7+ Best Anime About Cycling You Must Watch!

Looking for top anime about cycling? This list has the best titles, including Yowamushi Pedal and Over Drive. Yowamushi Pedal follows a student with impressive cycling skills. Over Drive blends comedy, romance, and sports as Mikoto Shinozaki aims to win the Tour de France.

There are also a few other lesser known titles in the list, so you are sure to find a new anime or two where the MC is a cyclist.

List of the Best Cycling Anime Of All Time

8. 48×61

48x61 - best anime about cycling

This is a super short anime about competitive cycling. With only 1 episode of about 6 minutes, this anime was released back in 2002.

The story is simple and straight forward. We get to see two guys race against each other in their bicycle. There are some intense moments where they push themselves hard to win the race.

Produced by Studio Madhouse, this anime is not very well known because it is purely about cycling and barely has a plot.

7. Nasu: Summer in Andalusia

Nasu Summer in Andalusia

Legendary director Kitarō Kōsaka helms a cycling anime set in the Vuelta race in Spain. The story revolves around Spanish pro rider Pepe Benengeli, dealing with sponsor pressure and personal turmoil during the competition.

The anime was adapted from the short manga “Nasu,” recommended to Kōsaka by renowned director Hayao Miyazaki, a cycling enthusiast.

As Pepe competes in the Vuelta a España stages, he overhears sponsors planning to fire him after the race. Determined to change the outcome, Pepe fights to secure his place on the team.

6. Hill Climb Girl

Hill Climb Girl - best anime about cycling

Meet Hinako, a high school girl passionate about cycling. She competes daily with her classmate, hoping he’ll invite her on a date. Inspired by Bradley Wiggins on his Tour de France climb, she’s determined to win.

Suddenly, her bike transforms into a carbon-fiber Pinnarelo, and her school uniform changes to Team Sky spandex. The battle begins! This short Japanese movie with Spanish subtitles is a perfect procrastination filler.

5. Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitenshabu is an anime about cute girls who love cycling in a slice of life concept. The anime follows a group of students forming a cycling club for fun, not competition. The female lead, Hiromi Maiharu, relocates to a new city and joins the high school cycling club.

The Animation quality is up-to-date, and the plot emphasizes the relaxed and laidback environment of cycling. It’s a slice-of-life Anime perfect for fans of cute girls doing cute things.

4. Long Riders!

Long Riders! - best anime about cycling

If you haven’t seen cute girls in a cycling-themed Anime, Long Riders is a great choice. It incorporates cycling into a ‘Cute girls doing cute things’ concept.

With Ami Kurata as the main lead, the show delves into cycling themes and bicycles, perfect for cycling enthusiasts.

Unlike Yowamushi Pedal, Long Riders has a laid-back plot, focusing on the joy of long-distance riding and learning cycling with friends as the main character’s goal.

Winning isn’t the priority, but the fun and camaraderie are the main focus.

3. Over Drive

Over Drive - best anime about cycling

Over Drive, like many animes, follows Mikoto Shinozaki, a student striving to become the world’s best cyclist. Despite lacking experience, he dreams of joining a pro team and winning the Tour de France.

Bullied and hesitant after a childhood accident, Mikoto returns to cycling to impress Yuki, a beautiful but manipulative girl.

The 26-part series depicts the challenges and emotions of pursuing greatness in cycling, featuring thrilling racing scenes and heartfelt moments.

2. Idaten Jump

idaten jump

Meet Sho, a teenage boy aiming to be the best in mountain biking. He races against rival Gabu and the Shark Tooth gang. 

While competing on a downhill track, Sho enters a mysterious cloud, transporting him to the X-zone dimension. There, bikers battle on full suspension mountain bikes.

Only after winning the race and claiming the emblems can a person return back to the real world.

Idaten Jump features is one of the most popular cycling animes that could inspire kids to start biking. It’s a great watch for family time.

1. Yowamushi Pedal

anime with bicycles - yowamushi pedal

High school student Onoda Sakamichi is an otaku who loves anime and manga. He seeks to join the anime club but finds it is disbanded. However, he meets a potential friend, Imaizumi Shunsuke, a bike racing enthuasist in school.

Imaizumi discovers Onoda’s hidden talent cycling talent. Yowamushi Pedal is an ongoing sports anime about friendship and road cycle racing. It shows the dedication and teamwork of Japanese cycling teams for their loved ones’ success.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of cycling and anime, these 8 best anime aboutthe world of cycling are must-watches. Whether you prefer competitive racing, cute girls on bikes, or inspiring stories of determination, there’s something for everyone.

From Yowamushi Pedal’s intense cycling battles to Long Riders’ laidback long-distance riding, each series offers unique and enjoyable experiences. So hop on your virtual bike and pedal your way through these exciting anime adventures! Happy cycling and anime watching!

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