10+ Best Anime Like the Monogatari Series

Hello and welcome to Anime Everything Online! In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the best anime like Monogatari Series!

The Monogatari series, or Bakemonogatari, is a fairly popular story involving Koyomi Araragi. He had a near-death experience involving a vampire but was saved at the last second. The plus side to that incident was Koyomi acquiring some amazing abilities.

It was hard to live as a normal student after that incident, but he tried his level best while being accompanied by the class president. One day, while helping another student who almost fell down from the stairs, Koyomi realizes that he can help others who are also suffering from supernatural ailments. With that in mind, we will take a look at some of the best anime similar to the Monogatari series.

12. A certain scientific magical index

A certain scientific magical index

The Academy City of Japan is at the forefront of scientific achievements, as they have made leaps and bounds in their progress. Students inhabit the majority of the city and they are looking to increase their psychic abilities. Among them is our main character, Touma, whose power is the Imagine Breaker.

Using that, he can nullify the powers of others. One day, Touma comes across a girl whose life is in grave danger and decides to make it his life’s mission to save her. Both of these anime are about a protagonist with supernatural power who rescues several girls and slowly increases his harem.

11. Strike the blood

Strike the blood - best anime similar to monogatari series

Strike the Blood is a vampire anime like Monogatari series that has several seasons.

Imagine being Kojou Akatsuki and leading your life peacefully in the Demon District. But suddenly, one day, you are discovered as the Fourth Primogenitor, and everything comes to a halt. According to legends, the Fourth Primogenitor is a destructive vampire who will unleash his wrath on people.

In order for that not to happen, the Lion King Organization tasks Yukima with keeping an eye on him. This duo of strangers has no choice but to team up and take down the disturbances that keep popping up all over the city. In both of these anime, the main character tries to come to terms with their vampire abilities.

10. UQ Holder

UQ Holder

Touta Konoe was going about his life just like any other day when suddenly his mother decided to reveal a major truth. She tells him about her identity as a vampire and also saves him. This somehow causes Touta to become immortal, thus completely changing his life in the process.

Now he has the chance to complete his lifelong dream of climbing the top of a tower that reaches into space. And as a bonus, he also gets to meet other people like him along the way who are the “UQ holders”. Just like in Monogatari, we find a boy here who accidentally gains the power of a vampire.

9. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun - best anime like monogatari series

TBHK is an anime like Monogatari series that has a similar theme and setting.

There are lots of Japanese legends circulating in schools, but the most popular among them is about Hanako-san. She is a girl who haunts the school bathrooms and will grant her summoner’s wish.

A girl named Nene goes to try this idea but accidentally discovers that Hanako is actually a boy. Somehow, she quickly becomes involved with him and learns about the true nature of his job. These two anime are similar in the fact that the main character deals with otherworldly powers.

This anime is also about to get a remastered version soon, so you will have more content to enjoy if you’ve already watched it.

8. Durarara


The Ikebukuro district in Japan is full of rumors. But one particular story sticks out among the rest. According to an urban legend, there is a headless biker, the Black Rider who is navigating the streets. Meanwhile, Mikado is another character who has always wanted to be wrapped up in the excitement of the city.

So when a childhood friend brings up that idea, he agrees to it without any hesitation. And lo and behold, he comes across the Black Rider on the first day itself. Soon, he ends up getting involved in all the unusual activities happening in the city. He has to try and figure out a way to stop the commotion. Durarara involves supernatural events, just like Monogatari.

This anime also has a gang war theme like Tokyo Revengers anime.

7. Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge - best anime similar to monogatari series

If you are looking for a comedy anime like Monogatari series, then Arakawa Under The Bridge is for you!

Being born into a wealthy house of a businessman, Kou Ichinomiya is reluctant to give up his high status. And the only way he thinks he can do it is by not owing a debt to anyone. But rarely do things work out the way we want them to, and the same thing happens in the case of Kou. One day he was walking across the Arakawa Bridge when suddenly, due to some kids making mischief, he fell into the river.

