Where To Watch Kiss X Sis Online [Free and Paid]

Kiss x Sis is a popular manga and anime series that is known for its ecchi and fanservice scenes. The story revolves around a teenage boy named Keita Suminoe, who is the younger brother of two stepsisters, Ako and Riko. Because the story is quite adult in nature, it is not available on the majority of online streaming services. So where can you watch Kiss x Sis?

In this article, I’ll explain where and how you can watch Kiss x Sis, as well as why it’s not available on most legal streaming services.

The Plot

This anime is about the forbidden romance between siblings who are not blood related. Keita Suminoe is a high school student living with his twin stepsisters, Ako and Riko.

Every day, when he is alone at home, the two sisters make their advances on him. Sometimes they cuddle up with him in his bed, try to sneak into the shower when he is bathing, or even go as far as attempting to kiss him.

This show is a slice-of-life anime about a brother who is shoved with love by his sisters, so much so that it enters adult territories.

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Kiss x Sis Watch Order

kiss x sis watch order

The watch order of Kiss x Sis is a little complicated. You can watch it chronologically, but the preferred order is to alternate between the OVA and the TV version.

Chronological Order:

Suggested Watch Order:

  • OVA Episode 0-2
  • TV Episodes 1-9
  • OVA Episode 3
  • TV Episodes 10-12
  • OVA Episodes 4-12

Where can I stream Kiss x Sis?

where to stream kiss x sis

Regardless of how popular Kiss x Sis is, the content of this show is controversial, and as such, it is difficult to find official streaming sites. The only way to watch Kiss x Sis online is to rely on pirate sites.

If you’re looking for a legal way to watch this anime, then your only option is to buy the Blu-ray on Amazon or other vendors.

Get the Blu-ray from Amazon

Kiss x Sis aired on TV a long time ago. But if you’ve missed it and still want to watch it, then your only option is to get the Blu-ray version.

Before writing this article, I made sure that the Blu-ray could be bought on Amazon.

So if you’re an ardent fan of extreme ecchi anime, I suggest getting the Blu-ray version from Amazon to have an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Stream Kiss x Sis for free on Bilibili

Bilibili is a chinese video sharing platform like Youtube. While they are legit and legal company, there are people who upload anime episodes on their platform.

I’ve no idea whether they have the rights to keep the video up or not, but the fact is that Kiss x Sis is available to stream on Bilibili.

Sail the high seas!

You know what I mean by that. When no legal streaming services have your favorite anime, the only other option besides getting a Blu-ray is to go pirating! Piracy has been a part of anime fandom for decades, and while it’s illegal, it can be an effective way to watch shows that otherwise might be difficult to access.

I highly discourage doing this though, because it makes the hard work of the author and the anime production companies go unrewarded.

FAQs On Where To Watch Kiss x Sis Online

kiss x sis faq

Kiss x Sis is one of the most frequently mentioned anime series in the anime and weeb fandoms. Naturally, several fans have had questions regarding where and how to watch this infamous series. In this section, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding Kiss x Sis. We’ll be answering what streaming services it is available on and whether or not it has been dubbed into English.

Is the anime available on Netflix?

No, “Kiss x Sis” is not available on Netflix. Netflix does not stream Ecchi or Harem anime series with tons of fanservice scenes. Kiss x Sis, in particular, takes things to a whole new level with its risqué content. So it’s not on Netflix.

Is Kiss x Sis available on Hulu?

No, Kiss x Sis is not available on Hulu. This might come as a surprise, as Hulu even has redo of healer (only in Japan), which contains its own content that would generally be seen as “indecent.”

Is the anime available on Amazon Prime?

No, Kiss x Sis is not available to watch on Amazon Prime. Prime does not have many anime series in general. So this should not come as a shock that it does not have such a bold ecchi anime series.

Is Kiss x Sis on Crunchyroll or Funimation?

No, Kiss x Sis is not available to watch on Crunchyroll or Funimation. While Crunchyroll and Funimation might have established themselves as major anime streaming services, they still do not contain every anime series out there. Extreme Ecchi anime, such as this one, are not available to stream.

Does Kiss x Sis have an English dub?

No, Kiss x Sis does not have an English dub. The anime can only be watched in the Japanese language. However, the English subtitles are pretty good. With the help of these subtitles, non-Japanese viewers can still enjoy the show.

Is Kiss X Sis and Kiss X Sis TV different?

Yes, Kiss x Sis and Kiss x Sis TV are kind of different. The first one was released on the internet directly, where as the other one aired in TV. Because of this, there are some differences in the story. Both of them have 12 episodes each, making a total of 24 episodes.

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