himself and his loved ones utilising all the skills, cheats and bugs at his disposal! In other words, he’s become the glitch player!!

Much like Solo Leveling, Paradiso has an ingame leveling system within which the protagonist gets everything done himself. The art style too is very similar.

9. ‘Versatile Mage’

Versatile Mage

Protagonist Mo Fan is your average middle school student. He soon finds himself in a parallel universe, with the very same neighborhood, but where magic and magicians are the norm. With a brand new slate, Mo Fan seizes the opportunity to learn magic arts and live a better life than his last in this parallel dimension.

Much like Sung Jin-Woo, Mo Fan is initially mocked for being useless but eventually gains powers unique to him. He reveals his newfound abilities to shock everyone around him. Sound familiar?

8. ‘Legendary MoonLight Sculptor’

Legendary MoonLight Sculptor

This is the story of main character Lee Hyun, who is unfortunately a slave to money. Formerly the legendary God of War of the popular MMORPG, Continent of Magic, he had to make a choice to help his debt-ridden family. He ends up auctioning his character, only to find that it is worth ₩3.1 billion.

You will find that this MC too gets strong until he becomes overpowered, all while avoiding the spotlight. The Leveling system is quite similar too!

7. ‘Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint’

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

This is the story of an ordinary businessman whose favorite comic comes to life. Kim Dokja struggles to comprehend his newfound reality while also trying to figure out how it happened. With the world at the brink of destruction, only he knows how it will end; all because he is the Omniscient Reader.

The artwork is largely similar to Solo Leveling in a world that drastically changes over time. In a sense, Dokja too is a “player” with an orthordox advantage!

6. ‘A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special’

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

“Now that I’m back, I won’t allow my loved ones to die again!”.

The Shadow Labyrinth is a catastrophe which caused mankind to dwindle down to just six survivors. Yet they fail when they attempt to clear the final level and the world seemingly ends. After that, the Protagonist Desir Arman of the six finds himself in their world thirteen years prior, following his supposed death. Back at the Havrion academy amidst his friends, he is offered another chance to save the world. With only three years remaining before the catastrophe, he must change the past with the aid of powerful allies.

The artwork, forbidden knowledge of the MC and fresh take on being overpowered will keep reminding you of Solo Leveling~

5. ‘Dungeon Reset’

Dungeon Reset

Set in a cruel dungeon that endlessly resets, each player possesses a video-game skill and a starting weapon. Here they are forced to fight monsters, scavenge supplies and survive surrounded by terrifying beasts and deadly traps. Above all, the player count goes down so fast until only a few are left. Following a failed reboot, protagonist Jung Daeun has acquired orthordox abilities and begins an overwhelming grind to complete the deadly dungeon.

Very similar to Solo Leveling, our MC has forbidden knowledge and you will find that the dungeon, gate and level up mechanics are vastly similar!

4. ‘Legend Of The Northern Blade’

Legend Of The Northern Blade

The resilient warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect have fought for decades to protect the world from the evil Silent Night. However, the fourth generation leader Jin Kwan-Ho gets accused of colluding with the enemy and is left with no choice but to disband the sect and commit suicide, all in order to protect his son Jin Mu-Won.

Very similar to Solo Leveling, Jin Mu-Won is quite overpowered and achieves praiseworthy development. You will find the story style and flow to be very as well.

3. ‘The Beginning After The End’

The Beginning After The End

This is the life story of the late King Grey following his untimely and mysterious death. Now reborn as Arthur Leywin, he is determined to correct his past mistakes in the new continent of Dicathen. This fantastic world is full of magic and mystical creatures.

You will find that this protagonist achieves growth very similar to Sung Jin-Woo in a  world full of magical beasts. The fantasy is ripe and exciting just like in Solo Leveling, so do not hesitate to give it a shot!

2. ‘Ranker Who Lives A Second Time’ – Manga Like Solo Leveling in terms of the MC

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time - manga like solo leveling with similar MC

Protagonist Yeon-woo’s twin brother disappeared 5 years ago and one day he finds a pocket watch which belonged to his brother. With it, a hidden diary revealed his brother’s life in the Obelisk: the Tower of the Sun God, a world where many universes and dimensions intersect. His brother was betrayed here and now Yeon-woo decides to climb the tower himself in search of the truth.

The Art and Stort style are largely similar to Solo Leveling and there are many parallels between the protagonists, in addition to wielding similar weaponry. Could Yeon-Woo be an alternate Sung Jin-Woo in your eyes?

1. ‘I Am The Sorcerer King’ – Manga like Solo leveling in terms of plot

I Am The Sorcerer King - Best Manga Like solo leveling

A decade before the story’s start, a monster horde appeared from a time-space rift and attacked mankind. Coincidentally, people began awakening new powers to fight back and started hunting monsters for fame and fortune.

Therefore, the protagonist Lee SungHoon takes up a dangerous job as a monster baiter for Hunters and is eventually injured on the job. He somehow starts recalling being the Sorcerer King Kratraus in his previous life. Equipped with these memories, he commences his overpowered magic show….

Just like Solo Leveling; the protagonist is overpowered, Hunters are running rampant and a strange rift connects humanity to the Monster world. What more is there to say?

Thus ends our picks for the Top Ten Manhwa/Manga like Solo Leveling~

There are plenty more out there with such unmissable parallels, just waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately all of them couldn’t be included here. Therefore we urge you to comment your favorite titles that we haven’t mentioned in this listing! We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found just the series you were looking for. Thanks for reading!

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