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20+ Best Komi Can’t Communicate Female Characters, Ranked

Today we are going to talk about all the female characters from Komi Can’t Communicate anime and manga series.

Komi Can’t Communicate, a popular anime series, follows the story of Komi Shouko, a beautiful girl with social anxiety. Despite her difficulty in speaking, she dreams of making 100 friends.

This romantic comedy anime, based on a manga, is widely loved and can be found on Netflix. The second season, which started in April 2022, is becoming even more thrilling.

Let’s explore the girl characters in Komi Can’t Communicate!

List Of The Best Girls In Komi Can’t Communicate Anime & Manga

21. Satou Amami

Satou Amami - komi can't communicate female characters

Let’s recognize the humble and generous Satou Amami. Her helpful and kind personality makes her presence appreciated by all. Satou, with distinctive short hair, is always seen in the school uniform. She arrives early to clean and gladly accepts requests from classmates. Despite her eagerness, she remains compassionate and generous.

20. Katai Ai

Katai Ai

Meet Ai, the tough and strong-willed bosozoku biker who will steal your heart effortlessly. She is a tomboy female character in Komi Can’t Communicate who is also a tsundere.

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Don’t let her appearance fool you; she’s a romantic at heart, cherishing her femininity and adoring cute things.

Despite her tsundere attitude, Ai has strong feelings for Komi Shousuke. Introduced in Chapter 94, her character grows in Chapter 198 when she prepares a boxed lunch for Shousuke and enjoys an outing with the group.

19. Emoyama Yuragi

Emoyama Yuragi - komi can't communicate female characters

Emoyama Yuragi, a third-year student at Itan Private High School, has long dark hair covering her eyes, tied back with a unique bow. She wears the school uniform with knee-high stockings. In Chapter 216, Yuragi is introduced as an emotional observer, using the word “Emo” whenever something touches her. She is well-informed about her classmates’ histories and is easily moved by emotions.

18. Hiki Komorebi

Hiki Komorebi

Komorebi is an attention-grabbing character with a first appearance in chapter 275. She has black hair, pale skin, angular eyes, and stands tall at 181.2cm.

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In her initial appearance, Komorebi appears intimidating with her large overcoat. In chapter 326, she is shown as a student at Itan Private High School, wearing the uniform like Komi Shouko.

Despite her imposing appearance, Komorebi is timid and self-deprecating. As Komi learns about her background, they bond over shared struggles and emotions.

17. Onigashima Akako

Onigashima Akako - komi can't communicate female characters

Onigashima Akako is one of the most energetic female characters in Komi Can’t Communicate. She stands out with short hair, a fang, and the Itan uniform.

Her hair spikes up when angry. Introduced in Chapter 19 as part of Yamai Ren’s group, Akako appears easygoing but can get annoyed by minor things.

In Chapter 121, Komi helps with her tangled headphones, and in return, Akako treats Komi and friends to a batting center to showcase her impressive batting skills.

16. Ase Shibuki

Ase Shibuki

Meet another classmate of Shouko you might have overlooked, but she played her role well. Ase is described as friendly but anxious due to her chronic sweating problem.

Despite that, she excels in snowboarding and gains confidence, forming close relationships with classmates, especially Isagi Kiyoko.

Introduced in the manga with a sweating issue, Ase becomes closer to Kiyoko and helps her campaign for student council president.

15. Isagi Kiyoko

Isagi Kiyoko - komi can't communicate female characters

Now, let’s talk about Isagi Kiyoko, Shouko’s classmate and the current student council president after Ichou Setoka. She is one of the few Komi Can’t Communicate female characters that wear glasses.

Isagi has short, wavy black hair and wears signature black glasses. She’s of average height and weight.

During middle school, Isagi developed a phobia of germs and dirt, avoiding physical contact. Ase Shibuki, her friend, unintentionally triggered this phobia by tapping her shoulder, leading to an unfortunate reaction from Isagi. She felt guilty for hurting Ase’s confidence.

14. Sasaki Ayami

Sasaki Ayami

Meet Sasaki Ayami, a notable member of Komi’s first-year field trip group. You might have missed her, but she’s remarkable.

With her short hair and black headband, Sasaki is easily recognizable. Alongside Katou Mikuni, she promises to make the field trip fun for Komi.

During a movie outing, Sasaki impressively scares off potential kidnappers with her yo-yo skills. But she’s humble and keeps her world championship achievement a secret, pretending to be just a laid-back person.

13. Kishi Himeko

Kishi Himeko - komi can't communicate female characters

Kishi Himeko, a formidable figure, is Komi Shouko’s self-proclaimed bodyguard. She’s part of Ren Yamai’s popular girls’ group.

With her tall stature and long light blonde hair, she stands out at 172 cm. Kishi dons knight’s armor on her elbows and knees along with the standard school uniform.

Despite her association with Ren’s group, Kishi remains enigmatic, often keeping her face hidden. Yet, she’s skilled in various martial arts like kendo, judo, karate, fencing, and horse riding, which she mastered from a young age.

12. Makeru Yadano

Makeru Yadano

Yadano Makeru, a determined young woman, sets her sights on beating Komi Shouko in various competitions. She is one of the first few female characters to be introduced in the Komi Can’t Communicate series.

Despite repeated defeats, she remains optimistic and never gives up. Yadano has a small following of male fans who admire her competitiveness.

