10 Most Popular Female Characters From Death Note

Hello everyone! Welcome to Anime Everything Online. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the top 10 most popular female characters from the Death Note anime series.

Death Note is a globally successful anime series that has several interesting characters. While the main plot revolves around Light, L, and the detectives, there are several female characters in the show that play a notable role.

Here is a list of ten such girls that are popular among the fans of the series.

Top 10 Most Popular Death Note Female Characters:

  1. Misa Amane
  2. Naomi Misora
  3. Rem
  4. Sayu Yagami
  5. Kiyomi Takada
  6. Midora
  7. Sachiko Yagami
  8. Halle Lidner
  9. Wedy
  10. Yuri

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yuri - death note female characters

Yuri is a young girl with dark brown eyes and black hair that reaches her collarbone and is parted to the right. Her bangs are also black.

Light Yagami asks out on a date to an amusement park known as Spaceland as part of his plan.

He schemed to learn Raye Penber’s name and include it in his Death Note. By asking her out on a date, he is able to avoid drawing the attention of Penber, who he is aware is following him.


wedy - death note cat burglar

Wedy was one of the external resources that L had hired to investigate the Kira case. She is a professional cat burglar, who has the appearance of a textbook female spy character, and one of the hottest girls in Death Note.

Her personality is a bit badass, and she rides a motorcycle that matches her badass attitude.

Sadly though, Light wrote her name on the death note, and she had a heart attack while driving her motorcycle and crashed to death.

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Halle Lidner

Halle Linder - death note female characters

Together with Near, Halle Lidner is a member of the organization known as Special Provision for Kira (SPK), which is dedicated to capturing Kira.

Additionally, she is a former CIA operative who joined the SPK in order to exact vengeance on Yotsuba Kira for the death of her close friend and seek employment there.

Halle follows the directives of Near to act as Takada’s bodyguard so that she can investigate the connection that exists between Takada and Kira.

Not only does she help Near, but she also helps Mello in his pursuit of Kira. She is the one who assists Mello in kidnapping Takada and delivering all of the information to Near.

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Sachiko Yagami

sachiko yagami

Sachiko Yagami is one of the minor female characters in Death Note. She is the wife of Soichiro Yagami as well as the mother of his children Light and Sayu.

Sachiko has a lot of concern for her family, and the fact that her husband is working on the Kira investigation is causing her a lot of worry. She takes great pride in her son’s intelligence as well as his strong academic performance in school.

Sachiko doesn’t receive much screen time, but the part she plays is quite sweet. Additionally, she assisted and encouraged her daughter in her recovery from the emotional trauma she had experienced.



Midora is a salamander like Shinigami from the One-Shot Special.

She didn’t have much role in the manga unlike the other shinigami.

Midora likes bananas like Ryuk loves apples.

When she arrived at the human realm, she gave C-Kira her death note, which he used to slay the elderly.

After C-Kira’s death, Midora takes the note back to the Shinigami Realm. Ryuk afterwards gave A-Kira Minoru Tanaka Midora’s death note.

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Kiyomi Takada

kiyomi takada - death note female characters

Kiyomi Takada was Light Yagami’s girlfriend when he was a student at the university.

She is one of the most gorgeous female characters in Death Note. Kiyomi exudes an air of serenity and is an expert at expressing herself clearly on television.

She is a believer of Kira’s philosophy and counts herself among his fans.

In a later episode of the series, Light Yagami decides to appoint her as the spokeswoman for Kira.

The way in which Takada conveys Kira’s message in an exaggerated manner demonstrates how skillfully she fulfills her role as his spokeswoman.

After understanding that Light is the original Kira, she grew pleased and devoted her all to help him.

She is the one that killed Mello and managed the situation, which let Light be revealed as Kira.

Sayu Yagami

sayu yagami - death note female characters

Sayu Yagami is the younger sister of Light Yagami and the daughter of Soichiro Yagami, and is the cutest female character in Death Note anime.

She has faith in her brother’s ability to think critically and is certain that he will one day excel as a private investigator.

She spends a lot of time in front of the television and relies on her brother for assistance with her arithmetic homework.

Sayu is one of the supporting characters in the series, and the only time she has significant screen time is when the Mafia kidnaps her.

Mello orders the kidnapping of her in the hopes of obtaining the death note from her father. Her abduction was carried out successfully before Sayu even realizes what was happening.

When she was saved by her father, she plunged into a traumatic state from which she couldn’t quickly recover.



Rem is a Shinigami who has traveled to the human realm in order to hand the death note that Gelus left behind to Amane Misa.

After talking to Misa, she makes the decision to stay by her side until the end of her life. She is entirely unique among shinigami and maintains a mixed attitude toward human beings, seeing them both with adoration and hatred.

Despite the fact that she is a Shinigami, Rem has a kind disposition, and she has a soft spot in her heart for Misa.

She handed up her death note in the hopes that it would assist Light in protecting Misa from L. After that, she provides assistance to Light once more by utilizing her death note to cause L and Watari’s deaths. As a direct consequence of this, she decides to offer up her own life in order to accomplish this goal.

Naomi Misora

Naomi Misora - death note female characters

Raye Penber, an FBI agent, is in Japan conducting an investigation about the Kira case, and Naomi Misora is Raye Penber’s wife. She is one of the most beautiful and smartest female character in Death Note.

In addition, she is a former FBI agent who gave up her career so that she and her husband could lead a quieter life. However, upon the passing of her spouse, she makes the decision to conduct the investigation into the Kira case on her own.

She is also the first person to identify that Light is Kira, owing to the fact that Naomi is a very bright woman. But regrettably, she was also assassinated by Kira before she conveyed her message to L.

Misa Amane

Misa Amane - death note female characters

Model and actress Amane Misa, also known as “Misa Misa” is the main female character in Death Note.

She became the second Kira after obtaining Rem’s death note.

Because she traded for shinigami eyes, she’s far stronger than the original Kira.

These shinigami eyes can see anyone’s name and life span.

Misa wanted to thank Kira for killing the man who killed her parents.

She falls in love with Kira and dedicates her life to finding L’s real name.

However, Misa is not as smart as Kira and is sloppy, so L arrests her and nearly catches Light.

She is later released by Light’s plot and marries him.

At the end of the series, depressed by Kira’s death, she commits suicide.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 10 most popular female characters from Death Note.

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