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List Of The Hottest Anime Cow Girl Characters

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to list some of the hottest cow girl characters that appear in anime, manga, h-games, and doujin. If you aren’t already aware, there is this concept called “moemorphism,” where artists convert anything and everything into a cute anime girl. And it is not a surprise that cows have been moemorphed too.

Now, when I say “cow girl,” I’m only talking about pure, actual anime cow girls. That is, I’m not talking about girls who do cow cosplay. Rather, this list is going to comprise girls who are a mix between the human and cow species.

Top 7 Cow Girls In Anime, Manga & Hentai Games

  • Ikumi (Kemokko Dobutsuen!)
  • Sherii (Mighty My Master)
  • Minotaur (Moero Chronicle)
  • Reina Ogawa (Moshimo Konna Shopping Mall ga Attara!? Ikimasu☆)
  • Uma (God of High School)
  • Cow Lady (My Hero Academia Movie: Two Heroes)
  • Cathyl (Daily Life With A Monster Girl)

7. Ikumi (Kemokko Dobutsuen!)

cow girl hentai manga

Kemokko Dobutsuen! is an ongoing adult manga series where you can find all sorts of animal girl ecchi poses.

In this story, the “Paradise Island” zoo has lost all the male animals in accidents or illness. In order to save this zoo, they need to breed the animals. However, the only male in the zoo is the main character, Taneda.

Therefore, the director of the zoo has made it so that the animals turn into cute girls at nightfall (which is possible because of the director’s shady scientific research). Now, Taneda (the MC) has to breed with them and save the zoo.

In chapter 1 of this doujin manga, the cow girl Ikumi is introduced, and in chapter 13, she gets ‘saved’ by Taneda (if you know what I mean).

Anime Everything Online YT

6. Sherii (Mighty My Master)

Sherii monster ox

Sherii is a character from a h-game, ero game, or light novel game called Mighty My Master. This adult game was released in 2010 by Milk Tank Studios.

I haven’t personally played this game yet, so there isn’t much I can say about it or about our cow girl, Sherii. But since it is a hentai game, she is probably one of those characters you can date and “climax” with.

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5. Minotaur (Moero Chronicle)

Minotaur girl (Moero Chronicle)

Moero Chronicle is another ero game where the player’s character is someone who can’t talk to girls. Why? Because of his perverted mind. Because of this, he has no female friends except for his best friend, who is a monster girl. He is now tasked with going to a region filled with rampaging monster girls.

You can probably guess where it goes from there.

One of the featured monster girls in this game is Minotaur, the cow girl.

4. Reina Ogawa (Moshimo Konna Shopping Mall ga Attara!? Ikimasu☆)

hentai cow girl

Here’s yet another ero game called Moshimo Konna Shopping Mall that features a cow girl as one of its dateable characters.

This game features a huge mall called “Moshu-Mall,” which looks normal to outsiders but is actually infamous for its ecchi services.

Only a few chosen people are allowed to go inside this mall, and you, the player, are one of those lucky bastards *wink*

Reina owns a milk-based products shop called “Milky House” in a mall.

3. Uma (God of High School)

anime cow girls

God of High School is a popular webtoon manhwa that recently received its own anime adaptation. While the anime hasn’t reached the part where our cow girl goddess is introduced, she’s one of the key characters in the manhwa.

She is one of the strongest characters in GOH and is also the King of the Minotaurs. Her personality is a bit on both ends. She can be really cheerful or playful on an average day, but she can also be dead serious when she has to be.

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2. Cow Lady (My Hero Academia Movie: Two Heroes)

mha cow lady

Cow girls in anime are pretty rare, but we actually got to see one in the MHA 2 Heroes Movie. Her hero name is ‘Cow Lady’ (how creative!) She is not one of the main characters and only gets a few seconds worth of screen time. But hey, artists who like cow girls have made sure to create some “extra content” for her! You anime cow girl enthusiasts might find them interesting, lol.

1. Cathyl (Daily Life With A Monster Girl)

manga cow girl

Another manga cow girl is Cathyl from Daily Life With A Monster Girl (Monster Musume). As you can guess from the title of this anime, it deals with monster girls.

Cathyl is a side character that appears later in the manga. While she hasn’t made her debut in the anime yet, it is only a matter of time until the next season is released.

She is another muscular type of cow girl like Uma who works on a ranch (and is in a relationship with the ranch owner). As for her personality, she is a very studious person who takes pride in herself. She can also be short-tempered and emotional at times.

That’s it for this post! These were some of the hottest cow girl characters in anime, manga, doujin, and hentai games. I hope you liked this post ^^

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