Top 10 Best Action & Fantasy Manga of 2023

This article, ‘Top 10 Best Action & Fantasy Manga of 2023’ is a guest post by Artan. More about the author at the end of the article!

In this article I’m going to share with you Top 10 best action & fantasy manga of 2023 that every reader should try atleast once. All of these action & fantasy manga have over 100 chapters and all of them are colored to fit the readers test. So you can try them out cause they are gonna be top notch!!!

Now without spending more of your time let’s dive into our list of top 10 best action & fantasy manga of 2023.

10. The Reincarnated Weapon Shop Owner

Fantasy manga recommendation - reincarnated weapon shop owner

The main character in this action manga was reincarnated in another world in the body of a dead person. He didn’t know who this person was nor did he have any memories of him. After reincarnating, he got the skill of creation using which he opened up a blacksmith shop in the Beginners Village. He used to make weapons using skills and sell them to the adventurers.

There are two versions of this manga available. One is the colored one and there is also one black and white one and both of them have the same amount of chapters. This one of the best fantasy manga with OP MC. A must-read for everyone.

9. Battle Through the Heavens: Return of the Beasts

fantasy manga recommendation 2021

This is a sequel of a popular Manhua Battle Through the Heavens. I am sure you must have at least heard about that manhua. Just like how humans cultivate and become stronger and ascend to new heights. The same is for the monster beasts that level up and along with that they also possess monster cores and are stronger than humans.

The main character is a Prince of Ape race and was a genius and had a great future ahead, but great talent aside from Aspiration also brings the envy of other people. Because of that, he was sent to other places so that he could remain safe. But one day he heard about his father’s death and when he returned he saw that his family members had conspired with other families. Now he starts his journey to have his revenge.

8. The Villain

best fantasy webtoon

This is a highly underrated Manhwa with an overpowered protagonist where the story takes place in a school. The protagonist in this Manhwa is the strongest fighter in a high school of Busan, which is located in the country of South Korea. He is now transferring to another school which is located in a different city.

Now he starts his journey to take over the school. This is one of the best action manga but the main reason for it not being that popular is because it gets filtered out by other Manhwas that have a similar name.

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7. Marchen: The Embodiment of Tales

action/fantasy manga

This is a martial arts Manhwa where the main character is able to learn any skills by just reading its book. But despite all of that, he never really fights and doesn’t even learn any martial arts when told to. The sect in which he is in is veiled with many mysteries and many strong martial artists come here just to find a chance to see this place.

But one day a martial arts book was stolen from the library and since having no choice, the protagonist starts learning martial arts seriously to retrieve the book back. Though it is a great action & fantasy manga I didn’t like the character of our protagonist that much but don’t take my opinion for it. Try it out and see it for yourself.

6. The Ethiopian Pilgrimage

best action-fantasy manga you must read

In the year 2,028, humans have been wiped out because of the viruses. Monsters are wandering everywhere and now Earth has turned into hell. The few survivors that are left are now hiding underground, living in a subway network that is easy to guard.

The protagonist was a commander but after this change he had no choice but to leave the safe place to escape to the wasteland because of no availability of food and water. This is also one of the best action and fantasy manga with great art and a great story, but it is highly underrated. Consider checking it out.

5. Legend of Phoenix

manga about magic

This is an isekai manga where the protagonist, due to an accident, falls into a different world. In this world Dwarves and many other species live. Using his talent and skills, he first learned the language of the world and started living with dwarfs.

He also learned many skills such as smelting and forging techniques of the dwarfs. And later he also developed new types of martial arts. But just as we got settled down and started living a peaceful life, the cruel desires of other people started resurfacing. It is a great fantasy manga and I will highly recommend you try it.

4. Does your mother need son in low?

Does Your Mother Need Son In Low min

Yeah, I know this is the most different one from all the others on this list, but it is really good. Once you will start reading it, you will not be able to stop yourself until you read all of its chapters completely. But let me warn you that the art of this man is really erotic.

The main character was trapped by a woman and she was sucking away his vitality until one day he managed to free his soul away and transmigrated to a different place in the body of a person who had the same name as him but was complete trash. Using his knowledge and power, he starts cultivating and starts getting stronger. I highly recommend this action and fantasy manga to you.

3. To You, the Immortal (To Your Eternity)

to your eternity manga

This manga tells the story about a mysterious being known as the Orb who was sent to Earth by the gods. He has no emotions or identity. This being is able to take on the shape of those that leave a strong impression on it. Starting off as a white orb, it first takes the form of a rock, then that of a dying Arctic Fox.

As a Wolf, the being meets a boy living alone who mistakes it for his dying pet, Joan. When the boy later dies from a major wound, the Wolf takes his form. The being later travels South and arrives at a new land. There, he encounters a young girl named March who is on a pursuit to be a sacrifice. It is one of the best action & fantasy manga that you will never find these days. Aside from that it also has an anime adaptation.

2. Flow

Flow manhwa

A quick Disclaimer here for most people who are not even gonna try this one. This webtoon is a Prime example of the phrase Don’t just a book by its cover. This is a fantasy Manhwa about a boy who one day made a wish to the god to turn back time and because of that the whole world has turned to chaos because for every wish there is a consequence.

In this world every child is born under a god where the gods are the animal. Some gods are weaker than the others while some are stronger. People born under the weaker gods are looked down upon in the society. Read this one, It is a pretty good fantasy manga and it is almost complete.

1. Phantom Paradise

Phantom Paradise - Best fantasy manga/manhwa

This is one of the best action & fantasy manga that has the most exhilarating story that you can ever find. In this world. Males are treated as slaves and have no position in society, and women have a very high status and take men as their concubines or playthings. The main character enters the imperial harem of phantom paradise so that he can get a chance to kill her majesty. But will he be able to succeed? read it to find out.

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Author: Artan

I have been watching anime since my childhood and started reading manga at the start of 2019 and since then I have read so many manga that I have lost count of. These days I am learning game development and maybe you will see me as a game developer if everything goes fine. Wish me luck (^^)

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