My Dress Up Darling Season 2 Confirmed: Release Date, Plot & More!

My Dress Up Darling is a romance, slice of life anime that took the anime community by a storm. It became instantly popular because of its main female character, Marin Kitagawa. Fans who’ve fallen in love with her wanted to see more of her. And the production studio just confirmed My Dress Up Darling season 2!

Yes, you heard that right. The second season of Sono Bisque Doll is under production right now. If everything goes as planned, it might release sometime in 2024.

While the exact release date has not been announced, just the fact that the show is getting renewed makes fans happy.

In this article, I’ll go indepth and speculate My Dress Up Darling season 2’s possible release date. Then, we’ll talk about the possible plot, cast, and other details!

My Dress Up Darling Season 2 Overview

Name of the SeasonMy Dress Up Darling
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreRomance, School, Comedy
Initial Release DateJanuary 9, 2022
Sono Bisque Doll Season 2 Renewal StatusConfirmed (in production)
Sono Bisque Doll Season 2 Release DateNo official dates announced
Sono Bisque Doll Season 2 Manga ChaptersChapter 40 and beyond

My Dress-Up Darling goes beyond the usual popular-girl-unpopular-guy theme, delving into diverse personalities, like introverted Gojo and extroverted Marin Kitagawa.

In this captivating series, Marin’s unapologetic cosplaying spirit intertwines with Gojo’s sewing talent, forming a genuine bond. It’s a delightful exploration of youthful exuberance, gender roles, and passion devotion. As they spend more time together, their chemistry deepens, and Marin acknowledges her feelings first.

My Dress Up Darling Season 2 Release Date

My Dress Up Darling Season 2 Release Date

Get ready for the second season of My Dress-Up Darling, expected in winter 2024. The first season, launched a year ago, gained global praise.

Fans are excited about the return of Gojo and Marin after the September 2022 announcement of the new season. Aniplex has given the green light for the sequel to “Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi ni Suru,” expressing hope for ongoing support.

Aniplex confirms the second season is underway. While specific details are pending, fans can anticipate a winter or spring 2024 release, available on Crunchyroll.

However, remember that the 2024 release is just a speculation at this point. The actual release date has not been announced yet. Most anime only get relesed after at least 2 years from the initial date of announcement. So, there is a possiblity that there might be a delay in release.

Is There Enough Source Material For Sono Bisque Doll 2?

Yes, there is enough source material for My Dress Up Darling season 2. This is why the producers announced a second installment.

The manga Sono Bisuku Dōru wa Koi o Suru is the source material for the anime. It is still on going and has 12 volumes so far. This is almost around 100 chapters.

“Sono Bisque Doll” Season 1 ended at episode 12, covering manga chapter 39, volume five. Season 2 will pick up from chapter 40, assuring fans more manga-based excitement.

What Will Happen In My Dress Up Darling Season 2?

My Dress Up Darling Season 2 Trailer

Marin’s heartfelt confession to a dozing Gojo in the finale leaves fans wondering if he heard. Season 2 may unravel this mystery and explore the aftermath of Marin’s bold move.

Speculations suggest a focus on Marin’s cosplay journey and the introduction of new characters like the cross-dressing Amane.

Fans anticipate the adaptation of the manga’s school festival arc, showcasing Gojo and Marin’s creative cosplaying.

The absence of a classic “sick” episode in the first season has viewers hoping for its inclusion in Season 2, along with potential twists involving Gojo’s childhood friend.

Which Studio Will Animate Sono Bisque Doll 2?

CloverWorks, known for “My Dress-Up Darling” Season 1, emerged from A-1 Pictures in 2018. They’ve produced 30+ anime series and films, including acclaimed works like “Wonder Egg Priority” and the award-winning “Spy x Family.”

The studio, led by producer Shota Umehara, who played a significant role in the success of “Wonder Egg Priority,” is rumored to continue with “My Dress-Up Darling” Season 2. Although not officially confirmed, Umehara’s involvement hints at the sequel staying with CloverWorks.

Fans praised CloverWorks for their faithful adaptation of Season 1, expressing appreciation for the studio’s dedication to character portrayal. If Season 2 remains with CloverWorks, it’s expected to maintain the high standards that impressed fans in the first installment.

Cast & Characters Of Sono Bisque Doll 2

Cast & Characters Of Sono Bisque Doll 2

Official information on the return of cast members for My Dress-Up Darling sequel is pending. Stay tuned for updates upon release details.

While it’s likely the original cast will return, await official confirmation. Regardless, here are the voice actors who might play a role in Sono Bisque Doll 2:

  • Shouya Ishige as Wakana Gojou
  • Hina Suguta as Marin Kitagawa
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Sajuna Inui
  • Hina Youmiya as Shinju Inui
  • Larissa Takeda Tago as Nowa Sugaya
  • Atsushi Ono as Kaoru Gojou

Find the list of all noteable Sono Bisque Doll characters on this list.

Where Can I Watch My Dress Up Darling Season 2?

Where Can I Watch My Dress Up Darling Season 2?

We don’t have any official information on streaming platforms of the second season yet. However, assuming that it might be the same as the first season, the following OTT services might relese the season two:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation
  • Aniplus TV
  • BiliBili
  • Laftel
  • Wakanim
  • iQIYI

Another option to watch season 2 of Sono Bisque Doll would be using Blu-ray. Once the sequel finishes airing, a blu-ray set of the season will release. You can buy it from the official website of the anime. Other online retailers like Amazon and eBay might also have it for sale.

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