10+ Most Popular Female Characters From The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising Of The Shield Hero is one of the popular isekai animes where the MC is stuck in a fantasy world. Like every other isekai anime, this show also has a bunch of anime girls that play an important role in the series. Here is a list of the most popular Female Characters In The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

This anime has a variety of species, including some of the best beast girls in the show. Just to give you an idea, the main female character is a racoon, whereas the main antagonist of season 1 is a ghost girl. So yeah, this is going to be a colorful list!

Without further ado, here are the top 10 popular female characters in The Rising Of The Shield Hero.


Yomogi - Rising Of The Shield Hero Female Characters season 2

Yomogi Emral is one of the most recently introduced female characters in the Rising of the Shield Hero anime series.

She was the only friend of Kyo, the main antagonist of the second season. Despite the evil nature of Kyo, she has always treated him as a precious friend.

However, she was betrayed when Kyo set her up to explode along with the shield hero’s party. Even then, she was forgiving and trusted Kyo, as she believed his actions were done solely for the sake of saving the world.

But to her surprise, Kyo was never the hero she thought he would be. All he wanted was to destroy the world, and he used Kyo like a tool to achieve exactly that.

When she found out this, she joined the shield hero’s side and asked Naofumi to beat Kyo.

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Eclair is the daughter of Lord Seaetto and acts as the Queen’s right-hand woman. She is a valiant knight who is well versed in swordsmanship.

In the demi-human village, she acts as an instructor for the demi-human people who want to train in sword fighting. She is also in charge of the said village.

She has beautifully long, silky pink hair and an amazing hourglass figure. Being a noble kinght, she acts politely yet firmly.

However, as a person who has spent more time training her physical body, she is pretty inexperienced when it comes to using her wits in order to govern the demihuman village.

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Therese Alexanderite is one of the characters from the other world who invaded Naofumi’s world in order to kill the four cardinal heroes.

That said, she is not evil per se. She and her companions have to kill the cardinal heroes of Naofumi’s world in order to save billions of lives in their own world.

In the second season, when Naofumi and his party went to the other world, Therese was very welcoming and helped them, even though they were supposed to be enemies.

She belongs to a race of people who have a gem on their heads, which serves as a powerful magical reserve.

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Fitoria is the queen of the Filolial and one of the few characters who is one of the oldest in The Rising of the Shield Hero.

However, despite her age, she looks very young. She has the appearance of a teenage girl, but she does not have the spunk of a teenage girl.

Fitoria usually wears an emotionless face and acts all wise and condescending, which is befitting her power. However, later on, Naofumi found that she was just trying to be emotionless because she was deeply wounded by the death of her master.

After becoming friends with Naofumi and his party, Fitoria has helped them several times to overcome impossible situations.

At the same time, she has sworn to kill Naofumi and the other cardinal heroes if they do not find a way to work together. But in the meantime, she is Naofumi’s greatest ally.



Rishia is one of the side characters who ends up playing a vital role in Season 2 of The Rising of the Shield Hero.

She is a beautiful green haired girl who is from a poor noble family. In her past, she was kidnapped by loan sharks who unfairly tried to milk money from her parents.

Later, the bow hero Itsuki saved her and her family. She is eternally grateful to him and fell in love with him as a result of that incident.

In order to get close to Itsuki, she joined his party, but she was abandoned because she was too weak to be in his party.

After that, Naofumi recruited her to his party in order to help her become stronger.


Kizuna - Rising Of The Shield Hero Female Characters season 2

Kizuna is a “loli baba” (FYI, those are Naofumi’s words, not mine.) She is an ultra-cute, super-cheerful girl who has a lovable personality.

She is an adult who looks like a child, but that childish appearance does not mean she is weak by any means.

Both mentally and physically, she is very strong. Just like Naofumi, she was summoned from Japan to another world. After she completed her mission, which was to slay a dragon, she got caught by an enemy kingdom.

She was sealed inside the infinite labyrinth with no escape route.

Kizuna was sealed there for so long that she tried to kill herself once. However, her willpower was too strong for her to actually follow through with killing herself.

But because of that experience, she became a mentally strong person who never gives up.

Later on, Naofumi and Raphtalia get tricked into entering the infinite labyrinth, where they save Kizuna from her never-ending solitary prison.



Malty is one of the most infamous characters in The Rising Of The Shield Hero. Literally every viewer of the series hates her with passion because of what she did to Naofumi.

She is a princess of the kingdom into which Naofumi is summoned. However, they never intended to treat the shield hero with respect.

Aiding the king’s ploy, Malty acts pure and kind in order to get close to Naofumi. Once she got what she wanted, she falsely accused him of assault and made the entire kingdom hate Naofumi.

He literally went through hell because of her, and she deserves all the hate from the fans of the anime.


Mirelia - beautiful Rising Of The Shield Hero Female Characters

Mirelia Melromarc is the queen of the Melromarc nation. She is the mother of both Melty and Malty.

After learning of her husband’s and Malty’s unjust actions, she sided with justice but asked for Naofumi’s forgiveness in exchange for her life. She is just that noble.

Mirelia is one of the hottest female characters in all of The Rising of the Shield Hero, making her pretty popular among weebs that love mommy characters.


Melty - popular Rising Of The Shield Hero Female Characters

Melty is the second princess of the Melromarc kingdom and the little sister of Malty.

However, unlike Malty, she is a pure soul who is both polite and kind towards everyone. That said, she is still just a child and acts childish every now and then only when she is around Naofumi.

After becoming a part of Shield Hero’s party, she became very close with every member of the group. It wouldn’t be wrong to call her an extended member of Naofumi’s party.



Filo is the mood-setter of the shield hero’s party. She is easily the cutest female character in all of The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Filo belongs to the Filolials species. She is pretty much a giant bird, except she can talk, use magic, and cause incredible physical damage.

She can also take human form, where she transforms into an adorable little girl with blonde hair.

While she is easily one of the strongest members of the shield hero’s party, she is still just a child who has a lot to learn. She easily gets lonely when she is not with Naofumi and acts childish all the time.


Raphtalia - best Rising Of The Shield Hero Female Characters

Raphtalia is without a doubt The Rising of the Shield Hero’s most popular female character of all time.

We get introduced to her when she is nothing but a little girl who is being sold like an item by a slave merchant.

The MC, Naofumi, had to resort to buying slaves to survive the harsh realities he was facing. However, they bonded like father and daughter, at least from Naofumi’s perspective. Raphtalia is more interested in a romantic relationship, but he is oblivious to her feelings.

Now, they are the closest to each other, having saved each other countless times from both emotional and physical threats.

That’s it for this post! These are the top 10 most popular female characters from the Rising of the Shield Hero anime series.

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