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15+ Amazing Adult Manhwa Like Secret Class You Must Read!

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the best adult manhwa like Secret Class. Secret class is a manhwa series for mature audience that is also known as Bimilsueop / 비밀 수업 / 秘密教學..

It explores the forbidden relationship between family members and how they continue to do it while keeping this a secret. Unlike traditional adult manga/doujin, these manhwa series have dozens of chapters and are practically a full-blown story.

Here are some of the hottest mature manhwa series similar to Secret Class that features a relationship between the main male protagonist and an older women.

19. Staying with Ajumma

Staying with Ajumma - korean mom hentai

Jeong-Hoo is an orphan whose only source of joy was an adult women named Ajumma. After being fired his job, he moves in with Ajumma and Noona and starts living with them.

Naturally, when a man and a women stay home together, they will see more things that are private to each other. And so they get involved with each others as adults.

18. Phone S*x

Phone S*x

Phone S*x Manhwa (폰섹) is 2022’s OnGoing webtoon. 5iron illustrated this manhwa and Shrinel wrote the story.

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This is a drama/harem/mature webtoon that contains some hot man and women action.

Woo-sung calls adult hotlines to de-stress himself. One day he speaks to a hostress whose voice is familiar to him.

One day, he goes on a blind date with a beautiful women. He soon realizes her voice matches his dream girl from the hotline.

17. Don’t be like that Son-in-law

Don’t be like that Son-in-law - korean mom hentai

Don’t be like that son-in-law is an adult manhwa like secret class that has 36 chapters and finished its story.

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Yoo Aeran and Kim Jihoon began as in-laws. Despite Aeran’s mid-40s, he’s drawn to her, and their breathtaking cohabitation begins.

If you’d like to see some forbidden romance with the family, this is one of the best manhwa out there.

16. A Knowing Sister

A Knowing Sister

A knowing sister is mature webtoon featuring some girl on girl action. If you are into the Yuri category this one is definitely for you!

Haeyoung has been in a long relationship with her girlfriend Senna. And she is excited finally have an “benefitable” relationship with her.

This is a beautifully illustrated manhwa that might be lacking in the story/plot but makes up for it with the artstyle.

15. Solmi’s Channel – Specials

Solmi's Channel - Specials

Jinsoo, an augmented reality engineer, wants to use the technology creatively.

Solmi, a camgirl, asks him to create adult content for her live stream show.

He finally has enough money to design holographic clothes that allow people to walk around naked or gadgets that boost sensual pleasure. With his help Solmi’s channel now has some hot, high-tech ecchi content.

14. The Runaway Family

The Runaway Family - korean mom hentai

Since his father remarried a younger woman and abandoned him, Eun-Yul lives alone in a huge mansion.

Eun-Yul invited a group of people with their own stories and problems to live with him and form a family. Eun-Yul didn’t expect his new’sisters’ to tempt him.

A longing he can’t control! A strange cohabitation story begins!

13. No More, No Less

No More, No Less

One day, the MC’s ultra clumsy high school teacher randomly calls while being drunk and accusses him for her troubles. The MC, as the class president, had to help her out all the time during his high school days as she was so clumsy for a teacher and can’t get things done properly. It has been two years since then.

Since this call was so random and he also knew her, he decides to check on her one last time.

At the end, they both get too wasted drinking alcohol and the next morning they’re in bed together…

12. The Perfect Roommates

The Perfect Roommates - korean mom hentai

This is another adult manhwa like Secret class thaat involves mature relationship between people who live under the same roof.

One day, the MC’s father re-marries a women and leaves the wife and her two daughters alone in house with the MC.

As you can guess from the plot, this is a story about forbidden relationship between MC and his step-mom and step-sisters.

11. All About That Game Life

All About That Game Life

This is an adult manhwa like Secret class that features a story where two roommates get involved in mature stuff together. The MC and Amber have been friends since childhood and were huge gaming addict.

After the MC finished his college, Amber took him in as a roommate and they’ve been gaming day and night.

This is a beautiful romance story between two gamers living in the same place.

10. What’s Wrong?

whats wrong

Why not have fun? What’s wrong with that? Chance encounters that turn into steamy hookups, old relationships that take not-so-subtle turns, one-time hookups that become more… Join many hot characters on their adventures.

