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Most Popular Red-Haired Anime Characters

The distinctive appearances of anime characters are one of the most off-putting things about watching anime, but they’re also one of the most appealing. The unique appearances of the characters, from their hair hues to their eye colors, from their haircuts to unusual costumes, keep fans engaged. True redheads are typically passionate, daring, assertive, hotheaded, seductive, feisty, and enthusiastic. This is why red is so often associated with hot-headed, somewhat aggressive, and passionate male characters, despite there being no law against it. Redheads of both genders have the same personality traits as males. Here are some of the most popular red-haired anime characters of all time!

1. Karin

Karin - naruto redhead girl

Anime: Naruto

First on our list of anime characters with red hair is Karin. Karin was in charge of Orochimaru’s southern cave. She assisted Orochimaru in several of his research projects and was in charge of maintaining order and monitoring the detainees. Sasuke goes to the South Lair with Suigetsu Hōzuki after defeating Orochimaru to incorporate him into his team “Hebi” so that he can have advantages.

When Suigetsu leaves to liberate the prisoners, Sakura’s role as a guard will quickly alter. Attracted to him, she will seek to persuade Sasuke to abandon Suigetsu so that they may go on their own together. When Suigetsu returns, she will feign disinterest for them to continue on their own ways.

After recruiting Jūgo, she will go looking for information on Itachi in a relatively local area. Meanwhile, Sasuke is fighting Deidara. The rest of the team will hide in an inn as Sasuke gets caught up in a tangle. Karin will then detect the Konoha ninjas trailing them.

Karin is a member of the Fuuma clan. During the chūnin exam, she took part in it and met Sasuke, who saved her from a bear in the “Forest of Death” when she was lost from her team. 

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2. Sora

sora - best red haired anime character

Anime: No Game No Life

Sora is Shiro’s oldest brother, who is 18 years old. he fears that he will not get a girlfriend which makes him perverted towards Stephanie but he is has a strong desire to protect his sister Shiro and handle her education correctly.

He is well-liked in the community. He has total confidence in himself and never doubts his talents. Because of his quick intellect, manipulative nature, and sick thinking, he is a formidable opponent of everyone else.

Sora thought that humans were stupid and weak when he was younger, but his encounter with the young Shiro, who was then three years old, reignited his belief in humanity. He’s got a yellow T-shirt with the words “I love humanity” on it. When separated from Shiro, Sora loses all confidence and a sense of pride.

3. Zora

Zora - badass anime character with red hair

 Anime: Black Clover

The Zora is a member of the Black Bull, and is one of the most iconic red haired anime characters from Black Clover. He wears a leather mask that only covers his mouth, but not his face, like a ninja. Zora is an acerbic fellow who seldom spares others’ feelings, whether they are nobles or his teammates.

He has animosity for just about everyone, but his most notable features are his unpredictability and love of humor. Zora specializes in creating magic traps out of ash. He specializes in trapping that reflects the magical power of others and can set wide-scale traps, which need time, effort, and magic to trigger.

Zora’s father Zara was a Purple Orca member and the first of his rank to join the Magic Knights. Zora learned that his father had been murdered by his soldiers when he died on a mission, as they did not agree with the notion of ​​a commoner associating with royalty.

After he has established himself, he begins to look for and destroy all of the tainted Magic Knights. Zora meets Yami, who invites him to join his team. Even though Zora refuses to don his robe, he continues his endeavor without it.

He participates in the Royal Knights’ election exam alongside Asta and Mimosa after defeating and replacing Xerx Lugner, Deputy Commander of the Purple Orca.

4. Shanks

Shanks - anime redheads

Anime: One Piece

There are a lot of red haired anime characters in One Piece. Among them all, Shanks is the coolest, best one. Shanks is the leader of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the four Emperors who govern over the New World. He is commonly known simply as “Red Hair.”

Shanks was a member of the legendary Roger Pirates, the first gang to successfully navigate the Grand Line. He began his pirate career in this crew as an apprentice of Buggy, before breaking away and forming his own crew following Gol D. Roger’s death.

Shanks is the pirate who inspired Monkey D. Luffy to start his own pirate career. The Gomu Gomu no Mi, which was inadvertently consumed by Luffy, was found by Lucky Roux in Shanks’ crewmate’s hat. He also owned the Straw Hat that has become Luffy’s trademark, having given it to him as part and they will meet one day.

5. Sasori


Anime: Naruto

Another red haired anime character from Naruto is Sasori. He left Suna 20 years ago (most likely because of his studies on human bodies) to join Akatsuki, where he works with Deidara (who took Orochimaru’s spot after the latter deserted).

He is the grandson of Chiyo, Suna’s grandmother, and he has a mother named Setsuna. Although he appears to be a youngster, he is actually considerably older. He is a puppeteer like Kankurō who uses puppets for combat. Sasori has pushed himself to a new level in his craft, making him a far more dangerous adversary (with his puppets, he would have ravaged an entire nation).

He is an exceptional puppeteer in the region of artists. Kankuro’s own puppets are branded with a red scorpion mark. Sasori is not only a great puppeteer, but he is also a skilled poisoner. 

Chiyo will employ these puppets later, after learning of his return alongside Akatsuki, to deliver the killing blow. Its name comes from its traditional puppet in battle, Hiruko, which has a poisonous tail that resembles that of a scorpion (its own puppet also utilizes the same kind of weapon).


So, they are the anime characters with red hair as red hair represents hotness and passion. Here we have discussed those characters who are powerful, beautiful as well as handsome and if you love anime then we have prepared anime app icons for android/iPhone don’t forget to check them out.

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