5 Things To Know Before Watching Demon Slayer: Infinity Train

Demon Slayer The Movie: Infinity Train is currently the title with the biggest attraction in the world. Many viewers who want to go to the cinema but still hesitate to read the story or watch the anime, can look to this article to summarize the important things before going to theaters to enjoy this animated blockbuster.

1. The Background of the Demon Slayer’s Sword

Demon Slayer Endless Train Movie

The Demon Slayer took place during the Great Meiji Period (1912-1926) of Japan. At this time, rumors about cannibals appeared, making people dare not go out at night. Kamado Tanjiro is a kind, intelligent boy who lives with his mother and children in the mountains by selling charcoal.

During a late arrival in town, he was allowed to sleep by the villagers for a night. Misfortune arose on that fateful evening when the next morning, Tanjiro discovered that his whole family had been slaughtered by demons. And the only surviour, his sister Kamado Nezuko had also turned into a demon. Right now, the two clashed with Tomioka Giyuu Water Pillar.

Originally intended to destroy Nezuko, Giyuu is surprised to see that she is still conscious and protects Tanjiro when he loses consciousness instead of eating meat. He sent the two to Urokodaki Sakonji, a former Water Pillar with the desire to train Tanjiro into the Demon Slayer and turn Nezuko back into a human.

After three years, Tanjiro was able to master the Breath of Water and passed the exam to become a member of Team Demon Slayer. He also discovered that Demon Lord Kibutsuji Muzan was the direct enemy of the massacre of his family. From here, Tanjiro and Nezuko set out to find a way to destroy the demons forever.

2. What are demons?

demons in kimetsu no yaiba

Kibutsuji Muzan was the first to transform into a demon more than 1000 years ago. From his blood, other demons were born. They specialize in killing and eating people. Those who come into contact with demon blood through open wounds will also turn into demons, become insane and have a hunger for raw meat.

Nezuko is one of the few demons that still retain consciousness along with two other demons introduced later on in the series. Instead of eating meat, she restored her stamina by sleeping. Devils can change their body structure at will, healing from wounds quickly. Their weaknesses were sunlight and beheaded by the Demon Slayer’s special blades. In addition, high-level demons such as the Twelve Moon Demons also possessed the unique ability of the Blood demonic magic. Nezuko also has a Blood Magic Technique that is Blistering Blood. She instantly ignited her blood and was able to control the temperature of the fire so as not to affect humans. Nezuko’s flames can also turn Tanjirou’s Rotating Blade from black to crimson red and can burn toxins on other people’s bodies.

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3. Who are the Demon Slayers?

Who are the demon slayers

With the advent of demons, the Demon Slayer Team was also formed to protect humans. The organization has hundreds of members but is not recognized by the Government. The 97th leader of the Demon Slayer in the story is Kagaya. Since they were from the same family as Kibutsuji Muzan, they suffered a terrible curse that rotted their faces and died before turning 30.

The Ubuyashiki family has vowed to fight the demon until the very last. Breathtaking Demon Slayers – The skill of using swords and elements based breath to increase strength and speed against demons.

Below Kagaya are the Pillars – the strongest swordsmen in the Demon Slayer. There are nine Pillars of Tomioka Giyuu, Rengoku Kyoujurou, Kachou Shinobu, Uzui Tengen, Tokitou Muichirou, Kanroji Mitsuri, Iguro Obanai, Shinazugawa Sanemi, and Himejima Gyoumei.

4. What happened before the Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train?

demon slayer mugen train

During a demon-killing mission, Tanjiro and Nezuko get acquainted with Agatsuma Zenitsu – a shy young man who always thinks that he will perish in battle. Since he could only use one of the six modes of the Breath of Thunder, Zenitsu had a very low self-esteem and would always fall into a sleep-like state when scared. However, in this state he is extremely strong and fights instinctively. Although, he doesn’t remember anything after waking up.

In addition, the trio also met another companion, Hashibira Inosuke. As a child, his mother was killed by demons. Inosuke survived and was raised by a boar. He was also taken care of by an old man near the mountain. He always wears a boar mask beneath which lies a beautiful, girl-like face. Inosuke uses the Breath of the Beast technique, and has immunity to poisoning. He can crack his joints at will and move his organs around easily.

The Trial

The quartet formed a demon slaying team together. However, the fact that a fellow Demon Slayer accompanying a demon, Nezuko, reached the organization’s ears. Kagaya orders Tomioka Giyuu and Shinobu to take the party back to base. At Headquarters, many Pillars demanded an order to kill Nezuko immediately.

After witnessing Tanjiro’s feelings, Nezuko refrained herself from the provocations of the Shinazugawa Sanemi. In addition, Tomioka Giyuu’s vowed to kill her and himself if Nezuko ever eats a human. They gradually sympathize and let them live. The quartet is assigned to investigate the mysterious disappearances of both civilians and swordsmen on the Infinity Train with Rengoku Kyoujurou.

Before that, Kibutsuji Muzan had personally killed the Five Noble Truths and left only the Most Noble Truth of Enmu with the Psychedelic Blood Magic. He was ordered to cannibalize the Infinity Train to increase his power. In addition, the film also has the appearance of the upper mystical Akaza with the Blood Magic Technique. The film will feature the most epic and fierce battle between the top swordsmen and the strongest demon.

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5. How Demon Slayers Are Recruited

Demon Slayer Endless Train Movie

To join the Demon Slayer order, the participant must complete a test called the Final Selection Exam. This exam is considered the entrance test to be able to join the Demon Slayers. The content of the test is that the candidates must successfully survive seven days on a mountain full of demons.

Members who complete the final Selection will receive a standard Demon Slayer uniform. They can also choose the material ore to forge their own sword. Finally they are allowed to have a companion bird which is used for communicating with the organization and other demon slayers. While all the Swordsmen were assigned a raven Zenitsu was assigned a sparrow. The reason for this is still unknown, but strangely enough, Zenitsu was still able to understand the sparrow and receive the correct messages and commands from it.

That’s it! These are all the things you must know before watching Demon Slayer: The Infinity train movie!!

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