10+ Best Angel Anime Boys Of All Time

Angel anime boys are characters with heavenly charm. Popular shows like Platinum, Saint Seiya, and Neon Genesis Evangelion have such characters whom fans love.

Oh, and, I’m sure you all know what Angels are, but just in case, below is a description about them.

Angels are heavenly creatures with magnificent appearance, possessing supernatural abilities and great power. It is said that they were created as messengers to serve the Gods and carry out important works between earth and heavens. 

There are a LOT of female Angel characters out there and as a matter of fact, we don’t really see angel anime guy characters. I don’t understand the reason behind it. Anyways, we have compiled a list of Male characters that are the god’s messengers!!

11. The Six Holy Beasts (Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan):

The Six Holy Beasts (Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan)

In Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan, Zeus is a powerful god who creates the six holy beasts in order to rule life on earth. These angels are given different responsibilities to manage the earth.

The six angels of the saint beast are: Saint beast Goh, who has amazing leadership qualities; Saint beast Shin, who has the ability to manipulate time; Saint beast Rey, having the gift of flight just like birds; Saint beast Gai, having the ability to control the laws of nature; Saint Beast Judas, having the ability to heal and Saint Beast Luca, having the quality of mind reading. 

10. Lucifer (Saint Seiya Movie 4: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle):

Lucifer (Saint Seiya Movie 4: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle)

Saint Seiya Movie 4: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle follows the story of a group of powerful saints who have taken the oath to protect holy places of the gods. 

Lucifer is an angel anime guy who has fallen out of grace. He was initially chosen as Heaven’s most obliged angel, but he was expelled for rebellion. After reawakening from his eternal sleep, he is after Athena, The Goddess Of Wisdom and War. His ultimate motive is to become the most powerful of all the Gods. 

09. Samataro Kamiyama (God’s Family: Kamisama Kazoku):

Samataro Kamiyama (God’s Family: Kamisama Kazoku)

Samatarou Kamiyama is a fan favorite anime male angel. He is a high school boy, but actually he is the son of a god and goddess. He, along with his siblings have come to live on the earth as ordinary human beings in order to know the sufferings of their people and gain knowledge about them. In this way, they’ll be able to become better gods and goddesses. 

Things get complicated when he meets his newly enrolled school fellow Kumiko, and develops feelings for her. Now it has become difficult for him to decide whether to use his powers to make her feel the same way for him or abstain from using them. Just wondering, who wouldn’t want to have such powers to make the person we love feel the same way for us. 

08. Chihaya and Kagetsuya (Earthian):

Chihaya and Kagetsuya - Best Angel Anime Boys

Earthian is a very interesting anime that follows the story of Aliens from another planet named Eden, monitoring the people of earth. They have sent teams of guardian angels on earth to keep the record of all the events. If the score reaches a certain threshold, they’ll destroy the earth. 

Chihaya and Kagetsuya are angel anime boys with opposite tasks. Chihaya keeps the record of all the good things earth offers while Kagetsuya keeps the record of all the negative things. The future of earth depends upon the info they are tallying and the balance between positive and negative qualities.

07. Kai Misonou and Shou Hamura (Angel’s Feather OVA):

Kai Misonou and Shou Hamura (Angel’s Feather OVA)

Angel’s feather follows the story of a royal family that lived in the Winfield kingdom. They had great wings and the gift of magic. Kai Misonou and Shou Hamura were twin brothers and Princes of this royal family in their previous lives. However, they were separated after Shou left Kai (his younger brother) in an orphanage and told him to forget about their relationship. 

As a result, both of them have no memories from the past in their present lives. Although they are studying in the same school, they don’t recognize each other. When the best friend of Kai gets killed, his elder brother Shou saves him and they start getting flashbacks from the past. They both possess the great white wings of the Winfield family and power of magic to fight.

06. Setsuna Mudo aka Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary OVA: Tenshi Kinryouku):

Setsuna Mudo aka Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary OVA: Tenshi Kinryouku)

Angel Sanctuary follows the story of a high school boy, Setsuna Mudo, who discovers that he possesses extraordinary powers. He knows that he has to fight off angels and devils when the occasion of his rebirth comes. He is also having inappropriate feelings for his younger sister, Sara. Weird..nah? 

On the day of his rebirth, Setsuna becomes Alexiel, the most powerful and high ranked anime male angel to ever fight against the god. Just like Lucifer, he announces the disobedience of god and rebels. 

05. Apollonius aka Apollo (Genesis of Aquarion:Sousei no Aquarion): 

Apollonius aka Apollo (Genesis of Aquarion:Sousei no Aquarion)

Genesis of Aquarion follows the story of angel anime boys, who harvest an energy source named ‘Plana’ for them on earth. A dreadful battle occurs between them and humans. One of the shadow angels, Apollonius betrays his own kind after falling in love with a girl named Celiane. 

Apollonius helps the humans to become victorious against the shadow angels by sending them away. However, years later, the shadow angels return to attack humanity once again. 

Humans start digging out old weapons called Vectors, that were used for battles in the past against the shadow angels. Apollo, a boy from a poor family, flies one of the Vectors from the past in the battle and helps in saving humanity. Rumors say that Apollo is actually the rebirth of Apollonius from the past. 

04. Dark Mousy (D.N. Angel):

Dark Mousy (D.N. Angel) - Best Angel Anime Boys

D.N. Angel follows the story of a boy named Daisuke Niwa, who falls in love with a girl named Risa. He expresses his feelings to her, but gets rejected and it breaks his heart.

After some time, Daisuke starts experiencing unexplainable physical changes. He finds out that they are the result of a genetic mutation which causes the males of the Niva family to inherit the spirit of Dark Mousy

Whenever Daisuke thinks of his crush, Dark Mousy appears with black angel wings. Now, the only way for Daisuke to become normal again is reciprocation of the same feelings by Risa. 

03. Michael (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis):

Michael (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis) - Best Angel Anime Boys

The Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, follows the story of residents of Mistarcia, who are plagued with extreme fear of a frightening Dragon, Bahamut

Bahamut created havoc with his powers in the Mistarcia until they joined forces to confine his powers in a single “Key”. The key was guarded by many gods and humans. However, one day, its part was stolen by a woman.

Michael is a powerful and fierce Arch-angel in the Rage of Bahamut:Genesis, and has played a great supporting role in it. Although he was involved in losing the key part, he kept the woman from unlocking Bahamut’s seal.

02. Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion):

Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Neon Genesis Evangelion follows the story of the future when a group of angels have attacked the Earth. A group of 14 year old pilots have been formed by an organization, NERV, and given responsibility to stop the angels. 

Kaworu Nagisa is a part of this story and is known to be the 17th angel and 5th child. However, he has got a human body and doesn’t consider himself an angel. He has a brief but impactful role in the Neon Genesis Evangelion. So I’ve listed him in the top 10 angel anime guys.

01. Revel (Platinum End):

Revel - 10+ Best Angel Anime Boys Of All Time

Revel is one of the main anime male angel characters from the Platinum End series.

The anime is about a survival game where angels give powers to suicidal humans and make them fight. The surviving “god candidate” will literally rule time and space. That is to say, they will become the next GOD.

Revel is the “Angel of Emotion.” However, he is more analytic and logical at the start. Only near the end of the series was he able to truly shine and rank up as an angel.

Given his fun personality, very real attitude, and character development, I’d say he is the best angel boy in all of anime.

Final Words

That’s it folks! These are the top 10 popular angel anime boys of all time! I really hope you like this list. It took some time to compile it, but anything for y’all!! 

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