Black Clover Female Characters: 15+ Most Popular Waifus Ranked

Black Clover is a magical universe with fascinating characters. This article will explore Black Clover’s amazing female characters and honor the wonderful waifus that have won fans worldwide.

The Black Clover universe is full of strong women, from warriors to spellcasters. These characters are attractive and have distinct personalities and strengths.

This anime has something for everyone—action-packed combat, meaningful friendships, and captivating stories. The series has a huge fanbase, and its adorable girls are very popular among them.

This article will introduce you to Black Clover’s most popular waifus. From the determined and gentle Mimosa to the stoic but formidable Noelle Silva, each character contributes their own charm and depth to the plot.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the listing!

List Of The Best Girls From Black Clover, Ranked

17. Sally

Sally - popular black clover female characters

On paper, Sally may seem straightforward. She is a valuable and genius woman to everyone else, though. One of the main characters in the series and a member of the White Night Eye is Sally.

Sally excels at meeting this need since she enjoys having fun with her friends. She is one of the show’s rogue mages, which explains why she is such a great character.

She stands out so much because of her stature and personal traits. However, she also stands out a lot because of the way she is dressed.

Sally was one of the female villains in Black Clover who changed her ways and joined the good guys. However, she is a crazy girl who is obsessed with research.

16. Sylph


Sylph, is an adorable female character in Black Clover. She is a spirit who possesses a captivating personality that goes beyond her appearance. As Yuno’s loyal companion, she serves him with her incredible powers.

Yuno, a skilled Wind Magic user, relies on Sylph’s assistance to enhance his magical abilities when needed. With her gentle and charming demeanor, it’s no wonder people admire her.

Being a spirit, Sylph embodies the essence of her kind like no other character. She stands out as a constant source of support for our hero, Yuno, as the Spirit of Wind.

It’s truly remarkable how Sylph consistently aids Yuno and contributes to his growth. Her unwavering dedication and remarkable powers make her an amazing character deserving of appreciation.

In summary, Sylph’s endearing qualities and invaluable role as Yuno’s spirit partner make her an unforgettable addition to the series. Her presence brings a touch of enchantment and adds depth to the story, making her truly amazing.

15. Rebecca Scarlet

Rebecca Scarlet - popular black clover female characters

Rebecca, the charming character who participated in the Black Bulls Blind Date, brought countless moments of fun to the audience.

But that’s just the beginning of her story. Rebecca played a significant role as a blind date for our beloved characters.

Her journey took an exciting turn when it was revealed that she was assigned to accompany Asta.

Yes, you heard it right! Rebecca stands out from the crowd because she became Asta’s partner during the blind date event. It’s truly fascinating, isn’t it?

Rebecca’s presence in the series is unparalleled, and her role as Asta’s companion adds a unique dynamic to the storyline. The audience is in for an engaging and unforgettable experience with her character.

In summary, Rebecca’s involvement in the Black Bulls Blind Date and her connection with Asta make her an intriguing and exceptional character. Get ready for an exciting adventure alongside her!

14. Grey


Grey, an apparently sweet and innocent young lady, as a Black Bulls member, astounds everyone with her unique nature.

She is timid and modest, but she has remarkable abilities that beyond logic.

As she adds a sense of danger and unease to the plot, fans avidly speculate about the potential development of her talents in the future.

It becomes clear as the series goes on that Black Bulls has the potential to grow into a compelling television program.

Overall, she is one of the best female characters in Black Clover who is adored by fans.

13. Lolopechka

Lolopechka - popular black clover female characters

Princess of the Heart Kingdom Lolopechka is Black Clover’s glasses wearing waifu. She possesses more magical power than the majority of the characters on this list combined.

Lolopechka is among the strongest people in the planet thanks to her powerful magic energy and her bond with the water spirit Undine.

She has enough magical energy to protect the entire Heart Kingdom. While she has a royal voice and appearance, everything is ruined by her clumsiness. She often trips and falls out of nowhere.

Despite Lolopechka’s immense power, her combat skills have not yet been thoroughly tested, unlike those of the other people on this list.

12. Fana


Fana is a fascinating and accomplished character in the story who is renowned for her remarkable magical prowess and wisdom.

She is one of the rogue magicians and has extraordinary abilities. She is unusual because she is from the elite Diamond Kingdom.

Fana’s connection to the White Night Eye further adds to the importance and value of her persona.

It’s important to recognize the influence Fana has on the audience. Her charismatic presence naturally draws others in.

11. Sol Marron

Sol Marron - popular black clover female characters

Sol Marron is the hottest dark skinned girl in Black Clover. She is a brave and talented Clover Kingdom girl from a little town. During her childhood, Charlotte Roselei’s wizardry saved her from bandits.

Sol specialized in Earth Magic and trained under Charlotte. She became a valued 3rd Class Intermediate Magic Knight in the Blue Rose squad with her newfound powers.

Sol uses Earth Magic to control and launch earth-based strikes, showing her strength and dedication as a Clover Kingdom protector.

10. Sister Lily

Sister Lily

Black Clover’s Sister Lily is one of the first female characters to be introduced. She is Asta’s long time crush. She is a kind and well-developed character with mature appearance. As a caring nun, she runs the Hage orphanage where Asta and Yuno were raised.

She shapes Asta and Yuno’s values and helps them make good decisions. Sister Lily’s influence on Asta is apparent despite her minimal screen time.

