Why Do Some People Hate Anime?

Anime is a popular form of entertainment enjoyed by people all over the globe. Chances are, you know someone who watches anime. Yet, anime has its haters, with some being very vocal about it. While some celebrate anime, others revile it and even bully those who like anime. Here are five reasons why some people hate anime.

5 Most Common Reasons Why Some People Hate Anime

It is just for fan service

Why some people hate anime - fan service

If you are an avid viewer of anime, you might find it surprising that there are people out there who are turned off by the sight of anime. You may then think to yourself, is anime bad? People have their reasons, and a popular reason is that they think that anime is just for fan service. 

It is no secret that there are anime out there that revolve heavily around adult concepts. Some anime characters, especially women and people who look very young, are sexualized just for the pleasure of male fans. 

There is no shortage of female anime characters with exaggerated body parts or skimpy clothing that leave little to the imagination. This then makes some people feel that anime is only for perverts and those who enjoy erotic material. While some people like watching anime for sexual pleasure, not every anime is like this in the same way that just because there are movies about sex, not every movie is sex focused. 

It is in a foreign language

reasons for why people hate anime

Some people hate anime because of its Japanese origin. The term anime is used to describe Japanese animation. The fact that most anime shows and movies are in Japanese can turn off a lot of people. Even if the anime has English subtitles or an English dub, anime being foreign is not appealing to some people. This is a world where certain things get judged as worthy if it is in your native language. Same time, some really like it because they consider it to be anti-Disney.

Like with how some people do not watch foreign movies because it is not in English, some people do not watch anime because it is not in native English. The whole idea of anime feels foreign to some people, which makes it hard for them to get into it. 

The style is not their cup of tea

most common reason for hating anime

Some people feel that the whole style of anime is just not for them. Whether it be in 2D or 3D animation, the anime style is not their cup of tea. They feel that the topics discussed, the way the story is told, or how the characters act just feels off to them. 

Try as they might, they just cannot get into it. It is expected, though, that not everyone is going to appreciate the medium of anime and how it is told. They might think that anime is too boring, or it is not exciting enough. They fail to realize, though, that there are many categories of anime out there, some meant to be slow burns while others fast-paced and exciting. 

The stigma that anime is only enjoyed by geeks and nerds

anime is for geeks and nerds

Some people feel that they do not want to watch anime because they do not want to be seen as a geek or weirdo. There is a stigma that those who like anime are loners who wear weird clothes and have no social life. While there are anime fans who act like this, this is not true for the whole fan base. There are people who act normal and still like anime.

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion and actor Michael B. Jordan are known to be big anime fans, which comes as a shock to some people because they do not fit the stereotypical description of what an anime fan looks like. Fanbases can have their own section of weird fans, and anime is no exception to this. It is not correct to generalize a whole group of people based on a certain section. 

It is just all the same 

It's all the same

Finally, some people think that anime is just the same thing. Anime is a diverse universe of TV shows and movies, but people lump them as just one entity. They think that anime just centers on the same characters, location, or themes. It just all looks the same to some people. 

Anime, however, has so many options out there for people with different tastes. There are dramas, actions, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and so much more. Even the art style changes, and there is not just one way to animate everything. Some anime have cartoonish animation while others can do photo-realistic. 


It is safe to say that anime has its fair share of fans and haters. While people love anime for a variety of reasons, some people hate it for just as many reasons. It is important to note that while some reasons are exaggerated or untrue, some are credible and genuine. You can have an opinion on anime, just make it is grounded in reality and research.

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6 thoughts on “Why Do Some People Hate Anime?”

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  2. Anonymous anime hater

    Actually, for me, I used to like anime until my freind got obsessed with it. Plus the shows ARE all the same sh*t. I like the Totoro, things like that. But not the incredibley dumb shows lol. I say die anime GO AWAY ANIME.

  3. Justcreatedthisaccounttocommentaarticle

    Most of the anime is cringe like a kid tv cartoon, the drawings are so generical (for example those wide eyes, draftsman need to be crative), majority of arguments are very simple and dialogues and dub voice actors are so bad, also animations looks so cheap but the best parts are the drawings, thats art. Most of the anime has bad quality, some are pure gold. Also my otaku friends are fking cringe thats why i left anime lol

  4. Very much important additive to this article as why many dislike it.
    The characters, the majority look WHITE not Japense.
    I’ve read comments about this obvious debate and agree with those whom dislike it because of the contraversity of race also for me there is not enough diversity. The characters look all the same and its generic and bland and predictable

  5. poor animation, static images

    the animation is poor, static. they did a static image where only the mouth moves, its like a poor adaptation of comics, with few or none animation. looks like the Namor animations of the 60s, for me i prefeer to read a comic book, than watch parts of this comic filmed with noise and dialogues.

  6. Matthew D Cocalas

    No, the reason I hate anime is not just because its fanbase is full of outcasts and losers, but they really have a hard time differentiating fiction from reality, or have any sense of social decorum.

    C’mon dude, cherrypicking TWO celebrities out of millions of neckbeards, weebs, misogynists and other virgins…

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