Top 10 Best Hacking Anime You Must Watch!

Hackers are COOL, aren’t they? With their swiftness of fingers and presence of mind, Hackers can literally do ANYTHING!! Despite its popularity, Hacking is very rare and is insanely difficult. Depending on the person, this art can be used for both GOOD and EVIL purposes. 

Hacking Anime are full of thrill and excitement. Combine them with some action and BOOM! You have the PERFECT anime. Despite all this, there aren’t many Hacking anime out there, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this list, we will talk about some of the BEST Hacking anime that will keep you on the edges of your seats. Without wasting anymore time, let’s dive right into it! 

List Of The Best Hacking Anime

Note: There is little to no anime that has hacking as the main theme. The best we can get are stories where hacking is a minor part of a grand plot.

10. Battle Programmer Shirase:

Battle_Programmer_Shirase - Best Hacking Anime

Shirase Akira is a clever hacker and his incredible hacking techniques have earned him the nickname “Battle Programmer Shirase”. He is approached by many people in return for his services, but he doesn’t ask them for money but specialized computer parts, sold out tickets etc. 

Moreover, Akira is up against the Evil King of America who is causing troubles with the internet. That’s a cool nickname, right? This hacking anime has 15 episodes and has a LOT of FANSERVICE!! I know what you guys want to see, HEHE!!

09. Expelled from Paradise: 

Expelled from Paradise

Let me tell you something about myself. I’m a HUGE fan of unique anime and manga. ANd believe me, this one fits right into that category. Expelled From Paradise is a science fiction movie with a very fascinating plot.

After most of humanity left the Earth along with their physical forms due to nano hazard, they rebuilt themselves through the digitized minds into a society within a space station called DEVA. 

When a hacker from the Earth tried to breach security and hack into the system, they sent officer Angela Balzac in a prosthetic Material body to the Earth in order to investigate that hacker’s motives. Okay I won’t give you more spoilers lol. Go and watch this anime to find out what happens next.

08. Megazone 23:

Megazone 23

This hacking anime is based on the far future, when humanity left the Earth in gigantic ships called Megazones. Why? Because Earth became uninhabitable after a massive apocalypse.

Its story follows Shogo Yahagi, who is a motorcycle enthusiast and happens to own a bike which is a government prototype. It leads him to unleash many Startling truths about the government.

In the first two parts, the story revolves around the government trying to hack into a computer called Bahamut in order to use EVE to influence people. In the third part a new hacker named Eiji Takanaka is introduced. While the fourth part is based on freeing humanity from all its artificial computer loads.

07. Roujin Z:

Roujin Z - Best Hacking Anime

Roujin Z is a hacking anime movie based on advancement in the medical field. 

Now, let’s talk about its plot. A group of scientists and doctors have created a computerized medical bed called Z-001 with a built-in nuclear power reactor in order to drive its many advanced robotic features which helps in taking complete care of the patients.  

The first patient who volunteered to be tested by it, Kijuru Takazawa is being taken care of by a young nurse Haruko. She hires some hackers to install a vocal stimulation of Takazawa’s deceased wife in Z-001. Later on, her fear turns out to be true as she comes across a bewildering fact about Z-001. To find out what that was, watch this anime to satisfy your curiosity. 

06. .Hack//sign:


.Hack//sign is an Isekai Anime in which Tsukasa, a character in a MMORPG named The World, is controlled by a boy having the same name in the real world. However, one day he wakes up with short term memory loss and finds himself stuck in the game and is unable to logout. He doesn’t remember at all what happened before. 

Adding to his confusion, a monster appears suddenly in the form of a guardian and only responds to his commands, making others doubtful that he is a HACKER!!

Many questions must be flashing through your mind right now. How did he get stuck in there and how will he get out of the game, what was the cause of this incident and much more. Watch and find it out yourself peeps!!!

05. Summer wars:

Summer wars - Best Hacking Anime

The story of this Hacking anime follows Kenji Koiso. He is a young mathematics genius and moderator of a Virtual Reality World “Oz”. 

One day, he gets invited by the most famous girl of school, Natsuki Shinohara, to participate in her grandmother’s birthday as her fiance and meets some of her relatives including her uncle, who’s a Computer Expert.

Later on, Kenji receives an email with a mathematical code and cracks it, not knowing the consequences. This unleashes a powerful hack virus called Love machine which attacks Oz and disturbs the peace.

Now Kenji is in a difficult position to remove this virus and restore Oz back to normal.

04. Paprika:

Must watch anime movies with complex plot - Paprika

Paprika is a psychological science fiction thriller anime directed by Satisha Kon. The story follows Dr. Atsuko Chiba, who works as a scientist during the day and as a dream detective by the code name of “Paprika” at night.

They have invented a device called “Dc Mini” that lets the users see other people’s dreams and helps in the treatment of psychiatric patients, but it could destroy people’s minds if controlled by wrong hands.

The story gets more interesting as dreams and reality merge using this device. This technology gets stolen and now Atsuko and officer konakawa are in quest to find out mental terrorists in both real and dream worlds. 

03: Ergo Proxy:

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy is one of the most famous cyberpunk anime thrillers out there, showcasing humanity’s reliance on Technology and Hacking.

The story follows a post-apocalyptic future where humans and AutoReivs, the humanoid-like robots created to assist them, are coexisting with harmony in a domed city called Romdo to avoid a potentially toxic climate. 

However, a virus called Cogito virus starts affecting them, producing self awareness in them and causing murder of some humans too. 

Re-I-Mayer along with his AutoReiv Iggy has been assigned the task to solve this case and he finds out stupendous facts regarding it. 

02. Psycho-Pass:

Psycho-Pass - Best Hacking Anime

Regarded as one of the GREATEST Ccrime and Hacking anime, Psycho-Pass is set in a dystopian future Japan, governed by the Sibyl System

Sibyl system is a powerful biometric system that measures the brains and mentalities of Japanese citizens and the result is called “Psycho-Pass” which includes a crime coefficient index that shows a citizen’s crime potential and many other important things. When someone’s crime coefficient crosses the limit which is set to 100, he or she is chased and arrested or killed. Interesting!!! isn’t it? 

Akane Tsunemori obeys and works for this system and is the main character of this anime. But doubts regarding the safety of this system began to arise in her mind when she came across a criminal mastermind who could dodge this system. 

01. Ghost in the Shell-Stand Alone Complex:

Ghost In The Shell

The story of this 26 episode anime is based on a female cyborg counter intelligence agent Major Kusanagi, the leader of Public security section 9 and her support team. 

Its storyline is set in the 2030 where the distinction between digital and physical world has been obscured. The relation between humanity and technology has been stretched beyond imagination. Complete body transplants from flesh to machine have been made possible. However, this has also increased the risk and severity of crimes. 

Public security section 9 investigates such serious crimes and is now presented with a much difficult task of investigating the famous serial killer and hacker known as “The Laughing man”, who shocked the entire Japan with his crimes.

Final Thoughts

I hope you guys enjoyed this list. There are very few Hacking Anime out there and I’ve tried my best to compile the BEST list for you guys. Also, these anime are not RANKED!!

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