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How To Grow On Instagram

Howdy! I’m here today with Instagram algorithm for 2019 and some tips and tricks to grow on Instagram and gain 100+ followers a day!!

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35+ Best Rom Com Anime You Must Watch

Romantic Comedy anime a.k.a rom com anime are the kind of anime that’ll make you go from “Oh wow, this anime is really funny” to “Damn, don’t make me cry” and make you feel a range of emotions. Rom com anime are perfect blend of comedy and some serious romantic drama. But ofcourse, there are…

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One Punch Man Quotes

One Punch Man has some of the most motivational/inspiring quotes to ever exist.

Although it is a comedy show, One Punch Man has several nuggets of wisdom sprinkled here and there. I found most of them really motivating and so I thought I’ll make a post about “One Punch Man quotes”, and here we are~

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17 Cute Anime Lolis Who’ll kill you with their cuteness

Cute anime lolis mentioned in this post: Kanna Komui Nadeshiko Kagamihara Yui Hirasawa Taiga Aisaka The Platelets Nanachi Rem O-Tama Levy McGarden Rikka Takanashi Kaede Azusagawa Senko-san Mio Akiyama Yoshino Fuko Ibuki Shinobu Oshino Filo Do you like anime lolis? Of course, right? They’re small & cute and have an adorable personality. As you might…

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Can You Actually Learn Japanese Through Anime?

 Here’s an age old question. Can you learn Japanese from watching anime? As a fellow anime fanatic, I know how most of us who love anime, also love Japan. And it’s only natural that one’d want to learn the language. Or you might just want to watch anime without subs and enjoy the visuals as…

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JoJo Games: List Of The Best Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Games Of All Time

Jojo isn’t just an anime. It is a life style. If you couldn’t get enough of the anime, here are some awesome Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure games for you to enjoy!