MHA villains: 15 Most Dangerous My Hero Academia Antagonists

My Hero Academia emerged as one of the greatest modern superhero anime series. MHA is the home to several amazing heroes and villains.

It first appeared with a simple story in which teenagers were enrolled in a school and learned to use their powers for the good of the people. However, it gradually turns into an incredible and highly engaging story through the introduction of plenty of powerful villains with strong ideals.

We never imagined that the MHA villains, particularly Tomura Shigaraki, could amass such a large fan base.

After witnessing Tomura’s saddest backstory, fans were so connected to his character and appreciated Kohei Horikoshi’s world for making his backstory so incredible.

We all know that any anime series becomes successful only as long as it has a strong villain, not only physically but also in terms of excellent character development.

In the My Hero Academia series, there were plenty of powerful villains who had their own strong ideals, such as Tomura, Overhaul, Re Destro and so on.

In this article, you will learn about the top 15 My Hero Academia villains. We included all of the powerful MHA villains, of which some only appear in movies while the rest appear in both anime and manga series.

So let’s take a look at this list and see who the top 15 My Hero Academia villains are.

Notes: This article will contain major spoilers from manga.

15. Iceman

Iceman - MHA villains

Geten is one of the primary villains in the Meta Liberation Army arc. He was a very loyal servant of Re Destro and had a strong belief in his goals.

He is one of the formidable villains and very difficult to handle by any Pro hero except fire users.

This is because his quirk is ice, which allows him to create powerful attacks of ice that are also used as defense against his opponent’s attack.

Even having a disadvantage in a fight against Dabi, Geten put up a tough fight against one of the strongest flame users in mha.

Later in the series, he also shows his strength by fighting several pro heroes in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

14. Muscular

Muscular - my hero academia antagonist

Muscular is the primary villain in the Forest Training Camp arc of the series. He is an extremely huge and muscular villain, capable of defeating several pro heroes.

In his first battle against Deku, he easily overpowered him but was unfortunately defeated by him due to taking Deku lightly.

Muscular has a powerful pump quirk that enhances his muscle power to the greatest extent.

After escaping from Tartaru jail, he again faced Deku and put up the toughest fight against him. He deserves to be on the list of top MHA villains because of this bloodiest fight.

13. Himiko Toga


Himiko Toga is the most psychotic MHA villain and a significant member of Tomura’s team.

She does lots of unexpected activities in the series, which make her so different from other villains.

She has a huge crush on Deku and plays a major part in every arc of the series.

Himiko has a special quirk called “Transform” that allows her to take on the appearance of anyone with their powers as well.

Her most thrilling fight is against Deku, Uravity, and Froppy during the final war arc.

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12. Kurogiri

Kurogiri - MHA villains

Kurogiri is a powerful, high-end nomu created by Doctor Kyudai. He is Tomura’s closest companion and is devoted to his goal.

He is quite a mature and intellectual villain, and he is the one who is able to control Tomura’s anger.

Kurogiri is the escape route of the League of Villains and always comes up with a great plan.

Due to his warp gate quirk, he is able to open a portal and transport his entire team from one place to another.

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11. Stain

Stain - MHA antagonist

Stain plays as the primary villain in the Hero Killer arc and kills plenty of pro heroes.

He does not work with or for anyone, and his only goal is to kill all fake heroes. In his perspective, the person who became a hero for money and popularity does not have a right to live.

Stain possesses a powerful ability known as Bloodcurdle, which allows him to paralyze his opponents.

He is also highly skilled at using different types of weapons, such as knives, swords, etc. Even though he has a reason for killing heroes, he is still regarded as a formidable mha villain.

10. Re-Destro

Re-Destro - MHA antagonist

Re-Destro is also a powerful MHA villain and plays a major role in the Meta Liberation Army arc.

He only works toward his ideal goal of establishing a society by modifying the hero society.

He possesses a very powerful quirk, “Stress,” that enhances his physical strength to the greatest extent through other people’s anger or stress.

Re-Destro demonstrates the peak of his power by putting up a tough fight against Tomura. However, he was defeated by him and was ready to combine his army with the League of Villains.

9. Dabi

Dabi - MHA villains

Dabi is the coolest MHA villain and one of the important members of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

After being abandoned by his father, Endeavour, he left his old self (Toya Todoroki) and chose a new identity (Dabi). This is why he began a villainous act and helped Tomura bring evil into society. 

Even though Dabi possesses a single quirk (Blue Flame), he easily overpowers most of the villains and heroes who have multiple quirks.

Throughout the series, he continuously shows his power by fighting several pro heroes.

