All Reincarnated As A Sword Characters That You Need To Know!

Reincarnated as a sword is a new generation isekai anime about a guy who dies and gets reincarnated as a sword. This anime has an interesting plot, and a unique theme to it. In this article, we will be taking a look at all the major Reincarnated as a Sword characters.

This list is completely limited to the anime and does not have characters from the web novel.

With that out of the way, let’s jump into the listing. Here are the major characters from Reincarnated as a Sword anime series:

  1. Teacher
  2. Fran
  3. Amanda
  4. Jet
  5. Klimt
  6. August Allsand
  7. Garrus
  8. Donadrond
  9. Nell
  10. Rufus

10/10. Rufus


Description: Rufus is one of the residents of Alessa town. He owns a spice shop where he sells spices and other cooking utencils. Rufus is proud of his shop and the variety of spices he offers to the community.

Appearance: Rufus is a tall, strong man with a big belly. He also has a big scar on his head, across one of his eyes. This tells us he has seen some fierce battles in his life, and yet he stands proud and strong, overseeing the shop that has been his livelihood for years after he quit being an adventurer.

Trivia: Rufus was one of Amanda’s ace students who decided to live a peaceful life for some mysterious reason.

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9/10. Nell

Nell - Reincarnated As A Sword Characters

Description: Nell is the Alessa town’s adventurer guild receptionist. She was one of the first people that Fran contacted in the town.

Nell is also one of the best female characters from Reincarnated as a Sword anime series. She is very kind to Fran and respects her because of her strong will and strength.

However, she despises the other adventurers, who are weak but boast that they are the best.

Appearance: Nell is a middle aged woman with big bosoms. She wears a glass and puts on a sweet smile. But behind her smile is a personality that is pissed at fake adventurers.

Trivia: Nell is a keen follower of rules and laws and does not believe in taking shortcuts or bending the rules to suit her own needs. She is strict towards Fran when she brought her sword to the bath, which shows how much Nell values rules.

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8/10. Donadrond

Donadrond - Reincarnated As A Sword Characters

Description: Donadrond is a great warrior who also acts as a trainer of adventurers. He tests new applicants to make sure the less qualified do not become adventurers.

Appearance: Donadrond belongs to the Oni (or Ogre) race, which is why he is red in color and has two horns on his head. He is very intense and preaches the rules of being an adventurer to Fran and everyone else. But he is also a kind person, because when Fran runs off alone into the goblin dungeon, he really cares about her.

Trivia: Donadrond has some amazing skills like revival and regeneration that make him a formidable warrior.

7/10. Garrus


Description: Garrus is a legendary blacksmith from Alessa town. He possesses a special eye that allows him to analyze any weapon. As a result, he was able to see right away that Teacher was a sentient weapon.

Garrus was the first character in Reincarnated as a sword to figure out Teacher’s true identity.

Appearance: Garrus is an old dwarf who is short and has a long, flowing white beard and hair that reaches past his shoulders.

Trivia: Garrus does not sell his work to other merchants in order to make money. He also does not sell his items to every adventurer. He only makes equipment for those he thinks are worthy.

6/10. August Allsand

August Allsand

Description: August Allsand is one of the minor villains from season one of the anime. He was one of the nobles from the Alessa town and commanded great influence due to his wealth and power.

Appearance: August looks very ugly, and the only thing that made him look noble was his etiquette. However, after Fran and Teacher stole his etiquette skill, he became a horrible looking person with a horrible personality.

Trivia: August had a unique skill that allowed him to identify whether a person was telling the truth or not. He was also able to use the skill to make his own lies look more real. Teacher permanently stole this skill.

5/10. Klimt

Klimt - Reincarnated As A Sword Characters

Description: Klimt is the guild master of the Alessa town’s adventurer’s guild. He is a cautious and level headed person who is always looking out for the best interests of the guild.

He is one of the most influential characters in Reincarnated as a sword anime series.

Appearance: Klimt belongs to the elf race and has long, sharp ears and long blond hair. He is more than a hundred years old, but for elves that is still somewhat middle aged.

Trivia: Klimt is loves spirits and becomes childish and defensive when Fran calls one of his spirits as slime-looking creature.

4/10. Urushi


Description: Urushi is a magical beast familiar of Teacher. He was summoned in order to find Fran, who was trapped in a dungeon. Urushi was able to use his advanced senses to locate Fran and help her escape the dungeon.

Appearance: Urushi was originally an Onyx wolf, but after the Teacher gave him a name, he changed into a Darkness wolf. He is a large, dark wolf who can use magic and his superior senses to detect traps and other people.

Trivia: Teacher tells Fran that Urushi is like a brother to her, making him one of the characters in the main gang.

3/10. Amanda

Amanda - Reincarnated As A Sword Characters

Description: Amanda is one of the major characters in season one of Reincarnated as a sword. She is Alessa Town’s top adventurer and has insane magical powers and strength. However, her personality is very sweet and endearing, especially towards children.

Appearance: Amanda is a 58 year old elf woman who is very beautiful and graceful. However, she gets very weird and clingy around Fran because of her motherly nature.

Trivia: Amanda has the title “Guardian of Children.” She runs an orphanage that helps children who have lost their parents. She had also taken in and raised Fran’s parents, which makes her kind of Fran’s distant relative.

2/10. Fran

Fran - Reincarnated As A Sword Characters

Description: Fran is the main female character of Reincarnated as a sword anime series. She had a rough time as a slave until she met Teacher. Even as a slave, she longed for power to protect her people and prove that their race was not inferior.

Appearance: Fran is a young girl belonging to the black cat race. She looks very cute and has an adorable personality. As a cat girl, she has fluffy looking ears and a tail.

Trivia: Fran’s parents were killed when they were adventuring to find a way to evlove. She has taken their dream and made it her own, and she continues to search for a way to achieve the evolution they dreamed of.

1/10. Teacher

Teacher - Reincarnated As A Sword Characters

Description: Teacher is the main character of Reincarnated as a sword. He is a man from another world who gets reincarnated into a magical world as a sword after his death. He slaughters several monsters and gains their powers, making him pretty overpowered.

Appearance: Teacher is a long sword with brilliantly designed engravings along its length. He is also able to manifest hands with his magical powers.

Trivia: Even as a sword, he is almost always able to do anything on his own. However, he longed for someone to use him in order to fulfill his purpose. This is why he swore full loyalty to Fran when she found him.

That’s it for this post. These were the ten major characters from Reincarnated as a sword anime series.

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