The series darkens as Sister Lily’s true persona is revealed, adding depth and intrigue. Black Clover fans love her for her crucial role in the story.

9. Kahono

Kahono - popular black clover female characters

Kahono, a priestess in Black Clover, is compassionate and kind. She, always with her brother Kaito, brings delight to others. She trolls her friends and helps when required. Kahono can heal others with her magical powers.

Kahono’s bright and vivacious disposition is soothed by waves. She supports her teammates beyond her lively personality. She talks to Noelle about her magic and encourages her.

Explore Black Clover and Kahono’s kindness to the Black Bulls. Her magic and kindness make her a wonderful team member. All of this makes her a best girl in Black Clover.

8. Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth is a mediocre-looking character who has several amazing qualities. She is from Clover Kingdom and is a Coral Peak Squad leader in Black Clover.

She is powerful despite her plain appearance. Her actual powers are hidden until a crucial moment.

Dorothy may initially be unappreciated. Her role as squad captain and her many attributes will quickly change your opinion.

7. Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion - popular black clover female characters

Mereoleona brings intense excitement with her fiery personality. She’s one of Black Clover’s most memorable female characters with her intense demeanor.

As Crimson Lion Squad captain, she leads her squad to protect Clover Kingdom. She’s one of the show’s most powerful characters.

Viewers love Mereoleona for her attitude. She has earned the name, Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness thanks to her overwhelming physical and mental strength.

Mereoleona’s presence in the story was vital for the main characters to survive and improve. Her unshakeable spirit and authoritative presence make her formidable.

6. Charmy Pappitson

Charmy Pappitson

Charmy is kind of the mascot character of Black Clover. Despite being old enough to act like a mature person, Charmy is always in her own world. As a big foodie, all she cares about is eating tasty food.

However, her glow up is easily one of the best in the anime. When she gets serious her usually fat appearance changes into a slim body with all the curves in the right places.

She is also in love with Yuno which is pretty amusing to watch. While she might look like a harmless being, she could easily destroy an entire city with her powers.

5. Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte Roselei - popular black clover female characters

Charlotte is one of the best female characters in Black Clover with an interesting personality. To the world, she is a hardcore warrior with a stoic mindset. She maintains this royal image everywhere she goes. However, when she sees Yami her heart flutters and her mind cannot keep calm.

She is madly in love with Yami from Black Bulls, but she has a hard time accepting it. Not only that, Yami is also dense and he thinks that Charlotte actually hates him. This interesting misunderstanding makes them one of the best ships in Black Clover.

Other than that, Charlotte is a powerful wizard and warrior. She is the leader of the Blue Rose Knight squad, one of the most popular squads in the kingdom.

4. Vanessa Entoca

Vanessa Entoca

Vanessa is hands down the best mature waifu from Black Clover. She is usually carefree and unapologetic. She is always seen gulping down booze in her underwear. As a matter of fact, she is the only girl in Black Clover who roams around in underpants without worrying about anything.

That said, she is a very loyal friend who would do anything to protect her loved ones. Because of this determination, Vanessa gained the power to manipulate fate itself. If anything bad were to happen, she could use her powers to nullify it. While this ability has its own limitations, it undoubtedly makes Vanessa one of the strongest female characters in all of Black Clover.

3. Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa Vermillion - popular black clover female characters

Mimosa is a sweet and lovely girl who is really the perfect waifu material in Black Clover. She is a beautiful girl with a kind heart who is in love with Asta. Despite being a noblewoman, she fell for a commoner. The scenes where Mimosa and Noelle unintentionally fight for Asta are simply too adorable.

Mimosa is also a valuable mage who has the ability to heal people and manipulate plants. While this is not a combat ability, she has used it countless times to support the main characters.

She belongs to the number 1 squad in Black Clover, the Golden Dawn, where she is accompanied by Yuno and the others.

2. Secre Swallowtail

Secre Swallowtail

Secre is a relatively new female character in Black Clover compared to the others on this list. However, she has become one of the most beloved girls in the series. Fans simply go crazy for her because of her personality and backstory. Not to mention, she kind of gives off the goth girl vibe that most anime fans seem to love.

At some point in the story, a bird gets attached to Asta. The bird was way too smart and actually helped out the main characters in several key moments. Later on, it is revealed that the bird was none other than Secre.

She was a loyal servant to the first Wizard King, who had been sealed in the body of a bird. For decades, she spent her life as a mere bird until she met Asta. While she is still loyal to the first Wizard King, she also cares for her new friends.

1. Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva - popular black clover female characters

Noelle Silva is the tsundere queen and one of the most popular female characters in Black Clover. She comes from a royal lineage and flaunts it at Asta every chance she gets. In the beginning, I thought she was just plain annoying. She was never honest with her feelings and only made this worse for herself and the others.

But as the series progresses, we get to see Noelle grow into a much better person. She falls completely in love with Asta but hides it and pretends to hate him. This is because she doesn’t realize that she has feelings for him in the first place and is confused. Later on, we get to see her understand her own feelings better.

She also learned to control her magic and became one of the strongest characters in Black Clover who uses water magic.

That’s it for this post! These are the 10+ best girls from the Black Clover anime series. From the tsundere queen Noelle to the mad scientist Sally, we took a look at all the most popular waifus from the series.

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