Luffy’s Family Tree Explained

Just like the treasure ‘One Piece’, Luffy’s family tree also remains a thing of mystery. Even during the part when we got a major peek into his childhood, his family history or ties were not mentioned much. 

At this point, the only two confirmed members of his family are Dragon and Garp. If we ignore blood ties, then we can say that Luffy has an extended family that we will discuss later. First, let us go deep into the identities of his two known family members and see how they form a connection with him.

Luffy’s Blood Relations

Monkey D. Garp

Luffy’s family tree - grandfather

Relation: Grandfather

Despite being Luffy’s grandfather, Garp is the closest thing to a father figure that Luffy had. This is because Dragon had passed down all the responsibilities of Luffy to Garp, and he decided to raise him on his own. Garp wanted Luffy to grow up and join the Marines

But Luffy had other ideas in his mind and became a pirate. Overall, their relationship was bitter sweet, and Garp trained Luffy in a rather unorthodox way. He should definitely deserve huge credit for shaping him into the man he is now.

Monkey D. Dragon

Luffy’s family tree - father

Relation: Father

Dragon is the most recently revealed member of Luffy’s family tree. Just like any other Shounen protagonist, Luffy did not grow up with his father. Dragon had been missing from Luffy’s life for the majority of the time, with the reason still being unknown. He has only made a few cameo appearances as the leader of the Revolutionary Army. 

This is why it is still impossible to predict the dynamics of their relationship and whether Luffy holds any grudges towards him. The mysterious aspect of Dragon makes the relationship between this father son duo far more exciting than we could have imagined. Now, we just need to wait for Oda sensei to reveal this big secret.

Luffy’s Mother

Relation: Mother

As of today, we don’t exactly know who Luffy’s mother is. All we know is that she is alive and well, as quoted by Oda sensei, the author of One Piece. However, there are several fan theories about who Luffy’s real mother is! We’ve covered most of these fan theories in this article. Take a look at it in case it piques your interest (^^)

Luffy’s Extended Family

Now, Luffy’s family tree doesn’t end with blood related members alone. He has other non-blood related members as well. Let’s take a look at his extended family members!

Portgas D. Ace

Luffy's Family tree extended-Portgas D. Ace

Relation: Sworn Brother

Luffy’s relationship with Ace was the best of all his family members. This has been evident from various scenes in the anime, and their childhood story further solidified this fact. Ace and Luffy got off to a rocky start when meeting each other, but it developed into something extremely beautiful as the story progressed further. 

Ace always took care of Luffy like a big brother and was stronger than him. It’s a shame that we couldn’t see more of these sworn brothers going on adventures together.


Luffy's Family tree Extended - Sabo

Relation: Sworn Brother

Sabo is another important character in Luffy’s extended family tree. He is Luffy’s second sworn brother, as they formed the trio of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo. Everything we know about Sabo comes from the backstory, where it was shown that he died at the end. But he made a surprising comeback to take Ace’s devil fruit power as it was revealed that he had joined Dragon’s Revolutionary Army

Sabo did not initially approve of Luffy when they first met, but just like Ace, they grew close to each other. It is also safe to say that during their reunion, most of the viewers got teary eyed.

Curly Dadan

Curly Dadan - Luffy's foster mother

Relation: Foster Mother

Ace and Luffy lived under the care of their foster mother, Dadan. Since Garp was involved with the Marines, he couldn’t always afford enough time to look after them. This is why he blackmailed Dadan into taking care of them, who also happens to be a mountain bandit

On the outside, it may have seemed like Luffy and Dadan did not share a great bond. But on the inside, they loved each other, and their relationship only grew better with each passing day. She was indeed like a mother figure in Luffy’s life.

Other FAQ related to Luffy’s family tree

Is Luffy related to Gol D Roger A.K.A the King of the Pirates?

No. Luffy is not a family member of Gold Roger. In fact, Ace is Gold Roger’s son, not Luffy. However, they do have the same initial “D” in their name. This is an entirely different concept called the ‘Will of D’.

Is Luffy’s Mother Alive?

Yes, Luffy’s mother is alive, but we don’t know her identity yet. The author of One Piece, Oda Eiichiro, stated she was alive and we might have already seen her.

Is Luffy Married? Does He Have A Girlfriend?

No, Luffy is not married. He does not have a girlfriend either and it will most likely remain this way till the end. Oda sensei has clearly stated romance is not something he has planned for One Piece. However, he also said he was okay with fans shipping one piece characters together as they like.

That’s it for this post! Here we’ve briefely covered all the existing members of Luffy’s family tree and some of the most popular questions regarding Luffy’s family. Hopefully this article will help answer some questions new One Piece fans might have!!

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