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Plunderer Anime Quotes: 17+ Meaningful Quotes From Plunderer

Plunderer Anime Quotes from the following characters:

  • Pelmo
  • Lynn
  • Lieutenant Jail
  • Nana
  • Licht
  • Sonohara
  • Hina
  • Pele

Plunderer is an awesome fantasy anime where the world seems to be ruled by mysterious hands called Althing. Althing has placed a rule that every human must have a “count” of something. If they fail to do the thing they’re counting, the count decreases.

Higher their count, the more privileges they have over the ones with lower count. And if ones count reaches zero, they’ll be dragged into the “Abyss.”

Hina’s mother who lost all her count asked Hina to seek the “Legendary Ace” right before she was dragged into the Abyss. Hina sets off on a journey to find the legendary Ace.

Here are some of the best quotes from the anime Plunderer!

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17+ Best Plunderer Anime Quotes

Lieutenant Jail Quotes

Plunderer Anime Quotes: lieutenant Jail Quotes

“The iron I create represents my convictions- my will! No criminal can cut through it.” ~ Lieutenant Jail

17+ meaningful Plunderer Quotes

“It is one of my convictions- I will punish evil with y own hands.”~ Lieutenant Jail

lieutenant Jail

“I have no interest in getting promoted into a position behind a desk.” ~ Lieutenant Jail

Plunderer Quotes lieutenant Jail

“To capture a criminal, they have to be crushed completely and thoroughly. They must fear me and realize there is no second chance!” ~ Lieutenant Jail

Plunderer anime Quotes  by lieutenant Jail

“Nothing will change unless you take the first step” ~ Lieutenant Jail

Pelmo Quotes

Plunderer anime Pelmo Quotes

“Some dreams are worth risking a life over!” ~ Pelmo

Pelmo Plunderer Quotes

“Dreams are critical to moving on with our lives! If we turn our backs on our dreams, we’re as good as dead!” ~ Pelmo


Lynn Quotes

Sargent Lynn

“We soldiers exist to help the townsfolk. I can’t ignore what’s important.” ~ Lynn



Nana Quotes


“Ever heard of “He who doesn’t work, neither shall he eat”?” ~ Nana


Licht / Rihito Quotes

Plunderer Licht Quotes

“Condemn the crime, not the person. Can’t you be the bigger man here?” ~ Licht

Plunderer quotes -  Rihito senpai

“Conflict doesn’t create anything. What we need now is to love each other” ~ Rihito

Licht Red baron quotes

“I try to save them…but I can’t…Nothing changes…All I can ever do is clean up after a failed dream.” ~ Licht

Evil Licht - Plunderer Quotes

“If I kill one enemy, someone else is spared from killing someone.” ~ Licht

Ace of Flashing Strikes - Rihito / Licht

“If there are no more enemies to kill, nobody needs to become a murderer.” ~ Licht


Sonohara Quotes

Sonohara Mizuka plunderer quotes

“The only solution is to kill” ~ Sonohara


Hina Quotes

Hina Plunderer quotes

“I’ll never let you feel lonely! You’ll never have the chance to! No matter where you go, I’ll hunt you down!” ~ Licht

Plunderer Quotes - Hina

“I will turn your life upside down if I have to, so that…you are never alone!” ~ Licht


Pele Quotes


“Idiots with too much on their minds should eat to get rid of that!” ~ Pele

These were the best, meaningful plunderer quotes I was able to find. I know Plunderer hasn’t aired completely yet. There are 3 more episodes for Plunderer to finish airing, so I’ll update this post if I ever find more valuable quotes in those three episodes (^^)

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