Where To Read Manga In German?

Are you looking for a way to read manga in german? If yes, here are a bunch of sites that have german translated mangas for you to read!

Some of them are legal, while some of them are illegal. It is very difficult to find a dedicated site for reading manga in german, so most of the below sites are going to be containing both English and other language translations.

While I can’t promise you’ll find every manga you want to read on the below sites, they are pretty much the best we’ve got. So without any ado, here are the 5 best sites where you can read manga in German.


crunchyroll - german manga

Crunchyroll is the official site for both watching anime and reading manga. It is a completely legal site that requires a subscription in order for you to access its widerange of manga books.

This is our first recommendation for people who are looking to read german translated manga online.

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Buying official German Edition manga on Amazon is one of the best ways to read a manga. Sure, you won’t be reading it online, but given the fact that finding german translations are hard, this is the easiest way to go about it.

All you got to do is add your manga to your cart and place the order. You’ll get your copy of the book in no time.

Besides, there is a certain something about reading a physical book that online reading cannot mimic.


mangatube - german manga

Now we are diving into the illegal scan sites. I’m technically not supposed to promote pirating, but the fact is that these site exist means there are thousands of people using it.

And since it exists, I think I’m going to go ahead and recommend it. While it is a good practice to pay for the manga, you might be in a situation where you can’t buy mangas. So you can check this site to enjoy your favorite manga books.



This is another non-official site where you can find tons of manga, manhwas and other books in English and German.

It is quite popular, with tons of daily users and an engaging community. While not all the mangas on this site have a German translation, we can find a lot of titles that does.


wiemanga - german manga

This is a very rare site that is completely dedicated to German translated mangas. You can find a huge library with almost all the popular titles in it.

I would even say that this website can easily be your primary place where you can read manga in German.

The website does not look very visually pleasing, but as far as the content goes, this is probably the only site that has a huge collection of German translated mangas.

That’s it for this article. Hope you found the answer to your questions! Happy reading!

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