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Darwin’s Game Quotes

Awesome Darwin’s game quotes from the following characters:

Darwin’s Game is a survival anime like Future diary and Btooom! Sudo Kaname, a normal high school student gets dragged into the game of death called “Darwin’s Game.”

At first, he thought it was just a smartphone game, but later he painfully realized that the events of the game happen in real life.

The players of the game are given special powers called “sigil” based on their personality. With those powers, they’ll have to fight and defend themselves, participate in events, etc.

Sudo swore not only to survive the game, but also to find the creator such detestable game and put a bullet in their head.


Collection of Best quotes from Darwin’s Game:

Karino Shuka quotes

Darwin's game - Shuka quotes

If I didn’t want to die, I shouldn’t have been born, right?

~ Karino Shuka


Sudo Kaname quotes

Sudo Kaname quotes

Shut up. I do things my own way.

~ Sudo Kaname

Kashiwagi Rein quotes

Rein - Darwin's game quotes

What’s wrong with being on the run? That’s how I survived all this time.

~ Kashiwagi Rein


Darwin's game quotes - Rein

In the real world, running away is a far more common survival strategy than fighting.

~ Kashiwagi Rein


Darwin's game quotes - Rein

You refused to give up. You ran, ran and kept running. That’s why the opportunity appeared in front of you.

~ Kashiwagi Rein


Wang quotes

Darwin's game quotes - Wang

Death dilutes death. You’re in pain because you killed only one man.

~ Wang


Ximing quotes

D-game Ximing

It takes time to reel in a big fish. I believe it is key to make time an ally, not an enemy.

~ Ximing


Danjou quotes

Darwin's game quotes - Danjou

Without strength and principles, purpose are empty and will fade away.

~ Danjou


These were some of the best quotes from Darwin’s game. Hope you liked it. See you in the next post~

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