She actively participates in various events to best Komi but hasn’t succeeded yet. Undeterred, she seeks new opportunities to compete against her rival. Yadano even appears in Komi’s dreams and joins the sports festival’s baton race.

During the culture festival, Yadano suggests a competition, but it’s not chosen among many other proposals.

11. Netsuno Chika

Netsuno Chika - komi can't communicate female characters

Next on our list is Netsuno Chika, Komi-san’s rival. With her red hair and fiery irises, she exudes athleticism and energy, making her an exciting character to watch.

Her competitive spirit shines through as she competes against her opponents, including Shouko. Despite victories, she maintains a positive and optimistic outlook.

10. Otori Kaede

Otori Kaede

Meet Otori, a former classmate from our anime, who’s undergone some changes. With gentle, daydreaming nature, her striking appearance adds to her allure.

Her long black hair with a greenish tinge captures attention. Her captivating personality shines through, especially in chapter 5, as she passionately pursues her interests.

9. Komi Shuuko

Komi Shuuko - komi can't communicate female characters

Komi Shuuko is one of the most loved Komi Can’t Communicate female characters. She is a beautiful lady who will warm your heart with her enthusiasm. As the side character, she plays a motherly role. She’s the main lead Komi’s mom and has a completely opposite personality from her daughter.

Her husband, a stoic beast, adds to her appeal. Despite her age, she has a youthful appearance. She also exudes friendliness and cheerfulness.

8. Hitomi Tadano

Hitomi Tadano

Hitomi Tadano, the energetic and eccentric younger sister of Tadano Hitohito, is well-liked for her cheery nature. She helps others and uses ventriloquism to pretend others are speaking.

During the summer, she greets her brother’s friends at home and is confused by Najimi’s change in gender. She sees her brother in a maid outfit at a cafe and takes a picture to share with their mother.

On Valentine’s Day, she tries to cheer up her brother and misinterprets Komi for Katai. When Tadano asks for advice on what to get Komi for White Day, she again misinterprets the situation.

7. Nene Onemine

Nene Onemine - komi can't communicate female characters

Nene is an energetic and supportive girl, acting like an older sister to her friends. She’s close to Shouko and plays a supportive role in the series, being friends with Komi, Tadano, and other classmates.

Nene joins the class on a school trip to Kyoto and participates in various events. Her caring nature makes her a beloved character in the series.

6. Rumiko Manbagi

Rumiko Manbagi

Manbagi is one of the side characters in Komi Can’t Communicate series. She quickly captured the audience’s attention in high school as Komi and Tadano’s friend. She’s cheerful, energetic, and has a gyaru fashion style with bleached blonde hair.

Despite her friendly and talkative nature, she can be somewhat naive and insecure. Manbagi’s tsundere-like personality shows when she becomes shy and short-tempered due to her feelings for Tadano.

5. Omoharu Nakanaka

Omoharu Nakanaka - komi can't communicate female characters

Omoharu, a unique character from Komi Can’t Communicate, resembles Rika from Chuunibyou anime. She lives in her imaginative world, calling herself Arsot Les Primavera and Komi as Princess Komilia.

Surprisingly, despite her quirky nature, Omoharu is popular in class and a close friend of Komi. Their friendship deepened during gym class when Omoharu needed an exercise partner, referring to it as a “Blood Oath.”

4. Ren Yamai

Ren Yamai

Ren, a classmate of Komi Shouko, has a cute appearance but a dark side. She is an overly obsessive Komi Can’t Communicate female character. She stalks Komi and Tadano.

Despite her genuine love for Komi, her perverted behavior often leads to failed plans. She’s a leader in Class-1’s girls’ group and is part of Shouko’s entourage, addressing her as “Komi-sama.”

Over time, Ren learns to tolerate Tadano and becomes one of Shouko’s companions. Throughout the story, she attempts various tactics to get close to Komi, including inappropriate actions.

3. Agari Himiko

Agari Himiko - komi can't communicate female characters

Himiko Agari, a memorable girl from Komi Can’t Communicate series. She is part of the Library Committee but struggles with communication and finds comfort in toilets. Himiko has green hair, glasses, and is heavier than other girls.

She admires Komi Shouko but initially rejects her friendship based on Tadano Hitohito’s suggestion. Himiko secretly reviews food online as “Ramen is my staple food”.

When discussing food, her stuttering disappears. She’s popular with boys due to her large breasts that bounce while running. Her name is a play on “stage fright” and “cowardice”.

2. Najimi


Osana Najimi, a unique character in Komi Can’t Communicate, is often referred to as “Trap” due to their unknown gender.

Najimi is the opposite of Komi Shouko, excelling in communication and making friends quickly. They switch between boys’ and girls’ clothing.

Despite this, Najimi is a close friend of Komi and supports her goal of making 100 friends. An interesting fact is that Najimi can listen to up to 8 people simultaneously due to their exceptional communication skills.

1. Komi Shouko

Komi Shouko - komi can't communicate female characters

Komi Shouko is the female character in Komi Can’t Communicate. As the title suggests, she struggles with speaking to others due to anxiety and fear of rejection, not an illness.

Her first friend is Tadano Hitohito, the male lead, who helps her pursue her dream of making 100 friends despite her communication challenges.

Although she suffers from social anxiety, nobody realizes that. Most people assume that she’s in a league of her own, so she doesn’t talk to others. However, as the series progresses more people begin to understand her and help her out.

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