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12 Awesome Beastars Quotes!

Awesome Beastars quotes from the following characters: Louis Legosi Haru Jack Gouhin Beastars is a one of a kind anime that was released last fall. It is about carnivores and herbivores trying to co-exist and the difficulties they face trying to do so. It also emphasizes that love can be formed between two different species…

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Best sites for reading Manga Online

Have you just discovered the world of Manga and are interested to dive into it? Or are you a veteran who’s looking for a better site to read manga on? If that’s the case, this post is for you. Here are some of the best sites for reading Manga online! Shonen Jump – Site To…

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Weeb Vocabulary! – Most commonly used Weeb words

This post is going to be way different than my usual ones. Instead of going with another anime/game recommendation, this time I thought I’ll do this: “weeb vocabulary”! So basically I’m going to talk about those Japanese words that we weebs often use in our conversation (for no particular reason, even though we could just say…

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JoJo Games: List Of The Best Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Games Of All Time

Jojo isn’t just an anime. It is a life style. If you couldn’t get enough of the anime, here are some awesome Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure games for you to enjoy!

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New Akira anime and 4K Remaster of the 1988 Film!

Akira is a famous post-apocalyptic cyberpunk film of 1988, that was directed and written by Katsuhiro Otomo sensei, and produced by TMS Entertainment. It had a production budget of 1.1 billion yen which made it the most expensive anime of its time. Despite the decades of gap, Akira is still popular and distinguished for its…