Top 10 Best Fire Force Female Characters Fans Love!

Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force) is one of the most POPULAR new-gen anime. Mesmerizing animation, compelling plot, and jaw-dropping moments, this show has it ALL!! But, do you know what makes it even better? The adorable cast of Fire Force Female Characters!

Fire Force is one of those very few shows that have a STRONG Female Cast. You’ll see a LOT of new-gen anime in which the girl characters are generally ignored and don’t play any significant role, but that’s not the case with this anime. 

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the BEST Female Characters from Fire Force!! Without any further ado, let’s dive right into it!! 

List Of The Best Fire Force Female Characters

1. Iris:

Iris - Best Fire Force Female Characters

Iris is one of the most popular female characters from Fire Force out there. She used to be a sister of a temple, but now she’s become a part of the special Fire Force. She’s also the Eighth Pillar and doppelganger of Amaterasu.

Although she isn’t a very competent fighter, she’s blessed with other valuable abilities and powers that makes her one of the most important members of the Fire Force. She possesses the ability to heal wounds through her medical knowledge and can perform prayers that allow infernals to pass on with ease. 

2. Oze Maki:

Maki Oze - best Enen no Shouboutai girls

Maki, yet another popular Fire Force female character, is a Leader of Tokyo Special Fire Force Company 8 and daughter of General Oze. She’s a former soldier with muscular appearance and possesses great fighting abilities. 

Maki defends her entire team using 2nd generation pyrokinetic powers that help her reflect the incoming fire attacks and return them to the enemies. Imagine being her enemy..lol!!! you’ll get all the shots backfired at you.

To be honest, Maki is my personal favorite character in the entire series. I mean, look at her physique. She’s the PERFECT WAIFU!! What do you guys think? 

3. Kotatsu Tamaki:

Tamaki - Best Fire Force Female Characters

Now, let’s talk about Tamaki, a former member of Special Fire Force Company 1. She is a Third Generation 2nd Class Fire Soldier and is the main female character of Fire Force. Tamaki eventually joined Special Fire Force Company 8. She has mastered an ignition ability called Nekomata that comes from a Third-Generation Pyrokinetic. 

Tamaki is famous for her strong sense of justice and fearless attitude in protecting his teammates. Although she acquires comparatively less strength than others, she never lets herself down in front of anyone and fights with all she has got.

Sometimes I feel like Tamaki is there just for the sake of FAN SERVICE!!  

4. Hibana:

Hibana - best Enen no Shouboutai girls

Hibana is one of the dark skinned Fire force female characters. She is an ambitious Third Generation Pyrokinetic, who used to be the Captain in the Special Fire Force Company 5. 

In the beginning, she used to be a bad girl who enjoyed torturing the infernals. But, her fateful encounter with Shinra changed her completely and now, she’s a happy-go-lucky woman who is deeply in LOVE with Shinra. 

She’s a bit manipulative, but at the same time, she’s protective of the people she cares about. She possesses an ability called “Clematis”, which allows her to create flower-shaped flames with her hands. She can also control the temperature of the surroundings, which makes her one of the BEST Firefighters. 

5. Haumea: 

Haumea - Best Fire Force Female Characters

Talking about evil Fire Force female characters, Haumea is another one. Her evil personality has resulted from years of hearing of the darkest secrets of humanity. She is affiliated to White Clad and became the Second Pillar after acquiring the ability of Adolla burst

Haumea possesses the Ignition Ability and utilizes it as an Electric Shock User. The most interesting thing about her is that she can use these electric shocks to destroy any electrical system and can control people through these signals. Interesting!!! Nah?

6. Inca Kasugatani: 

Inca - best Enen no Shouboutai girls

Inca is a crazy Fire Force female character that is popular with fans who love badass, psychotic girls. She is the Fifth Pillar and an ex-member of the White Clad. She also acquired the ability of Adolla burst and is a Third Generation Pyrokinetic. She was a girl with no interest in life until she witnessed people combusting to death during the Great Fire that arose a deep desire inside her to live and help people.

You all must have heard about the ability to tell the name of a food by its smells, right? But have you ever heard about someone predicting the path of flames by their scent? If no, then lemme tell you that Inca possesses this extremely rare quality. She uses this ability to save people from fires and accepts goods in return. 

7. Evangelist:

Evangelist - Best Fire Force Female Characters

I’m pretty sure all of us believed that Evangelist was a GUY in the beginning, right? It turns out she’s a gorgeous WAIFU!! Evangelist is the Leader of White Clad and possesses stupendous abilities such as causing earthquakes, moving through the Tears in space and blinding those who look at her directly. I think she’s trying to copy Medusa here. She is the one who taught White Clad the reason behind spontaneous human combustion and the mystery of the Adolla burst. 

There’s another interesting fact about her that anyone possessing an Adolla link is able to create a connection with Evangelist and can pass Fourth Generation abilities through it as well. 

8. Amaterasu: 

Amaterasu - best Enen no Shouboutai girls

Amaterasu is one of the key Fire force female characters who play a vital role in the story. She is the doppelganger of Iris and one of the survivors of the Great Cataclysm. She also possessed the power of Adolla Burst and was known to be the First Pillar

 After Yona found her, she encased her in a container, handed over to Raffles Smith’s gang in order to use her Adolla burst to power Tokyo and generate power for the Eternity style Thermal Power Generation. 

 She was also considered the Pillar of Madness due to her hatred towards humanity. While inside Adolla, Haumea would absorb her powers and cause destructive explosions. 

9. Arrow:

Arrow - Best Fire Force Female Characters

Arrow used to be a Third Generation Pyrokinetic and is affiliated to the Knights of the Ashen Flame, granting her the rank of Guardian of the Third Pillar. She is a loyal servant of Evangelist and doesn’t care about harming others for the sake of her master. 

If we talk about her abilities, she is a Third Generation, having the ability to create bows and arrows made of flame. She has a sharp eyesight that allows her to fire from long ranges and that’s why she is a long distance combatant.

10. Lisa Isaribi:

Lisa - best Enen no Shouboutai girls

 Lisa is one of the main Fire Force female characters. She is a former Third Generation Pyrokinetic and now a member of Special Fire Force Company 8. She has also served the Knights of the Ashen Flame and was known there as “Feeler”.

She is a Third Generation and possesses the ability to exhibit Octopus-Like Tentacles in order to smash her enemies with blunt force and wrestle them. Lisa used to be kind and honest in the beginning, but now she is ready to go to any extent to achieve her aims. Nevertheless, she still cares for her colleagues. 

Final Words

That’s it folks!! These are the top 10 fire force female characters of all time! I just want to remind you that this list is not RANKED!!! I have placed them according to my own preferences, so don’t get MAD if your favorite character is not at first place!

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