One Piece Jolly Rogers Ranked!

Today I’m going to rank One Piece Jolly Rogers, starting with the lamest looking one to the most badass one.

A Jolly Roger is a pirate flag that carries the symbol of the pirate crew. It represents the very soul of the pirates, and is naturally the most important thing to them. You might have seen them on various One Piece merchandise and in some anime logo quizzes.

The world of One Piece has proven the Jolly Roger’s significance, and how much it is respected by the pirates time and time again.

For example, Dolflamingo punished Bellamy for losing under his flag and tarnishing its name.

Luffy knowing the significance of the Jolly Roger, took the Foxy pirate’s flag during the  Davy Back Fight. Instead of choosing a crew member, he chose the flag and prevented them from sailing as the same group. However, he drew them a new, crappy looking Jolly Roger instead.

On the other hand, raising Jolly Rogers are considered as a threat to the government, and those who raise it are treated as criminals by the Marines.

Now that I’ve explained how One Piece Jolly Rogers are seen within the anime, let’s get back to the actual topic!

Here’s my ranked list of One Piece Jolly Rogers ranked from the worst to the best!!

Ranking One Piece Jolly Rogers – Lamest to the Badass

20. Bellamy Pirates


I probably don’t have to explain why this is one of the worst One Piece Jolly Rogers ever. There is nothing pirate-ish about this one (except for the crossed bones in the background, maybe?) I know that Bellamy loves to stick his tongue out and all, but this is just too weird to be a pirate flag in my opinion.

19. Foxy Pirates


This flag is pretty funny, if nothing. There’s nothing much to say here. I just don’t like its design.

18. Sun Pirates

sun pirates flag

The only reason this flag at the bottom of the list is that it is too plain and simple. It doesn’t have the trademark skull and bones, and it is not even intimidating. But knowing the Sun pirates’ backstory of how this symbol came to existence, I guess we can’t blame them for it.

17. Donquixote Pirates


Another one of my least favorite One piece flag belongs to the Donquixote pirates. However this symbol’s smiling face makes sense, which could either be a reference to the “Smile” fruit or just Doflamingo’s view of the world and his mindset.

16. Drake PiratesDrake pirates

As a normal symbol, Drake Pirates’ Jolly Roger is pretty good, however it falls short as a pirate Jolly Roger in my opinion.

15. Big Mom Pirates

One Piece Jolly Rogers - Big Mom flag

This flag pretty much sums up the theme of the Big Mom pirates, but as I mentioned before, I prefer pirate flags to be intimidating. As you can see, this is the opposite of that. If anything it seems quite sweet and friendly.

14. Firetank Pirates

Capone Pirate flag

I got to admit that this flag’s design is pretty neat. The Mafia styled pirate crew and Capone Bege’s devil fruit power are portrayed in this flag. I do miss the classic skull and bones, but this finely fits its pirate crew’s theme.

Fun Fact: Did you know the name Capone belongs to an infamous real life American gangster? Check this post if you’re interested in seeing a list of real life people who were referenced in anime!

13. Kuja Pirates


Skull and snakes – a notorious combination. As with most other One piece Jolly Roger, this one also carries a design that references its pirate crew.

12. Arlong Pirates


I love the fishman symbol of the Arlong pirates’ flag. However, the bones seem to be forced and does not match the symbol. If not for that, it’d be a top-class pirate flag that scores a decent score in the intimidation factor.

11. Straw Hat Pirates

One Piece Jolly Rogers - Straw_Hat_Pirates_flag

This is one of the most normal ones among all the other One piece pirate flags. And after several hundred episodes of this anime, it’s only natural that this flag has become one of my favorite. Naturally, it is also the logo of One piece. It is also a famous merch design for the anime. They have the luffy Jolly roger printed One piece T shirts, pocket watches, hats and other items that’s irresistible to a fan.

Fun (sad*) fact about me: I bought a One Piece pocket watch which had this awesome insignia on the lid a few years back. But I literally lost it within a week of purchase. I searched the entire building the next day and it was never found 🙁 And that was the last time I ever used a watch (I mean, a phone is more than enough, right?)

10. Roger Pirates


I have never seen such a refined pirate flag before. It also has a similar design to the Whitebeard pirates — the rival crew of the Roger pirates.

9. Heart Pirates

One Piece Jolly Roger - Trafalgar Law flag symbol

This is the Donquixote’s flag, but cooler. It’s interesting how it has some parts from the Donquixote pirate flag which shows the connection between Law and Doflamingo. It tells the origin story of Trafalgar Law and the Heart Pirates.

8. Buggy Pirates


Although Buggy’s been nothing but a comedian in the series, his pirate flag actually means business. I love the marks around the eyes of the skull which makes it look pretty badass.

7. Whitebeard Pirates


I was originally gonna put this flag in one of the top 5 positions of this list, but if I keep my emotions aside (I still love you, Whitebeard  o(TヘTo)) and look at it as just a symbol, I think this is where it should be ranked. At least, this is where I’d rank the original symbol that was shown in the anime.

There are a lot of cool looking remake of the Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger (like the one in the banner of this article) which I’d definitely rank much higher in this list.

6. Kid Pirates

Kid_Pirates_flag - One Piece Jolly Rogers

I’m pretty much ranking Kid pirates’ Jolly Roger entirely based its coolness. The knives and the fire makes it pretty awesome and those googles scream “Kid.”

5. Red Hair Pirates

One Piece Jolly Rogers - Red Haired Shanks flag

Red Hair pirates’ Jolly Roger reminds me of Kratos from God of war. With those amazing red strips and swords for bones, this flag is the epitome of badass-ness.

4. Hawkins Pirates


I’m ranking Hawkin’s flag this high solely because of how scary or creepy it looks. It combines two different themes: voodoo/dark magic and pirate, which is a pretty unique and creative idea.

3. Thriller Bark Pirates


Alright, here comes an actually scary one. In addition to the skull, they’ve added bat wings which symbolizes Gecko Moria, the vampire looking captain of the Thriller Bark pirates.

2. Beast Pirates

One Piece Jolly Rogers - Kaido Flag

This flag sends shivers down the spines of people of the One piece world. Not only does it look deadly, but also it matches the name of its pirate group. Also, the horned skull resembles Kaido, the captain of the Beast pirates.

1. Blackbeard Pirates


Blackbeard’s flag is the most scariest looking of all the other One piece Jolly Rogers according to me. It’s design is pretty simple though. It only has two extra skulls and another pair of cross-shaped bones. But this flag has this dark vibe that suits its pirate group very well.

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