Astra Lost In Space Quotes

Astra Lost In Space Quotes from the following characters:

  • Kanata
  • Aries
  • Luca
  • Ulgar
  • Finn (Ulgar’s Brother)
  • Kanata’s sensei

Astra Lost In Space (or Kanata no Astra) is an awesome space adventure, survival anime where a bunch of kids got stranded in deep space as a part of someone’s assassination plan.

They have to travel across planets in an abandoned airship in order to get back to their planet, all the while being cautious about the traitor among them.

But on their way back they unveil several groundbreaking mysteries about themselves and about the world they lived in.

Can they all survive until they reach their home planet? Can they escape from the assassin’s hands?

That’s what Astra Lost in Space is all about.

The Best Astra Lost In Space Quotes:


Kanata Quotes

Kanata quotes from Astra lost in space

I hate the word “hopeless.”

~ Kanata

Astra lost in soace quotes - Kanata

Survival tip number five: When you give up, it’s game over.

~ Kanata

Kanata Quotes

You don’t need a flashy talent. Just help others out. That should be enough.

~ Kanata

Kanata quotes

You’re lying, you don’t want to be invisible! There must be something you really want to become!

~ Kanata

kanata astra quotes

Don’t give up, and it’ll work out.

~ Kanata

astra lost in space kanata quotes

I want to be an explorer of space. I want to own a ship and go to an uncharted star!

~ Kanata

kanata no astra quotes

If we’re surrounded by darkness…we have to hold each other’s hands.

~ Kanata


Aries Quotes

astra lost in space Aries quotes

Adults can lie, but true emotions can’t be faked.



Luca Quotes

Luca quotes kanata no astra quotes

Worrying about stuff that’s out of my control is a waste of time. I’d rather focus on how to make things more fun.

~ Luca

Kanato no astra Luca quotes

No matter what happens, the one who enjoys the ride is always the winner.

~ Luca


Ulgar Quotes

Ulgar quotes

We’ll get swallowed up by despair if we don’t do anything, so we do what we can.

~ Ulgar


Finn Quotes (Ulgar’s Brother)

Finn quotes astra lost in space

Think about what kind of life you want to live. Those that don’t think get left behind.

~ Finn


Kanata’s Sensei Quotes

Kanata's sensei quotes

When things seem hopeless…act tough!

~ Kanata’s sensei

Kanata's sensei quotes

You can reach the skies, and beyond!

~ Kanata’s sensei

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