8. Wolfram

Wolfram - MHA villains ranked

Wolfram serves as the primary villain in the “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” film. He runs a small group of thieves and only works for money.

Even though he is the leader of thieves, he possesses incredible strength and a powerful quirk that was enough to defeat several pro heroes.

Wolfram became so powerful after getting a new quirk from All for One.

He easily overpowers both All Might and Deku simultaneously, which shows how powerful the MHA villain is. However, he is defeated by them through their most powerful combined attack, “Double Detroit Smash.”

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7. Overhaul


Overhaul is one of the best MHA villains, whose ideology is completely different from the series’ other villains. He just wanted to erase all of the quirks from existence except for his own in order to create a fair world.

He is blessed with very special quirks that allow him to destroy anything and create anything by just touching them. 

Overhaul already demonstrated the greatest strength of his quirk during the Shie Hassaikai Raid.

In this raid, he defeated the entire Nighteye’s squad alongside Lemillion and Deku without any difficulty.

If Eri did not assist Deku, he would have undoubtedly killed all of the heroes and successfully escaped the raid.

6. Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant - female antagonist in my hero academia

Lady Nagant is the strongest female MHA villain and one of Deku’s most formidable opponents.

She first works under the Hero Association and is one of the strongest pro heroes until he joins All for One’s team.

She serves as the primary villain in the Tartarus Escapees Arc of the series.

Nagant possesses a very rare quirk and two other powerful quirks that she gets directly from All For One.

Because of her rifle quirk, she is capable of killing any strong heroes from a greater distance. She shows the peak of her strength by putting up a tough fight against Deku.

5. Hood

Hood - nomu bnha

Hood is the strongest high-end Nomu ever created by Doctor Kyudai, who serves as the main villain in the Pro Hero arc.

He looked very similar to other Nomus but had a larger body than them. He possesses six exceptionally powerful quirks that give him the greatest strength and extraordinary regeneration ability. 

Hood excellently demonstrates his overwhelming powers in the fight against Endeavour and Hawks.

He easily defeated Japan’s two highest-ranked pro heroes, such as No. 1 and No. 2. However, he is later defeated by Endeavour’s most powerful attack, “PLUS Ultra Prominence Burn.”

4. Gigantomachia


Gigantomachia is the most loyal servant of All for One. He was created exceedingly strong by Doctor Kyudai so that he might serve as the ideal bodyguard for him.

He has a very huge and overly muscular body and is capable of crushing several pro heroes with his fist.

Gigantomachia possesses seven powerful quirks and does not have a single weakness.

He demonstrates his greatest strength by defeating the entire League of Villains multiple times alongside their leader, Tomura. However, at that time, Tomura was not as strong as he is now.

3. Nine

Nine - MHA villains ranked

Nine is one of the strongest MHA villains and only appears in the My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising movie.

He is a normal guy who wanted to create a world where everyone gets a position according to their power level.

He underwent numerous painful experiments with Doctor Kyudai to become incredibly powerful so that he could achieve his goal. 

Nine successfully absorbs seven powerful quirks, including the All For One quirk, thanks to Kyudai’s experiments.

On the other hand, his All For One quirk is not as strong as a real one but allows him to steal anyone’s quirk.

In the movie, he not only defeated both Deku and Bakugou but also all of Class 1A, excluding Shoto. However, he is later defeated by them with the help of the previous one for all users.

2. All For One

all for one power mha

All For One is the legendary MHA villain who lived for centuries and defeated all the successors of One For All except All Might.

He is the only one in the entire series who possesses such formidable quirks that allow him to steal other people’s quirks.

Due to possessing countless powerful quirks, he became impossible to defeat by anyone.

Aside from his ability to steal other people’s quirks, he is also capable of transferring quirks to anyone. As a consequence, he creates his own powerful army of villains that serve him as the King of the World.

Even though he lost some of his powers during the fight against All Might, he still deserves to rank at the number two position on the list. 

1. Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki - my hero academia antagonist

Tomura Shigaraki is not only the strongest MHA villain but also one of the strongest villains in the anime world.

As the first inheritor of All For One’s quirk, he already shows his greatest potential.

However, he has a long way to go before he is strong enough to handle the enormous power of All For One. 

Tomura gradually became a highly intelligent person through gaining lots of experience from his past activities.

He now possesses All for One’s quirk and is able to steal anyone’s quirk like his master.

According to the manga story, he is currently the strongest MHA villain and is able to defeat the entire Hero Association.

However, just like Deku, he is still trying harder to handle his enormous powers, but he will definitely succeed.

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