Luckily, a homeless girl living under the bridge saves him. But this turns out to be another complication, as he owes his life to her and she only wants to fall in love. The two anime are similar in the respect that they progress through a series of mishaps between the two leads.

6. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

This story is about a high school teacher who sounds a lot like a lot of teenagers nowadays. His name is Nozomu, and he is one of the biggest pessimists in anime history. Even the slightest mishap is enough to start a fire of despair within him. Some of these misfortunes can even be so severe as to push him towards suicide.

Of course, there are other students in his school who equally have a quirky personality like Nozomu, and most of these interactions revolve around them. There is also a girl named Kafuuka who is completely different from her sensei. She is hyper-optimistic, but it’s a shame this doesn’t catch on to Nozomu.

5. Katanagatari

Katanagatari - best anime like monogatari series

If you’re looking for a serious anime similar to Monogatari series with action and adventure, this show is for you!

We are brought back to the Edo era of Japan, where various sword fighting techniques were practiced. Among them, Shichika practices a unique technique called Kyotouryuu. In this special move, the user uses their own body as a blade.

Everything was going fine when suddenly the brilliant strategist Togame came with a request. Shichika agreed to it reluctantly, and the duo set off on their way to find those Deviant Blades. Similar to Monogatay, here we see the main character getting involved with the girl under weird circumstances.

4. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

The way teenagers are affected by Puberty Syndrome is mostly seen as a myth in this story. But one student by the name of Sakuta knows very well that it is no joke, and students like him suffer from it. So, one day, when Sakuta sees Mai wandering the lanes of the library in a bunny girl costume, he decides to ask her about it.

Lo and behold, Mai suffers from the same disease, and Sakuta decides to help her. In this way, he also comes across other girls who also have Puberty Syndrome. This is an anime like Monogatari because the main character finds out about girls with issues and tries to help them.

3. The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy - best anime similar to monogatari series

What happens when a college student comes across the god of matrimony? Find out in The Tatami Galaxy, where we follow the footsteps of a lonely guy. He has spent most of his college years trying to split up the couples on his campus. This stems from bitter jealousy, and now he regrets it.

He even decides to ask out a girl but fails to keep up with his determination. While having the regret that he could have had a better college life, he is soon teleported back to the starting point of his first year in college. He gets a second chance to undo his past mistakes this way. Much like Monogatari, the Tatami Galaxy brings out the tension between the characters as a selling point.

2. xxxHOLiC


This is a supernatural anime similar to Monogatari series where we get to see all sorts of unusual things.

Some may think that the ability to see spirits and supernatural beings is a really cool power. But only those with this ability know how difficult it can be to manage it. Kimihiro Watanuki is one of those guys, and one day he is compelled to take shelter in a mysterious house after being bugged continuously by these spirits.

A strange lady by the name of Yuuko lives in that house and promises Watanuki to cure him of this ability. But there is a catch! He has to start working in her shop, where they grant people’s wishes. In an uncanny similarity to Monogatari, we see the protagonist with a supernatural ability helping others to the best of his abilities.

1. Oregairu

Oregairu - best anime like monogatari series

Hikigaya Hachiman is an unsocial kid who has a nihilistic approach to the world. He doesn’t believe in joyful youth and considers it a farce. After seeing his essay, his teacher decides to make him join the volunteer club. He meets Yukino there, who is the infamous ice princess in school. The two of them have to help the various students in school who will come to them with their problems.

But the way Hikigaya views the world can certainly prove to be a thorn in their side. On the other hand, it remains to be seen if he can use that ability to his advantage and solve their problems in a way that will leave everyone awestruck. Just like Koyomi in Monogatari, Hikigaya goes around helping others in his school.

That’s it for this post! These are all the 10+ best anime like Monogatari series that you must watch!

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