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Best War anime of all time

War anime are classics. They have been entertaining us from the very origins of anime. If you like these kind of anime, here’s a list of the best war anime that I could think of!

Top 9 Anime about War:

9. Macross Delta

macross delta

MAL Score: 7.30

Episodes: 26

Aired: Apr 3, 2016 to Sep 25, 2016 

The plot begins eight years, after the events of Macross Frontier transpired.  A mysterious disease called “Vár Syndrome” begins to infect humans and Zentradi alike, causing them to go berserk, resulting in massive loss of life and property.

It is up to the new generation of highly capable Valkyrie pilots to suppress the Var syndrome. However the “Aerial Knights” Valkyrie fighter team from the Kingdom of Wind, have found a way to exploit the Var syndrome and poses a threat to the Delta squadron.

8. Grancrest Senki

Grancrest Senki

MAL Score: 7.33

Episodes: 24

Aired: Jan 6, 2018 to Jun 23, 2018

This is an absolute war anime. Despite the boring start, it becomes good as the story progresses.

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Theo Cornaro, a wandering lord is offered a contract with Siluca Meletes, an Alliance mage, after he “rescues” her.

Thus Theo is swept away from his humble goal of saving his home town, to a grand task of forging the Grancrest and put and end to the madness caused by “chaos”, a dark energy from another dimension that corrupts the land and brings forth monsters and demons into the world.

7. Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Best war anime - Saga of tanya the evil

MAL Score: 8.12

Episodes: 12

Aired: Jan 6, 2017 to Mar 31, 2017 

This is a war anime where after challenging “Being X”, a self proclaimed god, a cunning business man is reincarnated into another world as a little girl named Tanya Degurechaff.

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In a world where the only way to survive and climb the ladder of the society is by taking part in the magical warfare, Tanya is forced to become a military solider.

She soon ranks up in the military, and becomes infamous for predatorial-like ruthlessness and an uncanny, tactical aptitude, earning her the nickname of the “Devil of the Rhine.”

6. G.A.T.E

gate - Best war anime

MAL Score: 7.86 (Season 1), 7.88 (Season 2)

Total Episodes: 24

Aired: Jul 4, 2015 to Sep 19, 2015 & Jan 9, 2016 to Mar 26, 2016 

G.A.T.E is an Isekai anime where a portal to another world in the shape of a huge gate opens in Ginza.

Youji Itami, an off duty military officer and an Otaku takes quick action to save the civilians from the invading forces of the another world.

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Three months later, he was chosen to lead the special recon team, who’s task was to cross the gate and explore the another world inorder to create a friendly relation with the people of the another world.

But if they fail, a devastating war between both the sides of the gate was assured.

This a modern warfare anime that features war between technologically superior humans and magic using people.

5. The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

The Legend Of The Legenary heroes

MAL Score: 7.72

Episodes: 24

Aired: Jul 2, 2010 to Dec 17, 2010 

“Alpha stigma” bearers, are mages who can analyze and use all kinds of magic.

However they are despised and hunted by the people as they are believe to be only capable of death and destruction.

Ryner Lute, a talented mage and an alpha stigma bearer who has sworn to make the country peaceful, journeys along with Ferris Eris, a talented swordswomen in order to find all the legendary hero relics.

4. Kingdom

Kingdom best war anime

MAL Score: 8.16 (Season 1), 8.47 (Season 2)

Total Episodes: 77 (38 + 39)

Aired: Jun 4, 2012 to Feb 25, 2013 & Jun 8, 2013 to Mar 2, 2014 

Kingdom is a straightforward war anime that focuses on a young war-orphaned slave, Li Xin, who’s dream is to become a Great General of the Heavens.

He has to take part in the bloodstained warfare of China in order to carve his own path to realize his dream of becoming a great general.

3. Code Geass

Best war anime - Code Geass

MAL Score: 8.77 (Season 1) , 8.94 (Season 2)

Total Episodes: 50 (25 + 25)

Aired: Oct 6, 2006 to Jul 29, 2007 & Apr 6, 2008 to Sep 28, 2008

Unlike the other war anime in this listing, Code Geass involves mecha or robots. However, Code Geass goes beyond from just being yet another Mecha war anime.

The show is known for its multi-genre appeal and for its diverse cast of characters who face many moral dilemmas over the course of the series.

Japan after losing its independence to the Holy Empire of Britannia, it is renamed as Area 11.

However, the flames of war still burned with the resistance groups trying to regain Japan.

Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britanian student, gets caught in a crossfire and is almost killed.

That’s when he meets a mysterious girl named C.C who bestows upon him Geass, “the power of the king”.

With his new power of “absolute obedience”, he forms his own rebellious group and wages a war against the Holy Britannian Empire.

2. The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

Best war anime - Arslan Senki

MAL Score: 7.79

Episodes: 25

Aired: Apr 5, 2015 to Sep 27, 2015 

The heroic legend of Arslan is a historic war anime. Arslan, the prince of the kingdom of  Pars, is forced to flee with his respected general Daryun after his father was betrayed by one of his most trusted official and the capital was besieged.

Now it is in Arslan’s hands to gather allies and to regain his homeland.

Above all, the mastermind behind Lusitania’s victory, an enigmatic man hiding behind a silver mask.

He poses a dangerous threat to Arslan and his company as he possesses a secret that could jeopardize Arslan’s right to succession.

Can he overcome the obstacles and regain his home country?

Legend Of Galactic The Heroes

Legend of the galactic heroes - Best war anime

MAL Score: 9.10

Episodes: 110

Aired: Jan 8, 1988 to Mar 17, 1997 

Despite the slow start, this anime is hands down the best war anime to ever exist.

With the rise of the new generation leaders, the 150 year long stalemate between the two interstellar superpowers, the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance, comes to an end.

In order to free his sister from the Kaiser and unify humanity under one genuine ruler, Reinhard von Lohengramm climbs the ranks of the Empire with the support of his trusted friend, Siegfried Kircheis.

However, Reinhard on suspicion of imperial favouritism and nepotism is facing resistance from his peers.

Meanwhile, Yang Wen-Li, the unwilling hero of the opposite faction, has to stand firm in his beliefs and, show his pupil, Julian Mintz, that autocracy is not the solution.


That’s it for this post! These were some of the best war anime out there that you must definitely watch if you enjoy wars. Hope you found this post useful. 

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