5 Interesting Facts About Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is Demon Slayer’s protagonist and he shows himself to be a very obstinate anime character, ready to do anything for his sister Nezuko Kamado whenever she is in trouble.

He draws his strength from the tragedies of the past and becomes stronger every day to achieve his main goal: avenge his family and get his sister back to her human form.

Let’s have a look at 5 interesting facts about this extraordinary young boy!

1 : Tanjiro’s Physical Characteristics

The first important thing to note is that every Demon Slayer character has unique physical traits. Tanjiro has many uncommon features too. Like his Demon Slayer Mark on the forehead. It’s a mysterious red stain that is said to appear on a strong Demon Slayer. Another notable aspect is that Tanjiro has a very hard forehead. Also, he has rough hands probably because of his long-endured training under the watchful eyes of his master Urokodaki Sakonji. This detail is something that we are not used to seeing in traditional manga. Instead of this we frequently see smooth skin which is common to most anime characters.

Another particularity about Tanjiro’s physical appearance is that he is small for his age. Unlike in Fullmetal Alchemist this is not for humoristic purposes either. Regardless, it’s been a long time since we had such a great, short anime protagonist. Tanjiro hasn’t been cursed in any way, so his height comes from his natural genes. Welcome to the tiny heroes gang! 

smol nezuko & smol tanjiro
Smol Tanjiro & Nezuko

There are a lot of little details on mister Kamado that don’t really catch the eye. He isn’t tall, nor athletic, he has no charisma and is overall not gifted at all. But this is actually what makes him so cool. Because, when you put these details together you get a very deep and unique anime hero to whom many can identify themselves with. He has to go through big struggles to reach his goals. His life is hard and he suffers a lot but never gives up!

2 : Tanjiro, a Demon Slayer?

He isn’t born a Demon Slayer. The only things that makes him stand a chance are:

  • His overdeveloped sense of smell.
  • The will to obtain what he wants no matter what it takes.
  • His intelligence in any given situation like the time where he nearly outsmarted Giyu when he was out to kill Nezuko at the very first episode.

Giyu vs Nezuko Kamado

With his superhuman smelling ability he can detect any entity and its position. He can even figure the events of the near past with this ability alone. This gift will be super helpful in his Demon Slayer quests as it will allows him to know where to strike. But before reaching such a mastery of his scent he must go through very tough training with Urokodaki for about 2 years! Thanks to this insane training, he develops lightning speed and unmatched strength which will enable him to defeat the hand Demon and avenge Sabito, Makomo and all the deceased children of the Sagiri Mountain.

Finally, he has also mastered the Water Breathing technique and its many forms.

3 : Tanjiro’s Demon Slayer Mark

demon-slayer best shounen anime

As we all know Tanjiro has some kind of mark on his forehead. At first sight we can mistake it for a scar but in reality it is a birthmark that transforms into a Demon Slayer Mark after his fight with the Hand Demon during the final selection. This mysterious stain can manifest itself on the body of a powerful Demon Slayer. As of now its origin is still unknown but what we can affirm is that the mark significantly increases his fighting abilities allowing him to dodge and counter Demon’s attacks without getting hurt. The only inconvenience is that he can’t use the mark frequently and when he uses it, it drains his body’s strength.

4 : Too kind!

Tanjiro water breathing

Being a Demon Slayer means being able to kill Demons without having empathy or remorse.

However, our tiny hero is kind by nature and is described by others as sweet eyed.

But there is a limit to his tolerance: He hates cowardice! He will soon get bored of Zenitsu’s whining and Inosuke’s acts of barbary.

It is clear that Tanjiro has the ability to sympathize with anybody, even Demons. This becomes obvious in a situation where he hesitates before cutting a demon’s head off. Nonetheless as he gains experience through his years of training and serving the Demon Slayer Corps, he becomes stricter and faster in his decision making. His bravery to protect the weak engages him to fight his enemies with respect and dignity, even against the worst kind of evil.

5 : Anecdotes

Tanjiro Kind

To conclude this article, I will share a few anecdotes about Tanjiro.
The first Kanji of his family name refers to a traditional “Japanese oven.” While the second one means “door”. Also, his name contains the “Charcoal” Kanji referring to his skin color and the last Kanji means “son / man”.
Tanjiro Earrings are basically Hanafuda earrings, they come from his father Tanjuro Kamado, symbolizing the breath of the sun.

These 5 interesting facts about Tanjiro comes to an end! I really hope you liked reading it, if so don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments!

Author’s corner:

Article Written by Maxime Lopez: I’ve been binge watching anime for the past 5 years, I love how easy it is to relate to anime characters. I love anime merch collectibles and I love writing about this fascinating world!

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