9. Dirty Reverie

Dirty Reverie

One girl died a virgin, against her will. Now she is reincarnated as a luscious succubus searching for a virgin to ravish.

Song Woorim, a handsome, chaste college student, fits her needs… She starts seducing him.

8. Fitness


Fitness is an adult manhwa like Secret class where about two childhood friends who’ve grown up into mature people.

Also, as the name of this manhwa suggests it is about Fitness and Gym. The MC of this manhwa is a gym trainer even though he is thin compared to his fellow trainer who is popular with the girls.

One day the MCs childhood friend decideds to join his gym and his rival trainer has his eyes set on her. Read the fitness manhwa to learn what happens next!

7. Pleasure Delivery

Pleasure Delivery

Gin-woo the main protagonist of this story who has graduated college but yet to find a job. One day, his mom nags him to get a work. The MC gets out of the house to get some fresh air and escape his mom’s complaints.

This is when he sees his college buddy doing a delivery to the next door. Soon after he starts hearing moans from that house. Curiously, the MC takes a peek at watches his friend on action with the lady living next door.

The MC asks him about his job and it seems like his friend works for a company called “Pleasure Delivery.”

6. Keep it a secret from your mother!

Keep it a secret from your mother! - Adult Manhwa Like Secret Class

The MC of this story is a hard working student who scored good grades and got a scholarship in a good college in another city. Since he was moving away from his hosue, his mother arranged a stay for him at her friend’s house.

Now he has to live with beautiful Aunty Yeona and her hot daughter who is about the same age as him. You can figure how things will go on from this point.

5. Maidens In-law

Maidens In-law manhwa like secret class

The MC of this manhwa has been in sort of an abusive relationship with his brother. With his parents gone, his brother was the one that gave him education. But he would always beat him whenever he feels like it.

The MC’s female friend was also in love with his brother which bothered him. But he couldn’t do anything and 7 years pass. The brother is married to some other women now, leaving the MC’s female friend heart broken.

The two end up making out. But this is not where it stops, he starts developing feelings for his brother’s wife and a forbidden relationship with his sister in law begins.

4. Love Navigation

Love Navigation

The MC of this adult manhwa is a sad virgin who signed up for a college course just because it had the word “s*x” on it. But it was completely boring and different from what he had imagined.

This is when he found a phone with an app called Love Nagivation in a restaurant. It is like a GPS that will take him to girls in need.

3. Boarding Diary

Boarding Diary - Adult Manhwa Like Secret Class

Freshman Joonwoo is staying with a friend near school. Mikyung, the boarding house mistress and a beautiful middle aged women, takes care of the MC and his friend.

One day, the MC finds her watching a secret video in her room while caring for me. This is how the relationship between the MC and the mistress begins.

2. My Landlady Noona

My Landlady Noona - Adult Manhwa Like Secret Class

Ha-ri is a really kind hearted, yet an air headed landlord who has been taking care of Min-woo from his childhood days. Min-woo’s parents had asked her to take care of him, and so our MC, Min-woo, lives rent free in a place that Ha-ri owns.

However, Min-woo always hated her and always calls her an “old lady” as she was known as the “stupid” among his friends and he doesn’t want to associate much with her. This is because she is extremely gullible and easily fooled. This is also why he uses her to as a maid to do all his chores.

As time flies and the MC becomes 20 and his friends start saying that he is living with a hot women and his an idiot to waste it. This is also when a series of weird events happened and Ha-ri ended up without her dress while having Min-woo around. However, she says that she only sees him as a kid and not a man. She is not bothered that something could happen between her and him.

The MC gets angry because of this and gets the action started.

1. Stepmother’s Friends

Stepmother’s Friends - Adult Manhwa Like Secret Class

The MC of this adult manhwa like Secret class comes from a super rich family. His father gave him everything money can offer in place of his dead mother.

But now, as a 26 year old virgin he finds himself at a difficult spot when he gets a 32 year old step mom. One day, his step mother’s friends visited the house and he ends up getting into a mature relationship with them.

These were my top 15+ recommendations of manhwa similar to Secret Class. Hope you found something new to enjoy. Happy reading!

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