12 Awesome Beastars Quotes!

Awesome Beastars quotes from the following characters:

  • Louis
  • Legosi
  • Haru
  • Jack
  • Gouhin

Beastars is a one of a kind anime that was released last fall. It is about carnivores and herbivores trying to co-exist and the difficulties they face trying to do so.

It also emphasizes that love can be formed between two different species regardless of their differences, which is beautifully described by the story of a carnivore wolf, “Legosi”, falling in love with a dwarf rabbit, “Haru.”

Despite its looks, this anime is pretty mature and has deep, meaning quotes. So, here are some quotes from Beastars that I found really amazing. Enjoy!

Some of the best Beastars quotes

Louis Quotes

Louis sayings

Rather than begrudging others, improve yourself.

– Louis

Top 12 Beastars quotes - Louis

Are you saying that you can’t fight your wild side? Are you saying that it bothers you?

– Louis

Beastars Louis

Why won’t you take responsibility for your own strength?

– Louis

Legosi Quotes

sad Beastars Legosi quotes

I’m used to suppressing my feelings. I even learned how to fake a smile.

– Legosi


That’s right, I just need to go back to how I used to be.

– Legosi

sad Legosi quote

I don’t really know about girls. I mean, I’ve never been in a relationship.

– Legosi

Legosi quotes - Beastars

I think being able to really feel pain is a good thing. I couldn’t take all the anguish and started pretending to be use to it. It takes strength to stay frustrated like you.

– Legosi


I’m tired of running away.

– Legosi

sad Legosi quote

Just me getting depressed, picking myself back up, living in the shadows… Yesterday was the first day in my life I felt like that wasn’t enough.

– Legosi

Haru Quotes

Haru quotes - Beastars

We’re all weak here. We have to support each other.

– Haru

Jack Quotes

Jack - Awesome Beastars quotes

Everyone has their species decided for them at birth, so everyone wants a purpose they can accept.

– Jack

Gouhin Quotes

Gouhin Beastars quotes

Don’t run! The more righteous your actions, the harder they’ll be on you.

– Gouhin

So that’s it fellas. These are some of the best Beastars quotes that I could find while watching the show. Hope you liked it. See you in the next post!

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