Hiya, everyone! I’m here with another poll! Today we’re doing the Best Anime Traps poll!! This time, I’m going to be adding a brief character description as well, because most people are not familiar with all the characters in the poll.

What are Anime Traps?

If you’re an absolute newbie to anime and have no idea what anime traps are, there here’s a simple explanation for ya guys:

Anime traps are males dressing and acting like females. Basically, cross-dressers. The opposite, that is, females dressing like males, are called reverse traps.

Poll Rules

The rules are the same as always.

You are allowed to vote for a maximum of 3 characters. And you can change your vote anytime.

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If you want to vote for some other character that is not in the list, you can vote for “other” and comment in down below so I can include your choice in the listing.

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Edit: The best anime trap poll has been closed. Thanks for all those who voted (^^)

Top 10 Anime Traps List Based On The Fan Poll!

1. Astolfo

astolfo - best anime trap of all time

Appearance – Fate/Apocrypha

Astalfo is the king of all anime traps. You’ve probably seen him in a lot of memes, and he has managed to make a name for himself in the anime community because of that. He is a very optimistic person with a cheerful personality. He is also a fabled adventurer that many legends talked about.

2. Nagisa

nagisa assassination classroom

Appearance – Assassination Classroom

Nagisa is not a full fledged trap. He only had to dress as a girl due to certain circumstances (but that doesn’t mean he didn’t rock that female outfit.)

His mother was obsessed with having a girl child, so after she gave birth to Nagisa, a boy, she forced him to grow long hair and dress like a girl (pretty depressing childhood,huh?)

3. Felix

felix cute anime trap

Appearance – Re:zero

As if being a trap isn’t attractive enough, Felix is actually a neko-trap. A rarity among rarity even in the anime world.

Felix has a playful personality and often refers to himself in third person, calling himself ‘Ferris-chan.’ He also likes to tease the people who mistake him for a girl by agitating them with his feminine gestures and body language.

4. Hideri

ecchi anime femboy loved by weeb

Appearance – Blend S

As far as anime traps are concerned he is probably the second most popular anime trap because of the Blend S intro which went viral when the anime was released.

Hideri is a cheerful, energetic and fun loving boy who dreams of becoming a glamorous idol. He is pretty narcissistic and is very self confident when it comes to his looks.

In order to escape from inheriting his family business as a farmer, he joins a cafe as the first step to realizing his dream of becoming a glamorous idol. 

5. Saika

Saika Totsuka

Appearance – Oregairu

Saika is a very girlish boy who is a part of the tennis club. As a matter of fact, he acts more girlish than any other actual girls in the series. Just look at those eyes that pierce your very heart and soul. You just can’t help but be charmed by his feminine gestures.

6. Ruka

anime femboys list - ruka

Appearance – Steins;gate

Ruka is very timid and fragile in nature, yet he works hard in his own way to become a stronger person. He has a very feminine appearance and personality which causes him a lot of trouble from men.

He is someone you can’t help but want to protect at all costs.

7. Pitou

Neferpitou - best anime trap

AppearanceHunter x Hunter (Chimera Ant Arc)

Neferpitou is a chimera ant that looks like a neko girl. Despite having a cheerful and playful personality, he has a pretty scary and sadistic side to him. As if killing his enemies was not enough, he toys with their bodies. He makes their body his puppet.

However, when he was overpowered by Gon, he showed a new side of his character. He almost became like a protective mother and did everything in his power to protect Komugi.

8. Haku


Appearance – Naruto

Haku is a very nice and kind boy who is even kind to his enemies. He was abandoned as a child and was on the streets when he found someone that asked him to be “his tool” and gave him a reason to continue living.

Ever since, he loved that man who gave him a purpose, and has done everything in his power for that person.

9. Chihiro


Appearance – Danganronpa

Chihiro is the ultimate programmer, who became a trap as he was bullied in his childhood for being so weak despite being a boy. In order to escape their criticism and bullying he decided to become a girl. However, this only gave him another worry of being bullied again if people found out about his true gender.

10. Kirito

kirito trap

Appearance – Sword Art Online (GGO)

In Gun Gale Online, Kirito gets a super rare avatar that looks like a girl, due to a system error. Because of that he is often mistaken as a girl in the game.

Other Anime Traps Who Deserves A Mention!


best anime traps - tetra log horizon gif

Appearance – Log Horizon

Tetra is a fun and cheerful trap who enjoys teasing people with his girlish features. He is a self proclaimed “Galaxy Idol” although he sucks at singing.

He is very self confident and kind of arrogant, but this characteristic of him helps to improve the morale of his comrades in battle.



Appearance – Maria Holic

Mariya Shindou is a cross-dresser who attends an all-girls school called Ame no Kisaki, with the motive of winning the chairmanship of both all-girls and all-boys school.

He has a playful femininity and a kind attitude in front of others, but in reality he is a cunning and sadistic character who adjusts his personality according to the situation.



Appearance – Baka to Test

Hideyoshi has a very girlish physique similar to his sister. Being a part of the Drama club, he often has to dress up as a female, even though he doesn’t like it.

He has a very calm and stoic personality, however he doesn’t like people mistaking him for a girl. So, he clearly states his gender when people mistake him for a girl.

Hime Arikawa

hime arikawa

Appearance – Himegoto

Hime Arikawa is a feminine looking guy who got into trouble as his parents had huge amounts of debt in his name. Thankfully, the student council dealt with the debts, however he had to become their servant and had to cross-dress while at school as a consequence.

Even though he may have started cross-dressing as he had no choice but to do it at the beginning, he grew to like being a girl and started enjoying it.

Gasper Vladi

Gasper vladi - anime femboy

Appearance – High School DxD

Gasper Vladi is a cross-dressing half-vampire that has the ability to stop time. He likes to wear female clothing as he thinks they are cute.

He initially had a cowardly personality, however later on in the series, he has learned to become self-confident and courageous.

Aoi Hyoudou

Aoi Hyoudou

Appearance – Kaichou wa maid sama!

Aoi Hyoudou is a boy with a girlish figure and a purple hair. But as the net idol, he wears a curly, blonde wig and cute girlish clothing.

He adores cute and fluffy things. He also loves to be the center of attention and to toy with men’s hearts.

Kuranosuke Koibuchi

Image result for Kuranosuke Koibuchi gif

Appearance – Princess Jellyfish

The first time I saw this character, I was star struck by his beauty. I mean, look at him. God dammit, he’s hot! This is why I love anime traps!!

Kuranosuke Koibuchi was born into a well-off, political family. However he had no interest in politics whatsoever. He was more interested in Fashion. He loves cross-dressing and has a confident, flamboyant and outgoing personality.

Ritsu Sohma

ritsu Sohma - trap from fruit basket

Appearance – Fruit Basket

Ritsu Sohma is a very shy and timid boy with long, brown hair, who gets nervous all the time and apologizes a dozen times even if it is not his fault. 

He claims that wearing female clothing helps him to calm his nerves. However he was able to grow out of his nervousness little by little, and slowly starts dressing as a man.

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