Where to watch Interspecies Reviewers in 2023? (Ishuzoku Reviewers)

Interspecies Reviewers is a Japanese adult fantasy anime series based on the manga of the same name. Studio Passione produced this 12-episode animation series. Many fans nowadays wonder, “Where can I watch Interspecies Reviewers in 2023?” In this article, I’ll provide you with the answer to this query.

Interspecies Reviewers series is also known by its Japanese name, Ishuzoku Reviewers. This series was first broadcast on several streaming services from January 11 to March 28, 2020. Yuki Ogawa, the director of this series, brilliantly depicts a review of various species of red-light glories. However, due to its boldly adult nature, it was removed from the majority of streaming services and became difficult to access.

In this article, we explained a streaming service where you can easily watch this amazing series. We will also explain to you how to watch it and more of its related queries. So, without further delay, let’s search for the answer to your queries.

Interspecies Reviewers Plot

The story of the Interspecies Reviewers is set in a fantasy world where different types of species exist. It contains a lot of amazing species like humans, elves, angels, and vampires, who are the reviewers in the series. In their world, prostitution is legal and every character is involved in it. All the reviewers rate the different types of red-light delights for monster girls. 

There is a new species of succu-girl that also lives in red light areas. A Succu girl is a kind of demon who appears in a man’s dream to seduce them through sexual activity. This series excellently demonstrates the vision of prostitution and how they feel being rated. The reviewers in this series also show some major issues and facts about society.

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Where can I watch Interspecies Reviewers?

Where can you watch Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers is currently available on Gifu Chan, a popular Japanese TV station. Gifu Chan picked up this controversial anime series to broadcast. KBS Kyoto is the only non-premium channel that also broadcasts this series. 

AnimeLab is also streaming this series in Australia and New Zealand. However, there may be a delay to the airing of episodes due to some censored things. Another streaming service, Wakanim SAS, also continues to stream this fantastic series. Wakanim is a French entertainment company that allows you to watch this controversial series in France, Germany, and Russia

Here are the answers to some of your questions, such as where you watched this series and where you did not.

Is Interspecies Reviewers on Hulu?

No, Interspecies Reviewers is not currently available on the Hulu streaming service. Hulu does not have the legal authority to broadcast this adult animated series in the United States or Japan. This is because it contains major adult scenes, which they think are not appropriate for their audience. 

Is Ishuzoku Reviewers on Netflix?

No, Netflix also does not have interspecies reviewers for streaming. This series contains the majority of the sexual content, which is why Netflix did not include it. Netflix only contained the episode name list of the Interspecies Reviewers. 

Is Interspecies Reviewers on Amazon Prime?

No, Interspecies Reviewers is not available on Amazon Prime for streaming. It only contains listings of both versions of the anime, but the anime is not available to stream.

However, once Amazon Prime Video contained this series for a very short period of time, But currently, it has removed both the English-dubbed and English-subtitled versions of the Interspecies Reviewers from its service. 

Is Ishuzoku Reviewers on Crunchyroll?

No, Interspecies Reviewers is currently not available on Crunchyroll to stream. They streamed the series when it was released, but after a month, they removed all the episodes of the series from their sites. 

That is because the Interspecies Reviewers series does not contain the appropriate content for all age groups. It also failed to meet the censored criteria of Crunchyroll’s content policy.

Is Interspecies Reviewers on Funimation?

No, Interspecies Reviewers is currently not available on Funimation. The contents of this series fall outside of the standards of Funimation’s content policy. They didn’t want to alter the content, so that’s why they removed the series in the most respectful way. 

It is also very difficult to watch this series on such a big streaming service like Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. You can watch this series on only a few streaming services by using a good and legal VPN. 

How to watch Interspecies Reviewers?

how to watch Ishuzoku reviewers

Below, we have mentioned the ways to watch Interspecies Reviewers in 2023.

For the Australia and New Zealand region-

  • Visit the official site of AnimeLab.
  • Create your account with a valid email ID.
  • Enter credit card details and purchase a premium plan at a lower cost than any other streaming service. 
  • Search for Interspecies Reviewers
  • Select Episode 1, A hot and heavy debate about elves and human milfs.
  • Change the audio language to English and enjoy.

For the other regions-

  • Visit the official site of Wakanim.
  • Create an account on Wakanim, if you haven’t already.
  • Choose a legal VPN service that is popular for its performance. I suggest NordVPN as it is the #1 VPN service out there that offers the best service. You can follow this link to get 59% off on their plans in addition to some other gifts.
  • After purchasing, register with the VPN.
  • Change your geo-location to any of these countries: France, Germany, or Russia
  • Visit again the official site of Wakanim and log into your account.
  • Refresh it, and you’ll be able to see your favourite series without any difficulty.
  • Search for Interspecies Reviewers
  • Select Episode 1, A hot and heavy debate about elves and human milfs.
  • Change the audio language to English or Japanese and enjoy.


Here we conclude our article with, “Where to watch Interspecies Reviewers in 2023? We hope you get the answers to all your queries and like this article. You can follow the steps mentioned above to watch Interspecies Reviewers anywhere in the world. We suggest you always purchase a legal and good VPN to avoid difficulties in streaming. It will help you not only watch the Interspecies Reviewers, but other shows too. 

Till then, stay tuned with us and read the articles mentioned below.

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