What Is A Nichirin Sword – All You Need To Know

Demon Slayer is popular for its amazing animation and its jaw-dropping sword fighting sequences. The weapons used in this anime are specially forged swords called the “Nichirin Swords.”

There are a lot of intricate details about these demon slayer weapons that might not be obvious at first glance.

In this article, we will be discussing these Nichirin Swords and go over all the information about these demon-killing weapons. So without any further ado, let’s jump into the article!

What Are Nichirin Swords?


A Nichirin sword is a specially forged weapon which is capable of slaying demons. Any other normal weapon is not suitable for killing demons.

These weapons are made by skilled swordmakers for the members of the Demon Slayer Corps.

A nichirin sword is also called a “color-changing katana.” This is because, based on the skill and abilities of the user, it will change color when it is first weilded. Each of these colors has a different meaning, which we will cover later on in this article.

Even though this weapon is capable of killing demons, unless the user cuts off the head of the demon, it will not kill them. However, it is possible to make them severely bleed when used on other parts of the body.

Why Can the Nichirin Sword Kill Demons In Kimetsu no Yaiba?

Why Can the Nichirin Sword Kill Demons?

These swords are able to kill demons because of the special ore that is used to make them.

Demons have a weakness to sunlight and will perish when exposed to the sun’s energy.

The Nichirin sword ore is usually found in very high mountains, where it is soaked in the sun’s energy. Because of this, they kind of act like a portable sun that is sealed within the weapon.

There is no other weapon that can store up the sun’s energy like the Nichirin weapons. This is why these swords can kill demons.

How Are These Nichirin Swords Made?

demon slayer weapon ore

A nichirin sword is forged with Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Ore that are soaked in sunlight all year round.

Given the difficulty of making these swords, only those who belong to the Demon Slayer Corps are given these weapons.

After the final selection exams, the examinee will get the choice to select the ore for their future demon slaying weapon.

Then, the ore will be sent to the swordmakers from the secret swordsmith village. Here, the nichirin sword will be made with the chosen ore material and delivered to the Demon Slayer.

It is also a tradition where the swordsmith personally meets with the demon slayer and hands over the forged weapon.

Who Makes These Demon Slayer Swords?

who makes the demon slayer weapons

There is a secret village for the people who make these swords. These sword makers live in the swordsmith village, which does not have that many people in it.

The entire village is basically a factory to produce nichirin swords, which are crucial for demon slayers.

This is why their village is kept secret from everyone. Therefore, those who visit the village are blindfolded to keep the location of the village hidden.

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Nichirin Sword Users In Demon Slayer

demon slayer sword users

Here is a list of Nichirin Swords users along with a brief description of each weapon. Note that we have only mentioned swords and katanas below. Other nichirin weapons like cleavers and guns are not mentioned in the following list.

Tanjiro Kamado

Sword Color: Obsidian Black

Description: Tanjiro, the story’s hero, uses the Black Nichirin Blade, which is supposed to bring bad luck. This Black Nichirin Blade was powerful, suited his personality and position in the series, and had a beautiful color.

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Zenitsu Agatsuma

Sword Color: Yellow

Description: Zenitsu’s Nichirin Sword is stylish, if not beautiful. It looks like a normal katana, but the sides are thunder-patterned. It boosts Zenitsu’s natural abilities and Thunder Breathing Technique. The circular handguard has four slight indentations and a silver center with golden triangles.

Inosuke Hashibira

Sword Color: Indigo-gray

Description: Inosuke’s swords looks as cool as him. He’s one of the rare demon slayers who uses dual blades. His two katana have a unique shape. It was originally a normal katana, but Inosuke broke some pieces to fit his desires.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Sword Color: Light Pink

Description: Kanao’s sword is the reflection of her personality. It does not stand out that much. It is normal in most regards. However, it is still the perfect weapon for her.

Giyu Tomioka

Sword Color: Deep Blue

Description: Tomioka’s Nichirin Sword was a completely regular katana that perfectly augmented and complimented his abilities as the Water Hashira. Later, he acquired another sword with a whirlpool-looking handguard during a fight with Muzan.

Shinobu Kocho

Sword Color: Lavender-Blue

Description: The appearance of Shinobu’s sword is a bit different than usual. It has a very sharp and thin needle-like tip, which is perfect for Shinobu. Since she uses poisons to kill demons, this sword is a great match for her.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Sword Color: Red

Description: Rengoku’s Nichirin Blade was a traditional katana with a beautiful red color. The handguard was red and orange, like a flame.

Muichiro Tokito

Sword Color: White

Description: Tokito’s blade is very beautiful with a shining white color. This is a really unique color for a weapon.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Sword Color: Dark Pink

Description: Mitsuri Kanroji’s role as Love Hashira is perfect for her. Her pink Nichirin Blade is very special. Mitsuri’s Nichirin Blade is a long, whip-like blade, making it unique in all of Demon Slayer.

Obanai Iguro

Sword Color: Lavender

Description: Obanai’s Nichirin Blade has a unique shape. It’s lavender and serpent-shaped, reflecting his breathing style. Serpent Hashira was powerful, and his Nichirin Blade reflected that. It was our personal favorite and one of the most effective weapons there are.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sword Color: Green

Description: Sanemi’s blade has a green pattern on its sides along with a handguard that has an 8-pointy petal-like overlapping design in dark green color and silver lining.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Sword Color: Obsidian Black

Description: Yoriichi owns a regular katana, but its historical significance and black-red color combination are worth mentioning. This blade is normally black in color, but changes to red when in battle.

Sakonji Urokodaki

Sword Color: Dull Grey

Description: Urokodaki’s sword is yet another normal-looking nichirin katana that is grey in color. This weapon was also what Tanjiro used before obtaining his own katana.

Nichirin Sword Colors And Their Meaning

Nichirin Sword Colors And Their Meaning

The colors of the nichrin swords have a certain meaning. They describe the nature of the person wielding the sword. It also tells you the breathing style its user practices.

Sword ColorMeaning
Dark PinkLove
Light PinkFlower
Light PurpleMoon

How To Get Nichirin Sword In Real Life?

nichirin swords irl

Did you know that you can get your own real-life Nichirin Sword? Also, we are not talking about those toy swords used for cosplay. We are talking about the real deal, Katana.

Truekatana.com is a home for all types of Japanese swords, even the ones from anime. In particular, the design and details of the Nichirin swords are top-notch, which will make you feel like an actual Demon Slayer.

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